Source: Seymour thought he was getting a new deal in New England

So why hasn’t defensive lineman Richard Seymour reported for duty in Oakland?

Some think that he wants a new deal from a Raiders.  A league source tells us that the root of the problem is that Seymour thought he was getting a new deal from the Patriots.

Per the source, Seymour believes that progress was being made toward an agreement that would have extended his stay with the Patriots beyond 2009.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the Patriots shipped him to Oakland.

The source explains that there’s a chance that agent Eugene Parker led Seymour to believe that the talks toward a new deal had progressed farther than they actually had.  Either way, the fact that Seymour went from thinking he was going to sign a retirement deal with the Patriots to learning that he’d been sent to the Raiders has contributed in large part to the confusion and frustration that has kept him from reporting to work at his new place of employment.

And it remains to be seen whether he ever will.

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  1. Well, Rich, that’s obviously not happening now. People are getting laid off every day in this country and have to deal with it. So grow up and be a professional, play this year in Oakland and hit the free agent market next offseason.

  2. Seymour never would have signed a “retirement deal” in New England because he was always out for a maximum contract and never believed in the “home town” discount. His point was that his “home town” was South Carolina and not Foxboro. He also knows that the Patriots never break the bank for players over 30 (exception will be Brady). Your source is probably off base. This sounds too hard to believe.

  3. Parker to all his clients: “we’re real close, real close.” When in reality he’s trying to gouge the teams for more than the players are worth..
    I hope NO college players sign with Parker next year…

  4. my source tells me:
    media is reporting that Seymour has the Raiders by the Balls but he has the PATs BY THE nuts. Seymour is not reporting to the Raiders because he wants his 6 million from PATS. He figures he can get it if he doesnt report to Raiders and the PATS are forced to send the 5 day letter….PATS should pay him the money so he leaves or they will have major egg on thier faces..
    took this from a PATS board about seymours 2006 contract. w-england-p…ct-det ails.html
    insider.espn.go.c om/nfl/insid…len&a mp;id=2408421
    The total value for four years is $30.026 million.
    Seymour received a $5.34 million signing bonus.
    The first option bonus is for $6.66 million and is payable between Aug. 4 of this year and next March.
    The second of the option bonuses, for $12 million, is due the first week of next March.
    Failure to exercise the options means that Seymour’s base salary for 2007 goes from $600,000 to $19.26 million, all of it guaranteed, and that he becomes an unrestricted free agent after the ’07 season.
    Base Salaries:
    offseason workout bonuses of $106,720 each for 2006-2009.
    The cap charges:
    $4.42 million for 2006 (identical to pre-extension cap charge)
    $8.26 million for 2007,
    $8.391 million for 2008 and
    $11.34 million for 2009

  5. It makes me laugh how many people are crapping all over the Raiders.
    I mean, the Lions LOST EVERY GAME LAST YEAR–one would think the scorn for ineptitude would be equal.
    I laugh in your general direction.
    *Cue bronco haters.* (We are not much better–but at least i admit McD has ruined a franchise.)

  6. Dude, you got traded. Deal with it. They dont want you but we REALLY do. Young team coming up. C’mon Richard. You’d be the big dog in Oaktown!

  7. Poor Richard. Get over it. It definitely sucks that he thought he was getting a new deal and instead got shipped to one of the worst franchises in the league, but he needs to stop being a child about it and report.

  8. If this were fantasy football the rest of the league would veto this trade – Its unfair.
    Its almost like collusion. The rest of the leauge should be able to veto trades that are unfair.
    This is just a stupid trade. NE getting Randy Moss for almost nothing?

  9. So….If that’s the case….Basically his agent was lying to him……..I could care less if he reports, resigns, or has his own VH1 special……Where the hell else do these clowns think they are going to get 3.7 million a year?……I like when they renegotiate or sign a new a contract, players call it business, but when the team treats it as a business……..It’s just nor fair……..Cry me a river…

  10. Looks like Parker has a little more on his plate than he anticipated! Seymour held out twice in the past, why would he get extended? Why would Patriot management think he’d accept a cap friendly number to stay in NE? The only possible leverage here is that he does just that and hopes that Oakland wants out of the deal.
    In this economy, with the stock portfolio losses even the insanely rich have experienced, I’m going to guess that even a millionaire sports figure can’t pass on a 3+million salary for even 1 year. And if he does, he’ll just be back to where he square one next year.

  11. mile, the reason people aren’t crapping over the Lions is that they are making some necessary changes and were able to hire a very competent coach. Montgomery Burns is still calling the shots for the Raiders.

