Favre says Mangini should have benched him

The man who has started more consecutive games than any quarterback in league history believes that, last year, his 17-year streak should have ended.

During a Wednesday press conference, Favre said that the Jets should have benched him late in the season, due to a partially torn biceps tendon.

I was receptive to [sitting] last year,” Favre said.  “When
we finally did an MRI and found out I had a torn biceps last year, I
felt like, with about four or five games left, that even though I was
making some pretty good throws and some decent plays, I felt like I was
doing the team more harm because I was missing on some throws.”

As Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News points out (and as we’ve stressed in the past), this disclosure of a torn biceps tendon that never showed up on the injury report represents an admission that the team concealed the truth about Favre’s condition.

Then again, the league office likely would explain that, since Favre ultimately played in each game, there was no violation of the rules.  Even if he was injured to the point where he believed that maybe he should have exited the lineup.

The other reality is that Favre, who’s already lining up excuses for poor play in 2009, may be exaggerating the situation in the hopes of covering up bad play.

Mangini separately was asked Wednesday about Favre’s struggles down the stretch last year, and Mangini declined to single the quarterback out.

“I don’t think any of us played as well as we could have,” Mangini said.  “What I do think is, I could have done a better job coaching.  I think the staff could have done a better job coaching.  I never look at success or failure as an individual thing.   It was cumulative thing.  We won games together.  We lost games together.  There were things that we could improve during that stretch that would have really helped us.”

And while Mangini didn’t acknowledge that Favre was hurt as badly as he now claims, Mangini acknowledged that he was aware of Favre’s condition, whatever it might have been.

“I was aware of the different challenges that everybody on the team had,” Mangini said.  “I get that update every day.”

Says Favre:  “They knew I had a torn biceps, which we backed off in practice.  I took
cortisone shots a couple times to try to relieve the pain.  I started
pressing. I was real receptive to [sitting].  We felt like, after
talking with each one of them, that it was best to just — we’d come
this far — to just finish it out.”

Again, if pushed on this matter, it would be interesting to see whether Mangini agrees, especially since Favre hints that he was a limited participant in practice, something that definitely should have shown up on the injury report.

That said, the league is likely inclined to treat last year as ancienty history.  But if the folks at 280 Park Avenue decide to explore the matter, they can get both guys interviewed in a single trip to Cleveland this weekend.

61 responses to “Favre says Mangini should have benched him

  1. Can someone really make Brett Favre play if he thinks it would be dangerous or counterproductive? We’re not talking about some rookie who would get kicked off the team if he didnt play hurt.

  2. If Favre did not appear on the injury report, there should be repurcussions…Imagine the thoughts going through Belichick’s mind if this slides.
    And Favre’s excuse making and lying has reached “FOR F*&^ SAKES!” proportions, IMHO. Just shut up and play. Season can’t start soon enough.

  3. I am hardly a fan of Mangini but this is Favre manufacturing revisionist history right before our eyes. Favre didn’t play well in the final 5 games and now he needs an excuse.
    I think even Favre senses that he has returned for all the wrong reasons. It is generally accepted as fact that no other coach would pull their pants down the way Chilly did in welcoming him back and now Favre is on the eve of another season where he will be the cause of another natural diaster and he is searching for an excuse before the ship even begins to take in water.
    Viking fans, shield your eyes, this isn’t going to end well.

  4. I don’t think Mangini had a choice. Tannenbaum, the Jets GM, was always breathing down his neck and very likely forced the Brett Favre situation on him (as well as Vernon Gholston) and this eventually led to Mangini pretty much asking to be fired.

  5. All this reveals is how much the Jets DEPENDED on him. They were 4-12 the year before last. Favre didn’t take them backwards. They’ve stunk for YEARS.

