Ochocinco has something up his sleeve, Twitter style

When Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco abruptly signed off Twitter on September 4, most folks thought that it was another one of his stunts.

After all, he’s the same guy who has legally changed his name to the Spanish equivalent of his jersey numerals, so that he could wear “Ochocinco” on his back without being fined cinco grando.

According to the Associated Press, Ochocinco says he plans to return, in some form, to Twitter soon.

“The Twitter world, they don’t need a signal,” Ochocinco said Wednesday.  “They’ll know.  It’s the quiet before the storm.  Just watch.”

The league recently promulgated a rule against social media site use from 90 minutes before kickoff of a game until after the post-game media access.  But Chad thinks he had found a way around the rules.

“I’ve been really, really quiet, and there’s a
storm coming Sunday,” Ochocinco said.  “That’s one of the things that I do when
I’m back:  I have something.  I keep you on the edge of your seat.

I would like to apologize to you guys early.  I understand.  I read all
the fine print in the letters you sent, but I did find loopholes.  I
found loopholes.”

Chad might think it’s a valid loophole, but the league likely will disagree with his interpretation.

53 responses to “Ochocinco has something up his sleeve, Twitter style

  1. Chad Johnson is a dumb ass whether it’s in English, Spanish, or some other language that he can’t speak accurately.

  2. I love how he has set his priorities:
    1. Find loophole for twitter.
    2. Tell the media I found loophole.
    3. Apologize to the NFL in advance (to admit guilt so they can start the fining process early.)
    4. Game plan for first game of the season.
    anyone else wonder why the Bengals first game may be a blackout? Hmm.

  3. You couldn’t pay me to watch the Bengals, or this TWIT.
    Pretty bad when you need to do this stuff to get attention.

  4. He’s already said it on UStream. He plans on having a special Bengals fan (preferably not from Cinci) flown in for each home game to act as his personal Twitter rep. Chad will work out and send signals during the game and that lucky fan will update his Twitter for him.
    I thought you already mentioned this yourself, Florio. Maybe not.

  5. The loophole is that Chad has so much money he doesn’t care if he gets fined. Or maybe twitter told chad they’d pay all twitter related fines

  6. whats to stop him from making a comment to his buddy in the front row of the stands who then updates his twatter page instantly?
    seems like pretty obvious loophole

  7. cannot wait till tomorrow so this so called blog can
    start talking about GD nfl football!!!!
    thank you

  8. I always said once “the rules” came out about twittering, why couldn’t a player just use a different name. The NFL doesn’t have a right to search the databases of twitter to see who is “really” twittering. For example Chad could change his name to “the 85th Tiger” and just post on his real twitter account…..”hey guys you should check out ‘my friends’ page while i’m playing and he will keep you updated while i’m catching passes, his name is the 85th tiger.”
    I know it is stupid but to me an easy way around the NFL’s rules.

  9. Yeah Chad Johnson, stick it to the man by paying fines.
    Red Forman would have fun with this dumb ass.

  10. yeah.. says:
    September 9, 2009 9:27 PM
    I love how he has set his priorities:
    1. Find loophole for twitter.
    2. Tell the media I found loophole.
    3. Apologize to the NFL in advance (to admit guilt so they can start the fining process early.)
    4. Game plan for first game of the season.
    anyone else wonder why the Bengals first game may be a blackout? Hmm.
    Yeah, 4 makes a lot of sense. You’re assuming that he hasn’t spent anytime game-planning because he took time to look at the rules regarding football. So every thing he does should be centered around football, by your logic. Also, it’s the job of the offensive coordinator and head coach to game-plan for the games. All he does is run the required route of the play that’s called and catch the ball. If he were to start telling his teammates what to do, I’m sure you’d be the first person calling him a malcontent for acting like the head coach. And he’s one of the most popular players in the league, the blackout would be a result of that ding dong finagled ecomomy and the fact that the team didn’t do so well last year. It would most likely have nothing to do with the exploits of one player who is the only person keeping the team in the news at this point.

  11. Chad is great – odd dude, but good for the game. Whoever can’t find humor in Chad needs to immediately remove the pole from your blowhole. Kiss the baby!

  12. It’s easy to not take a game seriously when you’re playing the Denver Donkeys.
    Carson Palmer is set for another sub-par year, just like the rest of the football teams that play in the state of Ohio.

  13. It’s simple. The NFL said PLAYERS can’t twitter. So if he scores a TD, what’s to stop him from having a friend access his account and typing for him. It will APPEAR that Chad is twittering about his TD he just scored, but it will be impossible to prove that Chad did the tweeting since he will be on live TV on a football field.
    The NFL isn’t very smart. They have never been an intelligently run operation and that’s just ONE of many loopholes in their weak attempts to try and stop what Chad is about to do.

  14. If I was Goodell, I’d punish him very simply.
    Tell the Bengals they have to change his number.
    Let the dumbass change his name again.

  15. The rules said “or anyone on the player’s behalf” updating the official page. So, the only solution is to have an unofficial page. But, if it is connected to the player and the player has any role in the updating on game day, look for the league to say “show me the money.”

  16. Um…how about this? He is going to let one of the announcers at the game do a twitter for him. THEY can legally do that as they are allowed to do the play by play accounts of the game!!!!!

  17. I’m loving all the negative comments Chad Ochocinco is receiving. He’s not only a Pro Bowler, he does everything to interact with his fans, and he pays thousands of dollars to do so. He knows where his money comes from and agree/disagree with his personality, thats a very unique trait of anyone famous.

  18. Too bad Ocho wont just STFU and catch the ball. He could leave a legacy of being one of the most productive receivers of the last 25 years, but seems more concerned with being remembered as a pain in the ass who couldn’t get out of his own way.