  12. encinitasraider, again with this? i will say again. your making this up. your source is you, making this up. wake up.

  13. let say-more rot with his agent Parker. No one is going to do business with him again….what a loser Parker has become.

  14. from 2003 on the lions have won more games than the raiders, including the lions winless 2008 season.
    looks like parker is promising things he cant deliver.

  15. That’s how sad the Raiders are though. Not even another team’s 0-16 season can take the heat off their crappiness.
    Sounds like Rich’s agent wasn’t being straightforward with him. Yikes.

  16. Hey, thanks encinitasraider for posting the *same* incorrect information over two posts – with any luck, we’ll get a few more “Seymour not in L.A.” posts over the next few days so you can work on your copy/paste skills….
    ….or, maybe you’ll read the comments from other readers and reconcile your faulty logic (or that of your “source”) with your comment post.
    You know, like the fact that the Raiders now own the contract, and are responsible for any payments due, oh, or the fact that roster bonuses are payable ON a specific date, not between a range of dates (and we’re *past* August 4th already)

  17. is anyone surprised that new england sent him packing? a 30 yr old defensive lineman with a huge salary that will be a free agent at the end of the year and they got a 1 first round draft pick for him…….what team wouldn’t take that deal? i’m not sayin seymour is done or anything just that that deal would seem pretty hard to pass up.
    i do think its shitty if he was misled into believing he was getting a new deal though.

  18. Yesterday on WEEI Belichick stated that this whole deal went down in the matter of 6-8 hours. He said it was talked about breifly during the burrgess deal, but then was dead. It was revived and done in the matter of hours…

  19. @encinatasraider – You were wrong the first time you posted what your “source” wrote about Seymour’s Patriots contract. You should have quit while you were behind instead of cross-posting that nonsense. The Pats owe Seymour nothing at the present time, and can still owe Seymour nothing for 2009 even if Seymour refuses to report to the Raiders (e.g., they can make him sit out the season and play for the same money in 2010).

  20. At a time when we have the worst economy in 75 years, with people losing thier home, losing their job, and struggling to pay thier bills, Richards biggest problem is going to play on a team he does not want to play for for 16 weeks , for a paultry salary of over 3.5 million dollars.
    Good luck to him trying to find a real job in the real world.
    I guess he would rather struggle to pay his bills like the rest of us.

  21. Pastabelly, I would hardly call Seymour’s last deal “big money.” Seymour sought out a deal that was commensurate with that of others at his position with his skill level, and even then it reflected a “hometown discount” (which is a bullsh!t concept anyway… “hometown discount” should be: we know none of you are from here but what we are saying is that we promise we are badass and will win SBs even though we haven’t done that in 5 years).

  22. “The source explains that there’s a chance that agent Eugene Parker …”
    Of course if we knew the validity of this source we might be able to take this at face value. But again we have a “source” who may or may not have a clue about the situation. Gotta love posts like this one….

  23. I like how Raider fans think that calling someone a “Raider Hater” is an insult. I, and I believe most others who laugh at the sorry franchise, are proud to hate the Raiders. I’ll remain so until significant chances are made from the top down.
    The difference with the Lions is everyone would still be laughing at them if Millen was still in charge.
    As for Seymour.. The Raiders were dumb enough to think he would stay for more then one year. Seymour apparently is dumb enough to not realize all he had to do was get through one season in hell then pick his favorite suitor. Could even have been the Pats.

  24. Seymour thought he was getting a new deal from the Patriots and he did got a new deal from the Pats to the Raiders. Seymour had hold out twice during his tenure with the Pats and he said it just part of business then, so it is just a part of business now, too. So what’s a big deal about, just do your job and get paid…….. Move on.

  25. Maybe Eugene Parker should have Deon Sanders make a statement about how his client doesn’t need the money and how the NFL needs his client more than he needs them.

  26. encinitasraider –
    He already HAS the $6 Million you idiot – It’s his prorated $18.66 Million signing bonus -Over 4 years
    And that Patriots are already carrying the Dead Money.
    His salary is a little over $3 Million – and that’s paid by the team he plays for.
    Seriously, you are an idiot – Shut up and talk about something you know about, like how to re do the pluming in your mothers basement.

  27. The longer it takes Parker to get him to his team, the more it looks like the Patriots did the right thing.
    The answer for Seymour was to get to the Raiders Monday and work his tail off to have a great final year of his contract and look for a good deal in March.
    Now he is only strengthening the hand of Al Davis in the negotiations.
    Does this Parker guy only sign really stupid knuckleheads as clients?