  6. You know a lot of people are ready to aim and start throwing things at Farve, but the truth of the matter is he is one of the greatest PLAYERS in the game. He is not the drama king/queen we all make him out to be, he is dedicated to playing the game of football, as raw and straight forward as it gets, WE MAKE him the so called media figure he has become. We the people and we THE MEDIA all have a hard on for putting him at the top of the headlines, ALL HE wants to do is play the game, as a die hard Packer fan, I say let him play, and if GB management is to pussy-footed to use him, then get on with and to hell with all this “turn-coat” blah blah. He’s a competitor, and there AINT NOTHIN wrong with that. Go Brett, Viking or not…

  7. Geez Florio – all the conspiracy theories you have on Favre. No wonder you like that nutjob Keith Ubermoron. Give it a rest. Enjoy that football season is just about here.
    Maybe Florio can get Favre charged with the JFK Assassination. I can just hear it now, “but Mr. Florio, Brett Favre wasn’t even born in 1963”.
    Florio “DOESN’T MATTER !”

  8. Florio, as much as you’ve dogged Favre these last few months, I hope you show some contrition if he kicks ass this season.

  9. So basically, Favre is not a team player. If he were, he would have taken himself out of the games for the good of HIS team. Once again, he has put himself above football. Brett, you are NOT that important to football or football history.

  10. Favre is a liar, but even if this particular rant is true, if Mangini didn’t have the balls to bench him when he stunk it up, anyone think Chilly will?
    This will not end well.
    ..and I can’t wait to see it.

  11. bumblyjack says:
    I don’t think Mangini had a choice. Tannenbaum was always breathing down his neck and very likely forced the Brett Favre situation on him.
    Yeah, that’s it.. Mangini never wanted Favre. He hated him in fact. Hated him so much, HE NAMED HIS F**** SON AFTER HIM!!
    Nice to see all you Browns fans are still optimistic, but that was a very foolish statement.

  12. “…Brett Favre Now a Viking! says: September 9, 2009 8:09 PM
    He is not the drama king/queen we all make him out to be…”
    You’re right.
    He’s much worse.

  13. I like to imagine that when Brett Favre throws somebody under the bus, the bus happens to be the Madden Cruiser.

  14. “I felt like I was doing the team more harm because I was missing on some throws.”
    Don’t worry Brett, you’ve been doing that for most of your career anyways…..

  15. This proves once again that Favre sudden dip in play last year was due to a tear in his biceps. With that taken care of, there is no reason why he shouldn’t return to the form of last year first 10 games.
    Reality is, the Jets had nobody else to play if Favre couldn’t. Favre at 50% was still the best option. That is why they have a rookie who only played 1 year of college starting for them right now. There was nobody after Favre.
    Sorry Favre haters.

  16. you know, your blog contains very interesting information. i check it very often in hopes of getting first hand knowledge. it has become very obvious to me you are either super jealous or just plain mean spirited about brett favre. what the hell is it to you if he plays or not, starts or not or just lives his life. give us all a damn break, man! or i will just shut your musings off. the season has not even started yet…….

  17. You’re right Florio, they should punish the JETS. Take away a first round pick and make them have Mangini back again! Good call!

  18. This isn’t meant as an anti-Vikings comment, but I get the feeling Brett is regretting his decision to come back and play again.
    The guy never used to build in excuses for poor performance before. His comments now have me wondering if he’s second guessing himself and if he’s realized he’d rather be sitting on his farm than playing football this season.
    Anyway, it’s just an opinion. I certainly don’t know the guy, but it feels off to me.

  19. This answers a question I often wondered, when Brett was hurt in that Titans game, was the subject of him sitting out a few weeks ever discussed and now we see it was.
    This wasn’t about Favre blaming anybody, and Mangini’s statement was legit. The #3 rushing defense gave up like 200 yards/game in December which had nothing to do with the QB.
    The bigger thing we can take from this is that if Brett should get hurt this season, we now know he is not “above” sitting out with injury like everybody else.

