Crabtree planning to cave?

As the 49ers and receiver Michael Crabtree continue to have, by all appearances, no discussions aimed at working out a contract and getting Crabtree on (or at least near) the field for Week One against the Cardinals, it looks like Crabtree is getting ready to play football somewhere.

UFL, anyone?

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, ESPN’s Trent Dilfer recently spent time throwing passes to Crabtree.  The former quarterback said that Crabtree was sick of catching balls from the machine that tried to kill Stuart Scott.

“He’s perfectly healthy,” Dilfer said, adding that rumors of lingering problems with Crabtree’s surgically-repaired foot are “garbage.”

“He looked good. He looked very fit,” Dilfer added.

Dilfer said he did not discuss the lingering holdout with Crabtree.

The workout occurred in the Bay Area, an encouraging sign for the team in light of the fact that Crabtree is a Dallas native.  Basically, if/when an agreement is reached, Crabtree will be ready to go since he’s already in the vicinity of team headquarters.

But it’s still not known when or if a contract will be signed.  And, as Barrows points out, at some point the 49ers might start reducing their offer, given that Crabtree soon will be missing games.  Though he’s likely not sweating the forfeiture of game checks derived from the rookie-minimum base salary, the 49ers will be less inclined to give him the kind of guaranteed money that’s currently on the table if they won’t have him for the number of games for which he would have been available if he’d signed a contract in July or August.

All that said, the fact that Crabtree is working out in the Bay Area suggests that he’s ready to play — and that he might soon take the deal that has been available and get to work.

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  1. Good call if true. In negotiations always remember who needs who more. I am relatively sure that playing for the 49ers would change your life a lot more than you’d change the fortunes of that once proud franchise.

  2. If he was actually catching those ducks Dilfer throws…He shouldn’t have any problems catching balls from the inept QB’s the Niner’s have.

  3. if i was an nfl owner and crabtree was back in the draft in 2k10, i would be hard pressed to sign him. how do i know he wouldn’t hold me hostage if he wasn’t happy with the offer.
    he hasn’t played one down in the nfl and he is already tagged as a spoiled diva. here is another example of why there should be a rookie salary cap.

  4. Prediction:
    SF won’t budge, and Crabtree will come crawling, but at least he’ll have a new friend in Kerry Rhodes since he doesn’t seem to have a problem with talking a big talk and then not being able to back it up.

  5. hope they lower thier offer to him now then.having missed all that time he won’t be able to help them ayway.I can hear all the well he needs time excuses now.sorry you want to get paid like you are the best then you better play like it and now!

  6. Crabtree and Richard Seymour should get together and create a new company called “The Complaint Department” for chronic complainers that (could) get millions of dollars to play football but would rather sit out and earn no money at all.

  7. He’s in the Bay Area so the Raiders can trade two first round picks to the 49’s for him. They’re stupid enough to trade a #1 for a thirty year old player, so this makes sense in a twisted, Raider sort of way.

  8. Alright! Let’s hope he goes to play for the UFL this year and then next year my Cowboys can pick him up in the 2nd round.

  9. Ummmm hello he has been in the Bay Area for the past 6 weeks. I heard a interview on KNBR 6 weeks ago and they said he was in the Bay Area at that time. Wow stellar reporting !!!!!

  10. Of course he’s going to cave, what other options does he have?
    Not even he is so full of himself that he’ll sit out this year and re-enter the draft. He’s a whiney, crybaby puss, and needs to get over himself and learn to be a team player if he expects to go anywhere or do anything in the league.

  11. I really hope get sits out a year and ends up in the late first round or early secodn round and cries even more.

  12. yeah i hope San Fran offers him less than #9 money. that would be excellent, and fair IMO.
    If the dude refused to get his correct slotted money earlier, and because of that missed the entire offseason, OTA’s, AND the preseason, i think he owes his team some of that would-be money back.
    sign him at 12-slot money, heavier on performance-based incentives, and let him earn it proper. he knows damn well he won’t go higher than 12 next year if he re-enters, and let htis be a good lesson to everyone.

  13. I with those who hope SF pulls their current and reduces it. There is no reason the Niners should go out of their way to kiss this divas ass anymore. At this point, they would be better off without him anyway. He seems like a distraction and too much of a “me” type of person. Screw him.

  14. I spotted Crabtree and Seymour at Fisherman’s wharf with their agent. They were all drinking Apple Martini’s.

  15. The forty niners passed on Stafford because he would not talk openly about his parents divorce to a complete stranger in the 49ers team shrink(boy the nerve of some people).
    I wonder if the same shrink talked with Crabtree, lol.

  16. Crabtree is exhibit A for why the NFL needs a rookie salary scale! Stafford might be too. They are many other examples of multimillion dollar busts who got rick for failing. Maybe they should trade Crabtree to the Raiders!!! LOLOL

  17. I honestly hope he signs with the UFL to stay in football shape for next years draft..
    oh yeah, and i hope he blows out his knee while playing and ends up a useless homeless crack head..
    greed… its a terrible thing.

  18. Vikingsfaninpa says:
    September 9, 2009 5:38 PM
    How did the Vikings pass on Stafford? The Lions picked him with the first pick of the first round.

  19. Vikingsfaninpa says:
    September 9, 2009 5:38 PM
    Sorry, it’s kinda early for me. I meant how did the 49ers pass on Stafford.

  20. krg875 says:
    September 9, 2009 7:52 PM
    Check the math:
    (Crabtree+Seymour) x Parker = 3Turds
    Checking the formula, Im thinking this = 6 turds
    Either that, or Park is worth 1.5 Turds, assuming Crabtree and Seymour are 1 Turd Each

  21. Actually….Check the math:
    (Crabtree+Seymour) x Parker = 2 Turds
    (1+1) 1 = 2 where did you guys go to school!!!

  22. I totally agree that this guy is shooting himself in the foot…not a down of football and he already has demands. There definitely should be a rookie minimum to prevent nonsense like this.
    If Crabtree really thinks he is better than Hayword-Bey then he should take the offer and have a bonus written in based upon how much better he plays. Just a thought…

  23. NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, 2006-2012, Article XVI (College Draft), Section 5 (Other Professional Teams):
    “(a) If a drafted player signs a contract with, plays for, or is employed by a professional football team not in the NFL during the 12-month period after he was drafted, then the NFL club that drafted him retains exclusive negotiating rights for three years after the initial draft.”
    So don’t expect Crabtree to sign with any team in the UFL or CFL.

  24. I am a 49ers fan thru and thru from New Jersey. I grew up watching this franchise make and break themselves. How does this fool Crabtree expect to get #1 pick money when he was drafted in the 10th round? someone please explain that to me?
    The franchise should begin to eliminate some of the guaranteed money they are offering especially since he hasnt played an NFL down yet. Who knows…..did they draft another Alex Smith? Lets hope not.

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