  28. Typical New England BS. Belicheat strikes again. Maybe the Patsies and their overrated front office isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. We all know the model franchise is in the Steel City. Doubtful the Rooneys would ever treat a player of Seymour’s magnitude like that.

  29. What does it matter what he thought he had? He was traded so it’s all a moot point now. SHEESH!!!! Bigger crybaby than Cutler!

  30. People keep saying for richard to play his one season in oakland and bounce.This will never happen Al Davis dont play.He may be stuck in the 70’s, but he was a 70’s pimp.hos

  31. Ah… Something sickly satisfying about watching all these Pasties run around, trying their damndest to spin this into a “brilliance of Ol’ Bellicheat” face it you smug chowds – your run is over.
    The trade is void when he refuses/doesn’t pass his physical. Don’t worry though – he’ll be less disgruntled when he realizes it’s a lot easier to play w/o some scrub OL’s arm around his neck.
    Oh well… You really CAN’T win ’em all!

  32. I think his agent should be banished from the NFL. Eugene parker is a total idiot and giving bad advice to both Seymour and Crabbie. S&it can this guy.

  33. seymour held out in new england twice. this is them getting him back. let that be a lesson to any other players in new england. hold out at your own peril. they’ll find the worse team in the league to send you to.
    this is the epitome of selfish athlete syndrome we’ve come to know in the last 10- 15 years of pro sports. the notion that they are bigger than teams, or the league, and can dictate where they play.

  34. lol at all the haters – you have no idea what it is to have leverage. Seymour does need to report to the Raiders – he has enough cash to retire.
    And, therein lies the rub – it sounds like Seymour is willing to walk away – and I suspect most in his shoes would opt to do the same thing. We don’t walk away from our jobs because we need the income – Seymour does not have those restrictions.

  35. Maybe Seymour was told by the Raiders not to report yet. If the Raiders don’t get an agreement on a contract extension they could void the trade for not reporting or failure to take a physical and get their pick back. The Raiders would not lose anything but if Seymour agrees to an extension they instantly get better and have a solid nucleus on defense to build around (w/Tommy Kelly) and attract future free agents to. If the Pats get Seymour back they would get a motivated player in his contract year who reportedly is in the best shape of his career. It would make more sense if the Raiders had a contract extension in place before Seymour comes on board. Then the trade doesn’t look like a one year rental for a first round pick anymore.

  36. Poor poor Dick, he can always retire and tell the Raiders to stick their millions. I almost feel bad for him. 14000 people a day are losing their health insurance and poor Dickey wants more money for a new Lamborghini.
    Phuck EWE Dickey.

  37. Looks like Cheatin’ Bill Belichik managed to find another sucker to lie to.
    Maybe Bill just “misunderstood the rules” of honesty when you tell someone they’re going to stay, and then trade them?

  38. lol at all the haters – you have no idea what it is to have leverage. Seymour does not need to report to the Raiders – he has enough cash to retire….
    We assume that to be true, although it is possible he has been stupid with his money. Lots of athletes have travelled the “stupid with money” road.
    If he is contemplating retirement then that should improve his leverage with the Raiders if he wants one last big deal, and they would still lose their pick in 2011 even if he retires. Whether or not the trade would “count” if Seymour retires or refuses to report is still unclear to me. As two of us pointed out , Jake Plummer retired after being traded to the Bucs, and that trade still counted.
    At any rate, I don’t see this situation improving his leverage with the Pats who, by trading him, have essentially announced they are ready to play without him and without any return for him for two seasons.

  39. Seymour Option #1
    1) Show up and hope to either get a long term deal w the Raiders or not be franchised by them next year
    2) Tell the Raiders you’ll show up if they agree in writing not to franchise him (he has no leverage here)
    3) Don’t show up.
    If he doesn’t show up…….and either team sends him the 5 day letter
    he risks being put on the inactive list for the entire year, losing $3.6 million in salary, having to pay back the prorated portion of his signing bonus (1/4 of $5 million or $1.25 million) and having his contact tolled (frozen) so that he’ll be in the same position next year, one year further away from free agency….when he will then be 31..
    From the Patriots perspective this deal is done and he either plays for the Raiders or doesn’t play for anybody this year.
    The Raiders need him more right now than the Patriots need a 2011 draft pick now…..I see them (Raiders) caving in, either giving him a monster deal or agreeing not to franchise him……….

  40. If Seymour doesn’t report to the Raiders, he will have to play for 3.7M next year or he will have to pay back the Patriots 4.5M in signing bonus money.
    If he reports to the Raiders, he gets 30+ million in a new contract next year.
    Its a no brainer for Mr Seymour.