  20. Only reason NFL declares these injuries is because of gambling. That they supposedly are against.
    Imagine how many people bet on the Jets in those games not knowing Favre was hurt. NFL should reimburse all gamblers who lost betting on those Jets games late in the year. It’s only fair.

  21. Ka-Ching….every time Brett speaks Florio gets to say something derogatory about Favre just to stir the pot and get a few more clicks so NBC doesn’t pull the plug on his little dog and pony show. What will you do when he retires for good ? You might actually have to come up with an original thought.

  22. What a flat out liar. He never had an MRI until AFTER the season. It was well documented. Brat Favre must think we all have zero internet access and extremely short memories.

  23. First off, Mangini’s kid’s MIDDLE name is Brett. So get off that already.
    If Favre thinks he shouldn’t have played the last half of last season, what in the blue hell made him think he could play a whole regular season (and possibly playoffs) this season?!

  24. Geeze Mangini… don’t you hate it when a trusted member of your organization moves on to another team and then stabs you in the back, telling the world that you’re a cheater?

  25. Holy
    The compulsively lying, egomaniacal, team dividing and killing Favre chooses to undermine his old coach even after he and coach have left the team.

  26. Favre was just the victim of being on the Madden cover last year. His injury and the cover are all related to the curse you dummies! Florio….. Tell ’em!

  27. “This proves once again that Favre sudden dip in play last year was due to a tear in his biceps”
    Revisionist history and total garbage.
    Only the remaining Kool Aid drinking, oxygen deprived, truth denying Favre apologists truly believe this crock of shit.

  28. Once again another complaint that involves Mangina breaking NFL rules, and once again, nothing will happen to him. Come on NFL, stop punishing when and if you feel like it!

  29. “Geeze Mangini… don’t you hate it when a trusted member of your organization moves on to another team and then stabs you in the back, telling the world that you’re a cheater?”
    LOL!! I see Patriots fans are still acting like the noble thing to do would’ve been for Mangini to keep quiet and allow Belichick to cheat against his team. Blaming Mangini for “tattling” instead of blaming the Belichick for cheating 6 + years (including playoff games…..thanks for the video evidence Walsh you da man). Gotta love that Pats fan logic. Still being mad at everyone but the party actually guilty of wrong-doing…….the New England Patriots.

  30. Browns fan here…………I’m borderline sick…….
    Favre needs any built-in excuse possible to attempt to expain why he wasn’t MVP for 17 years in a row…………and Mangini, where the f do you start…….oh, I have an idea, I won’t disclose the starting QB for the game, because that will SOMEHOW stop Adrian Peterson from running for 330 yards, 4 touchdowns against all my former Jet players I got from the Sanchez deal……………..Jesus, ti tty fing Cripes……….gimme a team to love again!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. @ SpartaChris says:
    September 9, 2009 9:04 PM
    “This isn’t meant as an anti-Vikings comment, but I get the feeling Brett is regretting his decision to come back and play again.
    The guy never used to build in excuses for poor performance before. His comments now have me wondering if he’s second guessing himself and if he’s realized he’d rather be sitting on his farm than playing football this season.
    Anyway, it’s just an opinion. I certainly don’t know the guy, but it feels off to me.”
    That’s a very interesting statement. I hadn’t thought about it like that. I just assumed that he was getting tangled in his web of lies.

  32. Consider this, Capt. Fantasdick:
    While in New England, Mangini shows no moral qualms regarding this supposed “cheating” as long as he is a beneficiary, riding that magic carpet into a head coaching job with the Jesters.
    He continues this videotaping practice as head coach of the Jesters (a confirmed fact), lies about the Patriots giving them permission, and then immediately turns around and rats out the man who is solely responsible for him being anything for than an obese water boy. Mangini is a dispicable hypocrite- and you know it.
    You say Matt Walsh is the man. Really? A disgruntled former employee who was FIRED because he sucked at his job and who lied about being a golf pro, lied about having damning evidence, got called on the carpet and became notorious as being a compulsive liar whose never accomplished anything in his life. Well, other than getting his 15 minutes of fame in a nefarious scheme which to this day completely destroyed the credibility of the Boston Herald as well as that of a pompous, smarmy journalist who will wear a scarlet letter for what remains of his disgraced career.
    Maybe Matt Walsh is the man to people in that backwards inbred cesspool that is Pittsburgh, but suffice to say the rest of the continental U.S sees this mentally ill tall-tale-teller for the piece of trash he is.

