Steelers take care of one more contract before season starts

The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t negotiate contracts after the regular season begins.  And it was believed that the five-year deal for defensive end Brett Keisel would be the last new deal that the Steelers do before closing the vault until 2010.

It wasn’t.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has announced via his Twitter page that center Justin Hartwig has agreed to terms on a three-year extension.

The deal puts Hartwig under contract through 2012.

Other Steelers who appear to be headed into the final years of their contracts, and thereafter free agency, absent new deals in the next two days are nose tackle Casey Hampton, running back Willie Parker, offensive tackle
Willie Colon, safety Ryan Clark, and kicker Jeff

19 responses to “Steelers take care of one more contract before season starts

  1. smoo5d- dont worry yall will resign Clark after he plays well for Polomalu who will get hurt via da Madden Curse. no quotes cuz i believe in it.

  2. Baffling that they signed a mediocre center over an underrated FS like Ryan Clark. I bet Ben marched into the FO last week and demanded that they resign his buddies, Keisel and Hartwig. Both are hovering around 30 yrs old and neither are playmakers.
    But I guess so it goes when you have a multiple Lombardi hoisting, 100 mill, franchise QB.

  3. @throwtoheath
    Yeah, I guess that’s the way the Steelers operate, players running the asylum…

  4. @You don’t know Chuck Finley
    I wouldn’t liken a team’s environment to an asylum when they’ve won 2 of the last 4 super bowls.
    Cool baseball SN on a football website, by the way.
    very ironic.

  5. They signed the cheapest ones in their eyes . Hampton is going to leave free agency and Reed is gone but they will resign Clark . And Parker is a wait n see on how he does this year .

  6. @throwto
    So you agree with me?
    BTW – Not a baseball reference, but thanks for playing.

  7. Clark and Reed are musts, and I think they get them done at season’s end. Any kicker who fights a paper towel dispenser is a kicker I want on my team. After that, if Parker shows he’s the FWP of old, he’ll be next. Bye Casey…loved ya for years, but your time is likely up.

  8. They signed him at such a price-tag that if they can’t find a good starting center via the draft or FA in the next 4 years, they have someone who they won a Super Bowl with. Depth on the OL is thin right now, so if you stumble upon someone, you can cut him and his $10 million dollar salary and not be hurt much by it cap-wise. Its a good move to cover your ass if you’re the Steelers.

  9. Clark has played well and I like him, but it really is not that big of a deal if he stays or goes. When he first got here it wasn’t even clear if he would start. He has proved himself reliable and if the price is moderate I think we keep him. But being on the Steelers D will probably make some team think he is worth a fortune and you can’t really blame him if he takes it. Probably if he plays similar this year some team gives him huge money and at that point I am OK with letting him walk.
    As others said unless something really changes, Hampton and Reed are gone and I bet anything Parker goes too. The only possible signing besides Clark is going to be Colon.

  10. I fear Willie Colon might be the Max Starks Award Recipent next year (i.e. Franchise Tag).
    I’d prefer that go to Reed (if possible?) and pull out the stops to sign Clark. He’s a perfect compliment to 43 in the secondary.

  11. i would have much rather them sign clark instead of hartwig. casey hasnt done much so it doesnt really matter if he stays or goes, same goes for colon, but willie parker and jeff reed have to prove themselves this year if they want to stay. especially willie.

  12. I like it. Harwig may not be Hartings, Dawson, or Webster but he’s much better than Mahan and finding a replacement next year isn’t going to be easy or cheap. If they draft one, he won’t start next year. And when he does, they can cut Hartwig. Hartwig is solid and the Steelers don’t need to lose O linemen right now.
    With Clark, the guy is great but you can’t pay everyone. I think Troy makes anyone playing with him better so maybe they figure that’s the best position to cheat on. Nothing against Clark, but if you have to cut back in one area, that’s probably it. Plus, the D line is getting old and they’ll have to throw some money that way very soon.
    I don’t get Reed. The guy has kicked very well in what everyone says is a tough place to kick. Maybe they figure they’ll only score TDs in the future and they can pay Matt Bahr to kick PATs?

  13. your right, i dont know y i said that about reed, he is good especially considering the place they play in. but u gotta admit willie does have some catching up to do.

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