Another record day

We need to pause for a moment and thank everyone who followed a three-day weekend that generated more than 3.5 million PFT page views by generating a single-day record 1.526 million page views on Tuesday.

The mark was fueled in large part by the fact that our friends at gave front-page treatment to our post regarding Carson Palmer’s prediction of a football version of Final Destination.  The extra exposure resulted in nearly 500,000 unique visitors in one day.  (And it would be nice if a few of you would think about taking off your shoes first.)

So thanks for making PFT your primary destination for NFL news and rumors and analysis, and for making your new destination for news regarding the other sports that we frankly don’t follow. 

Except for college football.  At CFT.  Which is also on NBC.

15 responses to “Another record day

  1. Florio…I thought you knew…I sens out tweets all the time…that’s why you get so many unique views!………..Still…YOU are a Hawg in the Game…..or I wouldn’t do it!

  2. No matter how big this thing gets, Don’t ever change the format of this site Florio. I will personally put a voodoo curse on Pat White.
    Seriously, great job. Just don’t listen to anyone else and keep this ship on the same course and we will all be happy.

  3. I went to CFT once….Nothing but a bunch of tumbleweeds rolling around……Sort of deserted, and very few comments…..Perhaps they need a Nancy Grace like figure that you provide for PFT…..I’m just sayin…….

  4. If you want real news you’re at the wrong website.
    If you want humor you’re at the wrong website.
    If you own a Sprint phone, you’re on the right site.

  5. The evolution of this site has been amazing, and I can’t think of anyone that could have done it except for Florio. Lots of hard work involved.
    But despite some of the comments here- the site from a professional standpoint could use some improvement. Way too much unsupported speculation, over exposure of certain topics, reveling in the negative aspects of the NFL, juvenile name calling, obvious bias and so on.
    But, Florio has made it this far, why the heck change anything? If anoyone could build a site like this it would not an accomplishment.

  6. I don’t care what anyone says. This site is my number one stop (tied with rotoworld) for football info. If a story is basically speculation, it’s usually stated as such. Besides, where else can you get the info contained in this site? Exactly. Keep rockin it guys, love every story, except the ones I skip!

  7. Agree re King. Congrats that the site is doing so well, but really, that was Peter King’s scoop. Congrats Peter.

  8. m2002m – you can stop reading and especially posting anytime since you feel this site hoovers that badly. All that smack and you never told us where else to go – WTF?
    When the login thing gets fixed – if ever – and the comment ratings come back, it will almost be like the old PFT we were used to.

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