As of Wednesday night, Seymour was still in Massachusetts

Tom Curran of PFT/ reports that “Raiders” defensive lineman Richard Seymour was, as of Wednesday night, still at his home in Massachusetts, nearly four days after being traded from New England to Oakland.

So it’s not looking like Seymour will be joining his new team as preparations heat up for Monday night’s regular-season opener.

If Seymour doesn’t show up before Monday night’s game, he’ll also miss out on the first of 17 game checks.  Based on a base salary of $3.685 million, Seymour’s weekly gross pay is $216,764.71.

Actually, the specific deadline is likely prior to Monday.  But the Raiders probably would be willing to give Seymour some leeway if it means getting him in the building and on the team.

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  2. These Seymour stories and responses are great.
    Except for the intellectual giants who post “belicheat cheatriots suck” and other such gems of wisdom.

  3. Some people make fun of this fine state but clearly we’re doing something right when even a smart southern guy like Seymour doesn’t want to leave.

  4. Seymour is not making friends on his NEW team by holding out. Al Davis should make him field punts and kick off returns for a lesson in humility.
    Get to work DICK seymour.

  5. Well then I guess he’s not planning on playing this year. There is no place for him in the Patriots locker room. They’ve moved on. He’d rather watch the Pats and not play than play at all.
    Interesting behavior for a guy who was planning on jacking up the Patriots for big money to sit and not collect anything. Boy did they get rid of him at the right time. Regardless of how this works out. He ain’t coming back.

  6. Dude is likely drawing up his retirement statement now.
    “I had planned to retire as a Patriot, and after much hard thought and discussion with my family, I have made the very difficult decision to step off the field and into the next stage of my life….” Blah blah blah.
    Good for him if that’s what happens.

  7. I’m really torn here. On the one hand, it’s the Raiders, so of course he doesn’t want to go to that void. On the other hand- you get paid a ton of money to run around and hit people. Suck it up, play your game and cash in next season. When will these idiots figure out that they’re not bigger than the game? The league was here long before Seymour and it will be here long after that one above average player (at best) is gone.

  8. Retire at 30? A guy like Seymour is going to sit on a potential 10 million in earnings before retirement? (3 of which he’s due to earn this year). I don’t know, I think that works until he has to explain that to his wife and kids.

  9. It’s amazing how a guy of this size is so hard to track down…
    What’s evcen more intriguing is that no one still has any idea what the hell is going on and why he hasn’t reported other than various speculations.
    Just get to work Sey, you were great for us fans in NE, but it’s time to move on.
    Just think of it this way, the Pats were coming of a 5-11 record the year before he started. He has a chance of affecting the Raiders D much the same and it’s not like they are that terrible. I know I am being way too objectional regarding the Raiders, but I just don’t hate them what can I say. Even though I’m a Pats fan…

  10. The problem is, from what I’ve read, its not as simple as “suck it up for a year and then cash in with someone else”. He wants assurance he won’t get slapped with the franchise tag, which Oakland has indicated they will do.

  11. Interesting point by CT Pats Fan…Seymour isn’t losing just the 25% and game checks. He’s also losing a chance at 10 million a year for the next 3-5 years.

  12. So if Seymour refuses to take the physical then the trade is off…
    I don’t think it is quite that simple because, if that were the case, then every player in the league would essentially be playing under a no trade clause. I doubt the owners would stand for that. OTOH, in a league currently being managed by the dumb@ss Goodell anything is possible.
    There have been mixed reports as to what happens if Seymour refuses to report. Remember, when Jake Plummer chose retirement over playing for the Bucs, after being traded by the Broncos, that trade still counted and the Bucs surrendered draft picks. Obviously if Seymour does not report, Goodell will have to slip into a new pair of Depends and explain what happens with regards to the trade.

  13. Footballnut…a breath of fresh air..actually someone who can be objective without being an idiot…for all you other idiots…I’m sure Seymour would have dropped everyhing to go to the Lions, Rams, Bengals, Browns, Chiefs, Seattle, or Jacksonville i.e. teams that had a worse or the same record than the Raiders had last year.
    Seymour is crying because the Pats dealt him, period. Has nothing to do with the team, and more about him living/playing 3000 miles from his family. If he doesn’t show, 5 day letter and reverse the trade. Raiders line won’t be as good without him, but it is what it is.

