Runyan is ready to roll

As the regular season approaches, a guy who has been on the field every Sunday since 1997 still doesn’t have a job.

But, by all indications, he will soon.

Per a league source, tackle Jon Runyan has been cleared to play after offseason microfracture surgery to repair an injured knee. 

We’re told that three teams are interested in Runyan.  According to the source, Runyan rejected an opportunity to sign a contract last week because he didn’t want to play for the team in question.

Oakland Raiders?  We’re looking at you.

Given the rule that guarantees a vested veteran’s salary if he’s on the Week One roster, look for Runyan to do a deal after the first games are played.

But if there are multiple teams in the mix, the one that’s willing to step up and sign him now could be the one to get him.

Except for the Raiders.

28 responses to “Runyan is ready to roll

  1. No way it as Oakland. I guarantee it was sorry-a** Buffalo. Remember when Tony Gonzalaez refused to come to Buffalo last year?…

  2. Could have been the Niners as well. There were looking for a T last week and settled on Pashos after Marvel Smith retired.

  3. More likely, it was an NFC East team. Runyan does a lot of endorsements in Philly that might dry up if he had a star or a Native American on his helmet.

  4. Thanks for all of the years of hard work you put in for the O-Line, Jon. You deserve to go to a team that will compete, so stay as far away as you can from Oakland!!

  5. OK. I get it.
    Florio is basically an internet troll who enjoys the backlash and resulting page views that come with antagonizing Raiders fans.
    Nice tactic, Mike.
    Go F yourself.

  6. So, trying to stir things up with Seymour, now trying to take digs at the Raiders… yet again, why don’t you grow a pair Florio and stop following the media’s obsession with trying to villify the Raiders at every opportunity.
    When you have achieved even a millionth of what Al has achieved, maybe, just maybe then you can have a go at him, but until that day i suggest you shut up.

  7. I would love to see Big John in the Steelers’ black and gold. They can use the experienced help. He is a great guy, he would fit right in and deserves to be on a winner.

  8. Man the Raider hate on this site is getting pretty old, did they go 0-16 last year? Pretty sure they won more games than 7 other franchises last year.

  9. he was a great player but he should retire. he’s made plenty of money and i don’t think it’s worth destroying what’s left of his mobility to play another year for a crappy team.

  10. Rumored to sign with the Steelers after Thursday’s game so his contract is not guarenteed for the year.

  11. Man, I would feel so much better with him back with us in Philly. The Andrews brothers haven’t proven a damn thing (have they even been on the field?) yet…

  12. We should cut some slack for Mr. Florio (devoted Eagle fan). Recall, he was a much younger, impressionable man (boy?) back on Jan. 25, 1981 when his beloved (and favored) Eagles were upset by the Raiders in the SuperBowl. And it probably wasn’t just the score difference (Raiders defeated the Eagles 27-10) that got under his skin at that time, but added to it was the fact of losing this game to the first SuperBowl Wild-Card team! It must still hurt, so as I mentioned earlier, let’s cut him some slack for his Anti-Raider bias. They say time heals all wounds. Let’s hope this holds true for Mr. Florio.

  13. I mean seriously Florio, did Al Davis p*ss in your corn flakes or something? I mean you’ve always had a hard on for the Raiders.. but it seems like the “commentary” has really gotten ridiculous over the past couple of months. If you want to do a blog, and post how you hate the Raiders, then do a blog. If you want to pretend to be a “news site” and attach yourself to a big guy like NBC, then stop with the inane commentary slamming ANY franchise. Report the news, not your take on whether you think franchise in question is a good team or not. Jeez.. I used to come here because usually you had real scoop before anybody, but it’s gotten ridonkulous how you just keep bashing a team based on no solid information, but your own opinion.

  14. Just dropped in to say hey to the King of The YouTube Sports Desk. The guy that you have sitting at the desk asking you questions, is he related?
    Your site does save me a ton of time running around to all the sites that you collect your info from, so I just wanted to say thanks.
    “Breaking News From The YouTube Sports Desk”, it is priceless, just priceless.

  15. I wasn’t Oakland, they would’ve let something like that leak out somehow. Hey Florio, keep kicking the raiders when they’re down, love it man!! I must be KILLING you and all the media guys that your beloved Patriots made such a dumb trade, lol. I love it. I hated the trade at first, but seeing your reaction along with other media guys is changing my mind. This is entertainment!! Keep it coming. 2011 is gonna be locked out anyway. LOLLL. Did you happen to hear Teddy Bruschi today?? he claims the locker room in N.E. is PISSED!!

  16. # Common Sense says: September 8, 2009 2:36
    “Man the Raider hate on this site is getting pretty old, did they go 0-16 last year? Pretty sure they won more games than 7 other franchises last year.”
    But how many teams won less games than the Raiders in the past 6 years…None.

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