Bengals facing a Week One blackout

With fewer than 24 hours to go until the deadline for selling all non-premium seats at Paul Brown Stadium in advance of Sunday’s game against the Broncos, roughly 5,000 tickets remain unsold, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

And this means that the game could be blacked out locally.

Typically, extensions of the 72-hour window are made available by the league office, usually if there’s a clear indication that the tickets will be sold.  In some cases, the local television network slated to televise the game will bite the bullet and buy the tickets.

The Bengals, despite a chronic history of ineptitude, have sold out every home game since 2003, and they’re riding a Pete Rose hitting streak (hey, I used to follow baseball) of 44 straight non-blackouts.

In this case (as it possibly was in the other), Pete thinks the smart bet is that the string won’t make it to 45.

31 responses to “Bengals facing a Week One blackout

  1. Time for the NFL owners to take their heads out of their asses and see the state of the economy.How the hell do they expect people to pay the insane prices they charge..Talk about being out of touch

  2. Maybe some creative marketing would work.
    “One lucky person of the next 5,000 tickets sold, gets to punch Mike Brown in the guy”.
    That would definitely sell out the stadium and then some.

  3. The Bengals will start selling out again once they start surprising opponents this season and racking up wins.
    Don’t be shocked when/if they win that divison this year.
    You read that right.

  4. Dare to dream …. and introducing the Los Angeles Bengals starting quarterback…TIM TEBOW!!!!

  5. You mean to tell me that there is a city other than Jacksonville facing blackouts? I would have never known. And a stadium that holds 2,000 less than JMS at that. So the Peter Kings of the world and their London Jaguars garbage can shut the hell up.

  6. Looks like a drive to Lexington for me! Rather spend the gas and bar money than give it to Mikey boy. No way Local CBS affiliates buy 5000 tickets, also, if the Bengals had been as creative and fan friendly about selling tickets during the offseason as they are being at the last second with Blackout looming, they wouldn’t be having this problem, another example of how poorly run and money hungry the front office is.

  7. It’s the economy stupid. I wonder how long before the NFL figures out that the prices they charge are no longer affordable ?

  8. Finally
    Bout time another team got some “They are possibly facing a blackout move the team to…L.A, or San Antonio, or London” besides the Jags.

  9. As a season ticket holder who has invested $3600 in COAs, it makes me sick that I am obligated to pay full price for tickets (including preseason) – which can be bought at half the price from scalpers outside the stadium.

  10. Maybe Bengals fans have come to the realization that all Raiders, Jags, Lions, Broncos, Chiefs and Texans fans have. That their team has NO chance of going to the Super Bowl so why bother shelling out top dollar to root for a team that will not make the playoffs? What a joke of a team!

  11. A week or so ago the same man said there were around 2,000 tickets left.
    I’m not sure how confident I am in Reedy’s info on this.

  12. @Florios-Lawyer
    Please send me some of the crack that you are smoking.

  13. Also, if Ticketmaster is accurate, there are less than 600 tickets available to the game.
    Still not a lock to sell-out, but nearly a 10-fold error on Reedy’s part.

  14. We have like 11% unemployment in the Greater Cincinnati area. Times is tuff plus nobody expects this to be a good game as the Bengals will blow this one out. Prediction – Bengals win 26-9

  15. maybe they could lower ticket prices? funny to think the most obvious solution hasn’t occurred to any of the team owners…
    most of us are hurting after the economy tanked last year and 10% of us are without employment.

  16. The NFL is so worried about expansion and making money that they have priced them selves right our of this economy. London? Mexico? Let’s get the seats filled here first.

  17. Only 4995 seats remaining; Andre Smith just bought 5 for HIM to watch on Sunday. Hopefully 5 is enough…

  18. Any of those cities can have the Bengals as far as I’m concerned. Only thing is, you have to live longer than Mike Brown before daring to hope for better days. And MikeyBoy aint dying anytime soon. I think he might be a vampire. But even if he does die, his anorexic daughter Katie (aka punkin) is just a chip off the ol’ block. Somewhere, right now there’s a Mike Brown great grandchild being taught how to disguise himself so he can visit the free sample tray at Kroger twice!

  19. Would you pay $ to watch the sorry Bungels and Donkies, I wouldn’t.

  20. The raiders at one point had something like 65 home blackouts. I believe the jags would move to london before LA. And when they do I am done with the NFL after watching it for 37 years. Football is american and they don’t care about it over there.

  21. “…# World Champs Raiders 3 Chargers 0 says: September 9, 2009 5:15 PM
    Would you pay $ to watch the sorry Bungels and Donkies, I wouldn’t….”
    Actually, I would have guessed you would be one of the people willing to pay $ to watch the Bungels and Donkies, being as your only other choice is the Raiders.

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