  41. “Typical New England BS. Belicheat strikes again. Maybe the Patsies and their overrated front office isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. We all know the model franchise is in the Steel City. Doubtful the Rooneys would ever treat a player of Seymour’s magnitude like that”
    BS ? Only a Steeler fan would think trading a 30 year old that’s held out twice in the past and wants a huge contract for a high 1st round pick as BS. Seymour is slowing down and not worth the 10 mil a year he’s going to want on his next contract.
    But hey, maybe the Steelers can trade the Raiders for him so you and the rest of the yellow towel waving idiots can wipe his rear end for him so he feels like he’s being “treated nicely”.
    Here’s a newsflash for ya. People get treated a hell of lot worse every day in their jobs than the Pats ever treat any player. Seymour has made enough money for the next several generations of his family never need worry about paying the bills or living a good life. If you somehow perceive that as being treated poorly you aren’t very smart.

  42. It doesn’t hurt Seymour to wait a few days before he reports to the Raiders to see if he can get a mega contract extension a year before he goes to free agency or at worst have a basic framework to work off of in free agency next year if he ends up going back to the Pats. It doesn’t hurt the Raiders for Seymour to wait a few days as they can see if they can lock up a great player for a few more years that can really help them. Otherwise it’s just a one year rental for a first round pick if Seymour reports to the Raiders right away. It doesn’t hurt the Patriots if Seymour waits a few days because at worst they get back a very good player who is reportedly in the best shape of his career and motivated by the contract year. The league doesn’t want to comment on the situation because they want the situation to work itself out.

  43. Seymour is acting like a sniveling little bitch that keeps repeating – “no, I don’t wanna go!”
    Message to Seymour: get over yourself. You can’t hold the team hostage when you’re playing well and then bitch and moan when you get cut or traded. If you wanted to stay, there was a way to get it done. But this isn’t your hometown, remember? Get lost.

  44. This story is crap…comments from other players on the Patriots, durring aninterview with the Boston Globe,when asked about their thoughts on Seymour being traded were: he told me he had a feeling that he might be getting traded durring the off season…..Seymour is just pi$$ed it’s to the Raiders….HUGE EGO blow!!!!
    He was NEVER going to be offered an extension at the end of this year & EVERYONE that knows ANYTHING about the Patriots & their contract situations with a ton of other key players at the end of this season knows they have much bigger fish to land extensions with…..HEADLINE IS CRAP!!!!!!

  45. Slike I said a class less organization like the pats, and a back stabber of a coach, shows no love for one of their best players. Seymour Butts will be telling coach belladick to pay up.
    Fact is after he gets paid by the pats, then he is going to get paid by the raiders… other words seymour butts is getting paid a lot more then the 3 million + he would have got if the Pats didn’t stab him in the back.

  46. Seymour is not reporting to the Raiders because he wants his 6 million from PATS.
    Good llllluck with that, brother.

  47. Bottom line is, the Pats made a great trade, one that any team in the league in the same situation would jump on. And if Seymour ever lives up to his end of the deal, it may turn out to be a great move for the Raiders also.
    It’s a bunch of crap that Seymour thought he was getting a deal from the Pats. Seymour made it real clear he was going to the highest bidder and EVERYONE new that would not be the Pats, not with Wilfork and Brady to sign.
    Seymour is just highlighting why the Patriots are getting rid of him. Sooner or later he’ll report to the Raiders or he’ll sit out this year, make $0 and still be a year away from free agency next year.

  48. Why do some of you keep throwing this “play this year and wait for a new contract from another team” card…
    AD may make some crazy decisions, but he is not dumb enough to give away a 1st round pick for a 1 year rental. Those of you who think this are fools.
    Another thing, if they are working on a contract.. then he WILL be a Raider. One thing no one can deny about AD is that he PAYS for the players he WANTS and is loya to his players. So money will not be an object. Look at the deals he’s done over the last 2 years. Nnamdi, Lechler, Kelly, hell he even paid our best Special Teams player the most money ever given to a strictly Special Teamer…
    It may take a couple of days to hammer out the details, but if the ONLY thing that is holding this up is a new deal, then we won’t be waiting too much longer.
    And if it they can’t work a deal… Seymour will NOT report to take his physical, and the trade is null and void…
    No biggie to the Raiders… The Pasties are the one’s that need to be worried..
    Our (Raiders) 2 scenarios…
    1. He reports with a new deal and we have a solid Dlineman (which we were in DIRE need of) for at least 3-6 years…
    2. He doesn’t “pass” his physical, he’s shipped back to NE, and we keep our 1st round pick…
    But here’s the kicker… if he goe back to NE, the entire league knows that the Raiders are willing to shell out a 1st rounder for a proven Dlineman… so we’ll be hearing a LOT of offers, better offers at that…

  49. Also, you guys keep bashing Seymour for not reporting… when…
    Only the people involved do and they aren’t saying ANYTHING so all these conspiracy theories and bashing of Seymour, Raiders, Pats is ridiculous…
    Although you can bash Parker, cuz he is a tool…

  50. peckerhead, fact is seymour held out twice on the pats and said its not personnel just business(any love to his team then).. well this is just business too…
    he showed a lot of class then and now…….