  33. I’m not a fan of Mangini, but Favre can go F##K himself with this B.S.
    I have never wished that someone gets hurt, but I can openly say that I hope Favre gets his clock cleaned.
    I can only speak for myself, but I can’t stand this arrogant, self-serving douche bag.

  34. Just another excuse for when the Vikes tank this year and Favre has to run away with his tail tucked between his legs. I can see the quote now…
    “Well yea they benched me this year, but remember when I said I should have been benched last year? Well it’s like the same thing, so everything is ok, Go SageJack”
    If Minn is playing so bad that they are out of the playoff race by week 12 or 13 I bet Favre pulls a Petrino and gets the f*ck out of the twin cities.

  35. I dont blame Mangini for continuing to play Favre. Would you rather have a 50% Favre or a 100% Kellen Clemens? At least with Favre in there, you have the illusion of a passing threat, 10 out of 10 coaches would have continued to play Favre unless they had a backup they had faith in. This story just re-iterates how terrible Kellen Clemens is.

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about how Mangina has tarnished the Belichick coaching tree? C’mon, does anyone really think that coming from the Belichick school of coaching that the ONLY response to the question above is:
    “I don’t know about that team, all I know about is the team and players on this sheet of paper in front of me. Are there any revelant questions to THIS football team, because I’ll answer those questions, but I won’t answer any questions about THAT team, so, I guess next question.”

  37. Brett Favre Now a Viking! : “We the people and we THE MEDIA all have a hard on for putting him at the top of the headlines, ALL HE wants to do is play the game”
    Idealistically this sounds good and all, but unfortunately it is just not true. In fact, its been noted by more than a few individuals in the media, that Brett has been known to text Ed Werder all day long with updates (during Favre-gate, before going to the Jets) and craves the attention. And about the Packers, you can’t blame them for wanting to move forward after being jerked around. Especially when they were sitting on (no homo) one of the best QBs in the league.

  38. You angry little people are silly, silly, little angry people.
    The last quarterback I really remember throwing someone (or some line) under the bus is a Manning. But he hasn’t gotten to the end of his career yet, and hasn’t lost your fickle affections (though he is a drawling southerner who says what’s on his mind, so he probably will soon enough).
    Y’all are the kind of people that no one is happy to have in their lives. You’re the self-important jerks, after all. You think your opinion about Brett Favre really matters?
    What a bunch of wieners.

  39. Well, that explains why he crapped his pants the last 5 games in ’08!
    Since he’s still hurt, it won’t be a big thang when Farve craps his pants again this year!

  40. And the headline for this regurgitation shows why the jerks who run this site will never be able to report anything other than second-hand news. Second-hand news gathering that I appreciate, nonetheless. It’s tough to comb all those Web sites for quotes to speciously interpret.

  41. Leaving the Jets is one of the best things that has ever happened to Brett Favre. What a bad situation that was.
    It’s apparent that Favre is carrying a huge chip on his shoulder over last season. He feels he has something to prove.
    He should just throw a lot of checkdowns on Sundy. Right over Shaun Rogers’s outstretched arms and to a Vikings running back.

