Olson adds a "dramatic" number of plays to Bucs offense

New Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson knows he got his new gig under less-than-ideal circumstances.

“Certainly, it’s a difficult position, but I think opportunity
obviously comes in many different ways,” Olson said.  “Really, there
was no other answer when it was presented to me.  Am I excited about the
opportunity?  Yes.  Did it come at the wrong time?  Yes.”

Olson has now had a few days to adjust the playbook.  It sounds like the first thing he did was add some pages.

“The number of plays increased dramatically,” coach Raheem Morris said.  “I didn’t actually count
them before I came down here, but you’ll see a significant amount more
than I think you have seen in the preseason.”

Morris’ comments Tuesday and the ones in the wake of Jeff Jagodzinski’s firing indicated that he believed Jagodzinksi’s offense was too basic.

“When you talk about what [Olson] brings to the table you talk about
more dynamic routes,” said Morris.  “You’ll see different runs.  You’ll
see more lofts down the field.”  (And who doesn’t like more lofts down the field?)

Olson was brought into a difficult situation, and not many people expect him to succeed.  But he does have a strong offensive line and backfield to build around.  There is opportunity here for Olson to make a name for himself with these rag-tag 2009 Bucs.

“Did [getting the job] catch me off guard and catch some people off guard?” Olson asked. “Certainly it
does when something like that happens.  But there is no other decision
but to just keep working.”

10 responses to “Olson adds a "dramatic" number of plays to Bucs offense

  1. I am concerned for Greg…seems like he might be stretching himself too thin..
    I mean Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator, plus being the number one receiving option for the Bears???? This guy is going to be worn out by Week 6.

  2. Disappointed by the %$&*! staff changes, just a few days prior to start of season?? Yup
    Like what Coach is doing in giving the young bucs a shot starting on defense? yup. Couple of great teams were built that way.
    Concerned about depth on defense? yup
    Greg Olson…this is his moment…diamonds, pressure, all that.
    Never ceases to amaze what trial by fire can develop.

  3. I’m still predicting 0 Wins for Tampa! All the DB’s are choppin at the bit after the comments of Morris saying, “You’ll see more lofts down the field.”

  4. Bucs ownership is just as bad as Al Davis. How do you hire an OC without knowing whether or not he’s capable of coordinating an offense?
    “Well, sure, his playbook is 4 plays drawn on a napkin but he got fired from BC trying to get a job in New York so that’s more profile than our stupid cannons get us so.. let’s do it!”

  5. @Michael
    Does he ask a lot of questions then answer them himself? Yes, he does…
    lmao! best post in this thread!

  6. “And who doesn’t like more lofts down the field?”
    I once stayed in a loft downtown. It was nice!

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