Report: Jealousy led to incident at Merriman's house

Finally, facts are emerging regarding the incident that resulted in allegations that Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman battered and falsely imprisoned Tila Tequila Nguyen.

And we kind of wish they hadn’t.

According to Juliette Vara of in San Diego, Nguyen wasn’t happy that Merriman was paying too much attention to other women at his home. 

Per the report, Merriman went to his bedroom with two women.  Nguyen then entered the room, and Merriman asked her to join them.  She reacted angrily, threatening to have sex with a member of Merriman’s entourage.

Instead, she took off all her clothes and tried to leave the house.  Merriman then prevented her from leaving.

Citing unnamed sources, Vara also reports that Nguyen “faked” a neck injury, and that paramedics who arrived at the scene determined that she was fine.

It appears that this report is based on information from one or more of the other persons who were at Merriman’s house on the evening in question.  And given that one or more of the other persons who were at Merriman’s house on the evening in question likely were drinking alcohol too, we’re not sure how reliable anyone’s recollection as to the events really is.

And that actually helps Merriman.  Our guess is that the facts of this case will be littered with inconsistencies and discrepancies, making it a prime situation for a finding of reasonable doubt.

88 responses to “Report: Jealousy led to incident at Merriman's house

  1. Let’s see if I have this right, Merriman was about to engage in sexual activities with two women and this Nut job refused to join in and as a result, removed her clothing and ran around buck naked outside as a protest?
    Geez, I live in the wrong neighborhood.

  2. shame on all of you idiots who automatically assumed merriman was guilty just because you dont like him.
    People make me sick, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty.
    reminds me of the duke lacrosse case and the ben rothlesbsrger investigation.
    some people will never learn. put yourself in someone elses shoes.

  3. Hmm, legally, even if true, wouldn’t this still be battery? He touched her (physically restrained her) without her consent… in addition, there was no imminent risk of harm to her person, so he should be liable for battery – at the very least civilly.. no?

  4. This story is getting good. I used to not have respect for Merriman but after hearing about him trying to turn a threesome into a foursome, well as Kenny Powers said, “good times on the reg, yachts on the reg, sex on the reg, pretty much the things all men fantasize about.”

  5. product of the system my ass. The man is a stud. Oh, you are mad – you can join in. Classic.
    Reminds me of the time that Vox was on Romo’s nut sack and Witten came and joined in and TO refused and got cut…. or was that Hayward, Brady, and Seymour got traded….

  6. Umm.. on the assumption that he didn’t actually choke that girl…Merriman has kind of an awesome life.

  7. Umm.. on the assumption that he didn’t actually choke that girl…Merriman has kind of an awesome life.

  8. Isn’t she supposed to be bi-sexual? You would think she would swing that way. I sent her the link to this story on twitter, she also seemed to stop her tweeting around the time this came out so maybe she finally shut up.

  9. I like how it’s being covered like this is a real case.
    There are very few laws that pertain to professional athletes.
    Shawne Merriman could punch a woman in the face in front of a cop and all he’d get is a high-five.

  10. Florio, what do you mean you wish the facts from the story hadn’t emerged?? You loved every detail of that story

  11. “nineoh says:
    September 9, 2009 10:22 PM
    Deputy Barney Fife’s job is in jeopardy after Officer Florio solves another case”
    You have to give him a copy of your book for that comment!

  12. @Caveat Lector says:
    “How do I get invited to one of Merriman’s parties?”
    Who cares, apparently he’s screwing all the women! Leave some for the everybody else, man.

  13. She’s back to protecting her tweets, must be deleting all the gangsta wannabe stuff. It sounds like something ESPN’s Playmakers, no wonder the league wanted it cancelled.

  14. The same thing happened at Florio’s house last week. Gregg Rosenthal took off all his clothes and ran around the house naked after leaving Mike’s bedroom.

  15. If this story is true, everyone wins! Look at it this way for each of them…
    Merriman: He is my new hero — and that’s saying a lot considering I’m a Broncos fan. I mean, already in the awesomeness of a threesome, he asks for a foursome? Awesome move!
    Tila: Tila Tequila is NOT a TOTAL whore. I mean even though she did take off all her clothes and run around naked, she didn’t jump into the threesome with the others, right? Thus, not a total whore, her image is saved.
    Merriman and Tila are both better people in my eyes because of this story.

  16. Oh Tequila, the green eyed monster can make you do nasty things. What makes this even more hilarious is the way she was starting to quote the Bible in her tweets about the truth being on her side. Someone please sell the grainy mobile video to TMZ. You know it is out there!

  17. “When a party knows they are guilty..They’ll do anything they can to try to cover up the truth. Desperate times calls 4 Desperate Measures…”
    Nobody is this stupid without having some liquid persuasion in them, so much for the letting the legal system deal with this quietly.

  18. This sounds strangly familiar to one of Florio’s dreams.
    just replace Merriman with Pat White and Tila Tequila with Florio.
    Either way a lot of naked angry people.