  14. The Raiders clearly made the trade without talking to Seymour first (if the Pats would have granted them permission to do so).
    The papers were signed and delivered to the league which approved and filed them. This should make it a Raider problem and not a concern of the Pats.
    Suddenly after being all about money the last few years, Seymour is about wanting to play for a good team. Too bad Big Sey but at least with Al Davis history of paying retarded huge contracts if you want the money from Oakland you can get it. Huge money no doubt.
    The Raiders would be crazy to agree to not tagging him next year, making it effectively a one year rental for the 2011 first round pick. Seymour has no leverage to demand this other than retiring, but sitting out a year ain’t gonna help him much and will likely make the situation next year much worse.
    Time to get over it Seymour, you’re a RAAIIIIIDAAAA.

  15. The whole thing is about money….Seymour wants a 5 yr deal in the 75 million dollar range, and the Raiders don’t have the cap space to give it to him. No thanks to Gabril Wilson, DeAngelo Hall, Terdell Sands, etc…So in other words The Raiders can’t afford him the way Seymour wants it.
    The way the Raiders want it, was to get him on the bargain for 3.7 this yr, franchise him the following two years at around 17 million, sou get 3 solid years for under 40 million. That is a great pricefor one of the top d-line men in the game. Problem is Seymour doesent want it this way.
    Which leaves us with the Pats. I guarantee you when the checks are cut tomorrow in the nfl, Seymour is getting paid by the Pats, or the union and the nfl will step in. No need for any 5 day letter…same as any where else dont pay your employees…the labor board will step in….in all legal senses he is under contract with the Pats.

  16. Maybe he’s waiting, hoping to get out of shape or catch a flu bug, so he’ll fail the physical. I believe most contracts are contingent on them PASSING the physical. Not taking it does not count.

  17. florio ,
    can the patriots even talk to seymour without the risk of tampering charges . the patriots don’t own his rights oakland does .

  18. Which leaves us with the Pats. I guarantee you when the checks are cut tomorrow in the nfl, Seymour is getting paid by the Pats…
    I guarantee that Seymour will be paid by no one this week if he does not get to Oakland for his physical; and the union and the NFL will do nothing.

  19. radrntn, Stop drinking in mid-day. No way will the Patriots have to “cut him a check”. The league has aproved the trade. He belongs to the Raiders, and since he is negligent in reporting for work, he gets nothing in the form of a paycheck. He has to report, take his physical, or receive the 5-day letter. His only option is to retire. Can anybody imagine leaving 3.8 million on the table? Freakin’ nuts!

  20. @bleedsoe9mm
    great question.
    And yea, Seymour makes 0 if he plays 0. he isn’t playing for NE, so he won’t get a check.

  21. I’m surprised no league official has stepped forward and specified what happens going forward.
    I’m inclined now to think the Raiders are on the hook for the player, which sucks for them.
    The only bright side is that the player is hurting himself with every day he fails to report.
    He might be hurting the Raiders, but what good does that do him in the scheme of things?

  22. Must be nice to screw off $211,000 just because.
    Prima-Donna Whiny Baby Azzclown.
    Dear Mr. Florio, please fix this logging in problem. I log in. A day later I’m logged out and the stupid thing doesn’t “remember me” even though I clicked it. It’s really almost not worth posting. Of course, my posts aren’t worth much. But, it would be nice if you could ask Papa NBC to fix that. Unless, of course, you’ve got hind teat.

  23. It’s simple.
    Asshole belongs to the Raiders. If the league says otherwise they are allowing any player to negate a trade.
    Asshole knows this. If the league did negate the trade he knows he is on the shelf for a year. The Pats will fry his ass. That is no way his plan.
    He is now trying to extort the Raiders for money. It’s his MO. The Raiders are stuck with him and if they 5 day his greedy ass they are out a #1 and don’t have him this year. He is playing chicken with them. I don’t think Al Davis will put up with his shit.

  24. whywerule says:
    September 10, 2009 12:06 PM
    Which leaves us with the Pats. I guarantee you when the checks are cut tomorrow in the nfl, Seymour is getting paid by the Pats…
    I guarantee that Seymour will be paid by no one this week if he does not get to Oakland for his physical; and the union and the NFL will do nothing.
    I guarantee that the biggest morons on here are Pats fans. Of that, there is no doubt.

  25. Could Seymour be in Mass gaining a ton of weight so he fails the physical? If he accidentally takes Starcaps and is suspended would he still loose this year of eligibility and NOT be a FA next year?

  26. I’d say let him go. It’s to much drama and the season hasn’t even started yet. Let him sit @ home and let his wife nags at him all day.

  27. “I’m surprised no league official has stepped forward and specified what happens going forward.”
    And I’m surprised when Sir Newton doesn’t show up to explain why that apple just fell on my head…
    Seymour’s a Raider. He either shows up for work, or he doesn’t. Raiders’ problem to deal with. For recent historical example, see Plummer, Jake.

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