Bromance brewing between Broncos, Brandon?

OK, now this is getting ridiculous.

Only days after disgruntled receiver Brandon Marshall returned from a suspension due to the chronic placement of a tomato pole in his bunghole, there’s talk that the Denver Broncos are thinking about giving him a new contract.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Broncos are exploring a contract extension with the fourth-year wideout, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

Without a new labor agreement, Marshall would be a restricted free agent in March 2010.  This gives the team more leverage at the table in 2009, since the Broncos would be able to hold his rights next season with a much lower tender offer.

If we knew any cynics (we think we know a few but they say they aren’t but we think they’re lying), we’d expect them to say that the Broncos might be making a last-ditch effort to rehabilitate Marshall’s trade value.

18 responses to “Bromance brewing between Broncos, Brandon?

  1. That would be so awesome if they signed him to a new contract.
    “We are taking a hard line. If you are disruptive, we won’t trade you….we’ll pay you more.”

  2. hilarious
    the broncos are actually caving to the guy who keeps getting in off field trouble
    i’ll call it, he’ll get a new contract and become a washout

  3. Yeah. Totally ridiculous. But it also makes a lot of sense. McDaniels knows he’s going to have to find a QB sometime in the near future (does anyone really believe that Orton is the long-term solution?), he already has a GREAT offense (save for the QB position), plus Eddie Money is locked up for a couple more years….Now’s the time. Get it done Bowlen!

  4. OK, Mike, maybe they are trying to resurrect some trade value by floating this to Schefter.
    But are there any GMs out there fool enough not to know if that’s the case? Or who would fall for some McDaniels BS? From what I’ve read, most of them are still slack-jawed at how many times he’s showed his ass this offseason.
    Despite what he thinks, the Denver coach isn’t exactly Bill Belichick; I would guess 31 other teams know that.

  5. Florio: These negotiations are nothing new or groundbreaking. The Broncos offered Marshall an extension right before practice on the day Marshall was out there punting balls around the field. The reason he was mad was because he didn’t like the numbers they were putting on the table and he felt insulted. The deal they offered him averaged around $9 million a year total, but it was supposedly back-loaded (i.e. only $4-$5 million per year in the first year, but more after that).

  6. Why take the cynical point of view? Haven’t the Broncos more than established that they’re capable of being this stupid? Take the story at it’s word.

  7., has a perfect video for poor Brandon Marshall on their homepage.
    I don’t get the Broncos? They trade Jay Cutler after he wouldn’t return phone calls to Pat Bowlen and then Brandon Marshall acts like a two year old kicking and screaming because he doesn’t get his favorite toy at the store.
    The Broncos suspend him, now talking long term deal? Stupid!

  8. This story is exactly what’s wrong with the NFL, and sports in general these days.
    If this whiny cry baby gets an extension, the Broncos will have become the worst-run organization in the league … east of Oakland, of course.

  9. The Turd should have been dealt with (traded) a long long time ago.
    Good Luck !!!!
    By the way, I bet he doesn’t want to learn the playbook.

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