  19. Let me apologize 1st. I figured Merriman was guilty right off the bat. How could I be so foolish to believe an accusation made by Tila Tequila? I’m sorry Shawn!

  20. aj_beerzynski says:
    September 9, 2009 10:50 PM
    She’s back to protecting her tweets, must be deleting all the gangsta wannabe stuff. It sounds like something ESPN’s Playmakers, no wonder the league wanted it cancelled.
    Man, I miss that show. HBO should pick it up. I mean the BBC’s got Footballers’ Wives as a program and they still show Premier League games. Why was the NFL so concerned with Playmakers? Now I’m getting mad……BRING BACK PLAYMAKERS!!!! ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    She was in Penthouse, Maxim, a lot of other magazine shoots and her reality tv show. I don’t think she needs roid boy’s money.

  22. The irony is if she would have been better off going with his version of events. He was looking out for her. I knew Merriman was a gentleman after all!

  23. I apologize in advance for how this is going to objectify women………but if this story is true….
    That’s all I got. Will someone with the patience and aptitude to pull it off correctly please post the would be lines to “Mr. Turning a Threesome into a Foursome with one Jeaaaaaaalous chick.”

  24. Looks like she’s moving on;
    “Go Cincinnati Bengals! Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco is the man! Get it!”
    Or is she?
    “Ya’ll ready for the Game on Monday??? OAKLAND ALL THE WAY!!! WOOOHOOO! GET IT GUYS! U GONNA WIN THIS!”
    *sigh* I miss Jessica Simpson…

  25. Look at the skanks tweets now….she is cheering for both the Bengals AND the Raiders………
    If I were on one of those teams, just her cheering for me would be enough to send me to the doc for a shot!

  26. I thought you said have stated that you are a Lawyer.
    You should know better than most that the people that hang onto these guys are star struck and insert the nose into places they should not with regards to said player.
    “I will be a witness, I will be a witness”, yes that is correct he was eating in my Nightclub and did nothing, oh yes sir she was drunk on her ass. Hey Ben see ya next week?”
    Most of these guys that are a touch off like to hang with the kiss ass. Not all I know that there are many great people in the sport.
    But the asses, Pacman and such.

  27. So, let’s see here. In my head the final scene was him and 3 naked chicks on the front lawn fighting.
    Was ron jeremy in this one?

  28. If your nickname is “Tequila” that is perhaps a sign of something.
    If your last name is “Merry Man,” that, too, might perhaps be a sign of something.

  29. You guys are all missing a key detail here. Merriman LEFT A THREESOME to stop some woman from running around naked. HE LEFT A THREESOME. She said no, so let her go. Why ruin your night Shawne just because she’s a whack job? Be grateful she didn’t go Lorena Bobbitt on you and lock the door.

  30. Merriman just went from the guy that everybody hated to the guy that everybody wants to party with
    +1 for threesomes

  31. This is going to turn into a he said, she said case and Merriman will almost surely get off.
    But any witnesses are likely in Merriman’s entourage. Let’s not pretend that the witness reports are actual proof of anything when those guys would actually have to go out and get jobs if Captain Steroids went to jail.

  32. he is now excused from all steroid and MJD hit talk. He shall now be known as the man who never had enough women. Lights out ladies.

  33. who the hell is Tila Tequila, sounds like she’s either a skank or a scrapa. Let that bitch go, with or without any damn clothes.

  34. He can have his threesome, I’ll just hold on to my unsrunken “package”, thank you very much. Steroids do have some nasty side-effects…

  35. Either way Merriman’s last shred of integrity is gone. This guy is a scumbag, obviously many if not all athletes take part in stuff like this, it is after all a perk, none of them do it with people who can get them in trouble. It’s a shame that Tila is that crazy, she’s kind of hot.

  36. Tia’s just ticked off because she found Merriman in bed with two other women and he called her to fix the TV.

  37. Wow, having a threesome and then getting to choke a naked Tile Tequila? Sounds like the perfect night to me, except for the cops and stuff

  38. Maybe it’s wrong to assume that most of the readers/commenters here are men but really, you’d think that having a threesome elevated you to god status and therefore permitted you to do anything afterwards.
    The only amusing thing is that men who roll their eyes at soap operas and other TV drama get just as much drama out of sports stories like this. I wonder how many non-metrosexual manly men are now following the tweets and getting a little “oh no she di’int” charge out of each one.

  39. KHat, alot of us watch wrestling and follow the NFL and sports in general
    of course we like soap operas like this haha

  40. “…# AutumnWind999 says: September 10, 2009 2:04 AM
    Let’s win this one for Tila!!!!!!!!!!
    Who’s with me?…”
    Count me in.
    Andrea McNulty

  41. Shawne Merriman is a personal friend of mine. He should not be judged by you people who look to instigate into someone else’s business. He is a perfect gentleman to ANY woman in his presence. He is very professional at all times. STOP HATING ON THE MAN. You cannot say what he did or compare your way of living to his without achieving his status. GET WHERE HE IS IN LIFE BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR BIG MOUTH. You don’t know him so kick rocks!
    Big Mike (813) 298 8898

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