  42. “At this point in ma career,
    I have almost forgot the taste of fears;
    The time has been, my senses would have cool’d
    To hear a night-shriek; and my fell of hair
    Would at a dismal treatise rouse and stir
    As life were in’t: I have supp’d full with horrors;
    Direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughts
    Cannot once start me.
    Last year I was but a walking shadow, a poor player, who struts and frets his hour upon the field and then is heard no more.
    A team coached by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  43. No, no, no. You’re doing it all wrong! Let me help you…
    You want to spin it even further, then consider the fact that Favre had nothing to play for by the end of the 2008 season. He’d already proven he could lead this team to big victories while the Packers were having a forgetful year without him. Why not just say he faked the injury and packed it in for the rest of the season so Green Bay got the worst possible draft pick for shipping him off to Siberia, New York.
    This way, he didn’t have to go to the playoffs (save wear and tear on that old body), and then hope the Jets would give up on him after he got everyone fired because of a gamble that didn’t payoff.
    Then, get cut loose, act like his career was over for good, just so he could slip into a purple and yellow jersey and play for the team he’d always intended to go to.
    The long courtship was just a ruse, right? A PR campaign to appear honest and thoughtful about his choice to eventually return and hope that no one put together all the random pieces and think that he might just be pulling wool over the collective eyes with this phony injury thing?
    Face it, Favre draws blog hits. Put your controversial spin on some honest commentary and draw debators out of the woodwork to drive, drive, drive that web traffic. You’re just stirring the pot and enjoy watching all the idiots jump into the stew time after time after time.
    Run lemmings, run! Lynch or defend Favre! Go!
    Give NBC what they want Florio so they won’t cut the apron strings, eh?
    You know, I’ve got a Favre blog. *Startling admission* I must be up to no good, too. The conspiratorial gaze slowly shifts it’s focus…

  44. Favre rocks. I think that’s the moral of this story. He not only has started enough games consecutively to equal office-dwellers not calling in sick for ten lifetimes in a row, but he also provides the traffic for Web sites that wouldn’t have any traffic if it weren’t for him (and Vick, video boards, and rape allegations, of course).

  45. Brett Favre could bust his jaw in 12 places and he still wouldn’t shut up. He just talks and talks and talks.

  46. Favre said he was receptive to sitting and throws out some what ifs about if Clemens had played down the stretch. He says that he could still throw but his accuracy was off 1 or 2 yards and he couldn’t make tight throws because of it.
    The headline says that Favre says Mangini should have benched him. That is a bit of a stretch.
    The way that defense and running game fell apart down the stretch I think Clemens would have failed in their as well. It was a 4-12 team that over achieved early and Favre couldn’t carry it late with his biceps injury.

  47. He is honest to a fault. They shouldn’t let him speak to the media. He isn’t exactly projecting confidence.

  48. How is he honest to a fault?? I can’t remember him telling the unabashed truth since ’96 when he checked himself in to rehab.
    He’s a pathological liar, and he’s now so far out of his mind he actually believes the things he says. It’s sad to see really.

  49. i love that vikings fans have to keep telling themselves that favre isn’t everything that he has proven himself to be over the last nearly two decades.
    i heard a commercial on the radio while on my way back from northern minnesota last weekend. it was an advertisement for a vikings bar and whenever favre throws his first touchdown, there are free drinks for the rest of the quarter. and then they proceeded with a deep voice….”can you say super bowl, super bowl, SUPER BOWL???!!!” it was comedy at its finest

  50. And Favre continues to act like a jackass. When I read the title I thought Favre meant Mangini should have benched him for being so bad, and that was nice for him to admit that. Nope, its just Favre making excuses. What about all those years he sucked for Green Bay, whats his excuse for those years?

  51. JoeSixPack says: September 9, 2009 9:51 PM
    Geeze Mangini… don’t you hate it when a trusted member of your organization moves on to another team and then stabs you in the back, telling the world that you’re a cheater?
    I hate them both so it’s schadenfreude at its finest for me.

  52. 1. they didnt ask him to sit.
    2. he wouldnt have been receptive to it anyway.
    3. he is all about personal records and $.
    4. the old man wears out after about 11-12 games.

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