PFT rewind . . . Labor Day weekend

In past years, our traffic bottoms out over Labor Day.  After all, it’s the last weekend of the summer. 

Folks are enjoying the outdoors for one last time, attending picnics and barbecues, taking in college football games, and all that crap.

It’s also the last weekend without the NFL until the Super Bowl, so it’s the last chance to tend to non-NFL business before the real games start.

But something happened this year, due in large part to our new partnership with NBC.  Plenty of you still found time to visit PFT.  In record numbers.

From Saturday through Monday, we served up more than 3.5 million page views, including a site record 1.36 million on cut-down day.

Still, we’re assuming that plenty of you didn’t find time to stop by for a visit over the long weekend.  So here’s a quick look at what you missed.  (And it’s just a slice of more than 200 items posted from Saturday through Monday.)

If he doesn’t show up in Oakland, Richard Seymour might get his jaw broken.

Shawne Merriman allegedly likes to drink tequila after turning the “Lights Out.”

Zeus dropped a deuce in his ex-wife’s basement.  Allegedly.

LenDale White still hates yellow towels.  Actually.

Tony Pashos said no to a pay cut, so now he’s a 49er.

Michael Crabtree still isn’t, and Deion Sanders opened a can of worms by hinting at tampering.

Tedy Bruschi joins the Bristol throng.

Turk Schonert might be wise to apply there, too.  (And Dick Jauron.  And Russ Brandon.)

And Jeff Garcia.

Brett Favre continues to battle swine flu and polio.

Scott Pioli exacts revenge on Bernard Pollard.

The Lions are taking full advantage of the only scenario in which they’re No. 1.

The video board at Cowboys Stadium will never be debacled.

Luke, I’m your mover.

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has finally figured out what everyone else knows.

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel apparently has been sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber.

Farewell, Chad Jackson.

Hello, Cadillac Williams.

The good news for Sam Bradford?  He won’t be aggravate that shoulder injury by carrying an oversized bag of money.

Then again, at least Bradford won’t be thrown to the Christians by the Lions.

Chad Ochocinco is in Twitter rehab, and Kerry Rhodes should be.

That snap you’ll hear in the distance in the middle of October will be Willie Parker’s leg breaking.