T.O. says Quinn will be the starter in Cleveland

Well, the cat has gotten out of the bag.

But the word comes from the last cat we would have imagined.

Terrell Owens has posted on his Twitter page a congratulatory message to Brady Quinn for winning the starting quarterback job in Cleveland.

The easy explanation is that one of Owens’ friends plays for the Browns, and that the friend blabbed to him about it.  It’s also possible that agent Drew Rosenhaus learned the identity of the starter from one of his clients on the team, and that Drew told T.O.

28 responses to “T.O. says Quinn will be the starter in Cleveland

  1. I don’t understand why WR position makes these players such prima donnas. Now their (along with Ochocinco) next act is news reporting?

  2. LOL, so much for keeping it secret. Looks like you need to hire TO for insider information!

  3. I really hope he was just doing that to cause some distraction away from him saying he doesn’t like his offense in Beefalo.

  4. In other news, Kerry Rhodes has a big twitter announcement too that you might want to blog about.

  5. or it’s possiblt that T.O. is just messing with people who take him seriously, kinda like when he took the blame for Turk getting visited by the turk.

  6. The identity of the Cleveland starter should not come as a surprise to anyone. Anderson’s had two years worth of chances and managed to gum up the works on an astonishingly consistent basis.

  7. WOW!! Now we can all breath again, thank God! Looks the Browns will lose by only 14 points instead of 21 if DA was in there.

  8. I’m gonna chuckle when the Browns beat Minnesota week 1. I’m calling it here first, 27-24 victory for Cleveland with Favre throwing three interceptions.

  9. T.O., putting Jay Glazer to shame! I bet he could even hit the scoreboard in Dallas with a potato.

  10. Aren’t the cleveland browns a pop warner football team? HAHAHAHA It’s seems like it’s been a millennium since they last won a playoff game.

  11. The suspense…the drama…it’s like sitting down with a pile of dog crap and a bucket of vomit and deciding which smells better.

  12. The real clown in this story is Mangina, who continues to fail at his ridiculous Belichick impersonation.
    Iron fisting the Brown’s won’t work. Just ask last years Jets team how it feels to be Iron Fisted.

  13. PFTiswhatitis says:
    September 9, 2009 3:05 PM
    “T.O should STFU already. He reminds me a that busybody neighbor on Bewitched.”
    Glayds Kravitz was right though. Something strange was going on at the Stevens’ house.

  14. @daffy87
    You didn’t say it first! You have been listening to Adam Schein on the Sirius Blitz. Think for yourself!

  15. run1out …. ive honestly never heard of adam schein, and i dont have sirius radio. I’m a life long Browns fan trying to remain optomistic. I dunno who Mr.Schein is but I’m guessing he’s either a Browns fan or a Favre hater…either ways I didn’t verbally copy/paste what he said because I never heard him say it lol. And whoever said the Browns are a pop warner team for not winning a playoff game since ’94…. whats that say about Dallas who hasn’t won a playoff game since ’96?

  16. Maybe Brady gave TO a little helping hand and that’s why TO likes him. Like, you know, the way Quinn was helping out a couple of friends in a certain photo that has circulated around the internet.

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