Madden is back, sort of

The most popular, albeit obvious, tongue-in-cheek response to the news of Brett Favre’s Second Annual Unretirement was that retired NBC analyst John Madden will now feel compelled to unretire, too.

As it turns out, he is.  Sort of.

Madden will be back for another season of appearances on Sirius NFL Radio.  Every Friday at 11:30 a.m. ET, the Hall of Fame coach, broadcaster, video-game tycoon, and noted hater of air travel (I resemble that remark) will visit with Adam Schein of The Sirius NFL Blitz.

(Barked Frank Caliendo in response to the news, with a arched eyebrows and a perpetual sneer, “That’s f–king great.  Just as I was starting to nail my f–king impression of Jon F–king Gruden.  F–k.”) 

Madden will debut Thursday, September 10, given that it’s officially the first day of the regular season, an event that now gets the kind of treatment for which Madden lobbied years ago, when he suggested that the NFL should install bunting at all stadiums in Week One.

Meanwhile, the folks in Vegas have pegged the over/under on Brett Favre references during tomorrow’s segment at 14.

19 responses to “Madden is back, sort of

  1. Glad to hear Madden is back in some sort of the NFL season……even if it is on Sirius.
    Could we knock off the pretend swearing….some of the articles are really bad writing let alone using shorten profanity….what an example you set.

  2. The worst part of it is that he has to talk with Adam Schein. He’s as clueless a prognosticator as there is.

  3. Too bad Madden will have to work with that ratchet-jawed no-talent bum, Adam “Prime Time” Schein… What a putz!

  4. quote = Meanwhile, the folks in Vegas have pegged the over/under on Brett Favre references during tomorrow’s segment at 14.

  5. Florio whats with the censored F bombs buddy?
    Did the Peacock take you into the Principals office last week when you dropped it last week?
    “Now Mike, we can’t have that sort of talk around here. Now make sure you plug reruns of “Joey” this week”.

  6. I flipped to the NFL Network last night and they were showing last season’s Super Bowl. I had happily forgotten about Madden (the man, not the game) until I heard his extremely obnoxious voice. Needless to say, NFL Network lost a viewer of the re-run.
    Why don’t you just go away Madden?

  7. “Meanwhile, the folks in Vegas have pegged the over/under on Brett Favre references during tomorrow’s segment at 14.”
    Is that in the first minute, or the first two? Ah hell – either way, ya gotta like the over.

  8. Figures once Favre UNretired, Madden would too.
    All that fat closet-queen windbag ever talked about was his obvious man-love for Brett Favre and Tom Brady, no matter who was on the field.

  9. Still waiting for the “singin’ and dancin'” he was lobbying for.
    I’m gonna miss Madden so much… God I can’t stand Collinsworth.

  10. Poor Favre, he has Chilly all week, I don’t know if he can muster up enough DNA for Madden to swallow.
    Who is the bigger whore? My guess is Madden because the difference is, he could keep his job without Favre.

  11. @gwinn1952
    Sorry, but this is a pro football info and comment site, not a sewing circle. If you’re not happy with the writing or cursing, nobody is forcing you to read it.

  12. Favre, Vick, and now Madden. Next thing you know LT’s career will be coming back. I doubt it.

  13. That’s easy for Madden. All he does is talk about the game from his couch and gets paid for it. It’s great for him in my opinion.

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