  51. Eugene Parker is clearly a common denominator in a LOT of player problems lately. this guy should have his agent license reviewed, seriously.

  52. No one wants to be in Oakland huh….you think if it is so bad IN Oakland the players there would know right?
    Ask the best CB “Nhamdi” and the best Punter in the league “Leckler” how bad it is….
    Admit it Raider Haters….the bashing is about over because the Raiders are on the verge of kicking so AZZ in the near future and we’ve been patient and you’re outta time…..

  53. I’ve never been a huge fan of Seymour. I think he was very highly over rated. His two hold outs really helped show his true colors, and being sent out to the Raiders where he can squeeze out one last big pay day should be good for him.

  54. hotchick says: September 9, 2009 1:23 PM
    I like how Raider fans think that calling someone a “Raider Hater” is an insult.
    I love how fat nasty coke whores call themselves Hotchick on the internet.

  55. RaiderVa couldnt have said it any better.
    All you other wannabe Raider fans (ie radrntn & encinitasraider) that try defending the Raiders “honor” by screaming “raiderhater” at everyone are only perpetuating the raider fan stereotype. My guess is that youre the “new” generation of raider fans that didnt grow up with the Raiders when they were originally in Oakland, and had one of the best home crowds in the NFL. I’d guess that half the idiot raider fan wannabes became fans because they “liked the colors”. I live in the bay area, attend games, and was a fan when they were in Oakland, moved to LA, then came back to Oakland.
    As far as this trade goes, I expect big Al to get something done soon, or move on without Seymour. The way I see it, its just a matter of whether or not Seymour will make it in time for the Chargers game. Or worst case, he’s not gonna be a Raider. Al is not stupid, and is not renting him for just 1 year. He will franchise him every year if he needs to, for as long as he needs him. Just ask Nam and Woodson. The pick will not be wasted. If Seymour doesnt show at all, Al gets his pick back, plain and simple. If you dont understand that, you havent been paying attention.
    On a side note, I think its hilarious that players like Burgess & other former raiders, think theyre better off going to Pats. Other than Moss, none of them are actually better off or even paid off better by the Pats. A Walter (cut), Jordan (cut), Gabriel (cut), Burgess (TBD, but my guess is he gets cut after another down year).
    Im tired of hearing how the Pats get over on Raiders over and over. Yes, Moss deal was onesided, but lets not forget how he dogged it in Oakland. And other than Moss, how else have the Pats got over on Big Al?
    You dont hear legit raiderfans touting how the Pats couldnt do anything with Plunkett, yet he won 2 Superbowls with the Raiders. Why? Because its obvious he wasnt in a position to succeed with Pats and it didnt work out. Thats the NFL for you.

  56. The common denominator between Crabtree and Seymour is their dumb azz agent Eugene Parker. He should be banished to a date with Shawne Merriman at his pad , aka “The New Neverland Ranch 2”.

  57. Kissbillsring:
    BINGO!! Seymour KNEW he wasnt going to get a huge contract from the Patriots. And he TOLD a few players he thought his time with them was coming to and end. Seymour was hurt the past 2-3 years, missed quite a few games. I think the Pats would rather give the good extension to Wilfork, and younger and VERY good player. I agree, I think Seymour is angry it’s the Raiders and doesnt wanna be franchised.
    HOWEVER, Seymour was a GREAT PLAYER for the Pats, and won 3 rings!!! The Pats fan are forever thankful for his great play and wish him well.

  58. formula,
    If he were to retire, the Raiders would still own his contract if he were to unretire, and he would be back in the exact same spot.
    I’m sure Richard has been reviewing all of his options in detail. I think he’s in a box, though.

  59. Dick Seymour should just go home and pout like a little girl for the season, no, for the rest of his life. No one will miss him. Pats let him go and the Raiders never had him.

  60. Once again, the Pats fans posting here show that they are indeed the lamest and most ignorant fans around. The rest of us will have the last laugh as the Pats continue their inevitable decline into mediocrity and beyond.
    This year’s schedule will be brutal to them and Brady will be laying on his back on Sundays a whole lot more than he ever did.

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