  19. Hey Chad, you want to impress me? Try catching more than 53 passes for a measly 540 yards and four TDs this season.
    In other words, shut the hell up and play the freaking game. I really could care less what you have to say on Twitter before, during or after a game.

  20. Hahah…Chad is awesome. I don’t get how people CAN’T find this entertaining. It’s funny. Some people need to lighten up. Sheesh.

  21. Actually I dont find it funny and I am pretty light. I mean, this guy is such a joke. He is the butt of a joke. I dont blame the nfl for doing what they have. If you are trying to protect the integrity of the game ‘that makes you billions per yr’. You dont want some jack off twittering during a freakin game that you are supposed to be intensely concentrating on winning.

  22. Also I think most nfl fans dont regard chad as someone they choose to pay attention to. I think hes more of the type that is just shoved down our throats. TO, I do hate him, is someone most of us would like to hear about. For whatever reason I do not know. Chad is like the really cool hobo that used to be someone.

  23. And Id like to know who exactly the king dumbass is that said the NFL isn’t an “intelligently run corporation” what the hell are you talking about???? They are extremely successful in a ridiculously profitable way and you are saying these people are idiots. Umm,, what special button do you push at the factory?

  24. Maybe he is going to tweet while kicking a field goal in a yellow HOF jacket? Just catch the ball dude … just catch the ball.

  25. I wonder what my boy is gonna do!!!! All those fake players are scared to do something on their mind…. I hope my boy Ocho do his thing!

  26. Rather read news releases from this idiot talking about tweeting during the game through a loophole than about another players arrested for D.U.I, battery, weed possession or anything else.

  27. Chad was once kind of funny but has long since become a silly ass clown.
    Play the game. Forget the lame tweets and the embarrassingly lame choreographed TD celebrations.
    You used to be a great, exciting football player. Now you’re just becoming an annoying tool. No one gives a sh!+ about your Twitter updates. Just play the GD game.

  28. which one makes chad johnson more of a tool WR?
    A. he abandoned his family name
    B. for some reason, he thought that saying his uniform number in a language that he can’t even speak is cool (well, I guess that would include English also)
    C. he twitts (like any loser would care that he twits)

  29. Could you imagine mike singletary saying ,
    “my new name is Mike Cincuenta”
    I make so many millions of dollars per year that no one cares what I do.

  30. Hey Chad, you want to impress me? Try catching more than 53 passes for a measly 540 yards and four TDs this season.
    The 12-yr old girls dont want to hear you “tweet”, they want to see you actually do something on the field… I have had 3 12-yr old’s tell me that they think you are an assclown, no matter how much money you make… tweeting is dead, even with the kids. wow chad, you can tweet! dont you feel stupid?

  31. Chad Johnson is the league’s biggest dumbass.
    He doesn’t even know that Spanish for “eighty-five” is ochenta cinco, not ocho cinco.
    What an idiot.

  32. BigMarv, wtf do you mean fakes players scared to do their thing? Please leave this site and don’t come back. I wish stupid people never found out about the internet…..

  33. Just more garbage from a shallow attention whore.
    What’s worse is the number of shallow sheople that will actually follow this turd.

  34. Chad Johnson is a dumb ass. Can’t wait until he is out of the league. Judging by his performance last year, it shouldn’t be to much longer.

  35. I used to hate Chad. Now I love him. He is funny and fan friendly. Everything the NFL says they want in their players.

  36. Chad OchoBrainso, with his “Hey, Look at me” crap, would last about 5 seconds in the Steelers locker room before being stuffed into a jock hamper.
    Bunghole players are pussies.

  37. Yea yea Florio’s lawyer and all the other tight asses that LOVE to hate a guy who has fun with his profession. The ocho and his five straight pro bowls would never last in your locker room, because he’s too good for it. He’s going off this year, and half of the same fun police pole smokers bashing him right now will be right back on the bandwagon.
    “I hate Chad! He’s finished! He’s a clown, an attention whore!” Piss moan piss moan, wait till your secondary gets torched when the Bengals play you, THEN piss and moan.

  38. i normally enjoy some of Chad’s antics, but this is just stupid. he’s just taunting the league and is apparently more interested in finding out how far he can go than really sharing valuable information (isn’t that what twitter is for?)
    the league should come down on him hard if he violates their twitter rule.
    i’d like to see the league make the twitter rule even greater. no tweeting at all on game days, period.
    freakin twitter, jesus….

  39. “…# CurseofBoJackson says: September 10, 2009 11:06 AM
    …wait till your secondary gets torched when the Bengals play you, THEN piss and moan….”
    How did last year work out for ya?
    Carson Palmer has already shown his yellow streak with his “somebody’s gonna die” whimper, and your best WR is just a clown and an attention whore. Nothing says “I’m a team player” like whipping out a fake HOF jacket on the sidelines during a game. It’s all about him, not the team.
    No pride. None.
    Good luck with that.

  40. I’m hoping the loophole is that he’ll legally change his name to whatever he wants to post so he can wear it on his jersey. If anyone can change his name 10 times within 3 hours, Chad can.

  41. It didn’t work out last year yes, no shit sherlock, Fitzy couldn’t get a ball past ten yards, I’ll look for ya mid season though. And again, god forbid a guy has fun with his job, keep talking out of your balloon knot till all the poop’s gone buddy. HOF jacket was two years ago BTW, and we ARE talking about a 5 time consecutive pro-bowler, and 2 time NFL yardage leader. I already had to respond to your negativity and stalking in the most recent chad post, but couldn’t resist peeking here to see your response (because it was inevitable), and it is apparent you have as big a hard on for Chad as the sheriff in Hazard did for the Duke boys.

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