Did the Vikes do Bobby Wade dirty?

In the wake of the Vikings’ abrupt decision to cut receiver Bobby Wade only three days before Week One of the regular season, a league source opines that Minnesota pulled a dirty move on the veteran receiver.

“It’s cardinal sin in a locker room to get a player to reduce his salary and then cut him,” the source said.

That’s the great unknown, for now — the reaction of the rank-and-file to the loss of one of the team’s veteran leaders.  But based on the source’s assessment, there likely will be some ruffled feathers.

Whether it becomes a full-blown schism remains to be seen.

The other angle here is the man who caused the original schism reports:  Brett Favre.  Given that coach Brad Childress has been catering to Favre’s every whim since Favre unretired last month, it’s unlikely that Childress cut Wade without Favre’s approval or consent.

So the perception could (and maybe should) be that Favre could have saved Wade’s job by intervening on his behalf.  The fact that he didn’t might stir up some of the resentment that was put to rest once Favre threw a crackback block on Texans safety Eugene Wilson.

63 responses to “Did the Vikes do Bobby Wade dirty?

  1. # Stone says: September 10, 2009 1:49 PM
    Yeah, and if my Aunt had a penis, she’d be my Uncle.
    @ Stone…. Or she would still be your aunt except with a Penis.

  2. Florio, your sole purposese is to stir up schims where they don’t exist, isn’t it? You’ve openly criticized (as you should have) Favre for trying to have a hand in personel decisions with the Packers, and now you’re suggesting that Lord Favre should use his divine power to command roster decisions? Can’t you just worry about keeping us up to date on Favre’s Polio and/or Swine Flu?

  3. Favre will soon be demanding that the Vikes trade for Randy Moss, and Chilly will drive his pathetic ass to Massachusetts to tamper.

  4. You smoke WAY too much herb.
    “So the perception could (and maybe should) be that Favre could have saved Wade’s job by intervening on his behalf.”
    You’re taking a front office move and spinning the story so it sounds like Favre should be to blame.
    Are you kidding me?
    No wonder all lawyers go to hell.

  5. So much speculation…especially on the Favre stuff. You think Favre could have saved B Wades job and because he didn’t, other players will resent him? Rick Spielman and Brad Childress don’t run personnel moves by Lord Favre.

  6. Wow, from fixing NFL injury reports to spreading the swine flu, you are doing a great job with attaching every NFL issue. no matter how minor, to evil Brett Favre.
    Stay classy Mike!

  7. maybe bobby wade just sucked?? I am amazed he was in the league this long anyway. Dude was a 5’10 wr, only 7 careers tds.

  8. The Vikings are becoming more of a joke. Chilly is gone after the season with the way he handled Favre and now Wade. His players are going to quit on him.

  9. Official word of the offseason: Schism!
    Oh dear Mikey, bored again, huh?
    I can’t believe you’re trying to put this on Lord Favre. With, or without his approval, Robert Louis Wade, Jr. got robbed. Now his market value has dropped, not to mention he won’t have an offseason with another team so whatever team he signs with will have to wait about a month or two for him to fully grasp their system and nuances.
    The resentment should only be focused on management. And Favre is not officially management.
    I just can’t believe what a complete and total joke of a leader Childress is. If the Vikes would have hired a real coach this offseason they would have such a great shot at the SB. Childress will find a way to screw it up. I find it hard to believe anyone on that roster, except for the great Lord Favre, wants to go to battle for Chilly.
    First he submarines the two clown QB’s they have by kissing the good Lord Favre’s feet, undermining any respect he earned with his players during his tenure. Now he cuts a guy who is a leader on the offensive side of the ball 72 hours before the start of the season.
    For whatever reason I find myself rooting for the Vikings on most Sundays the last few years. It’s a shame what they are doing to their franchise. The owner is a joke, the coach is a joke, the GM seems to have become a joke. And they wonder why they can’t get that new stadium approved.
    I never thought I would see the day when the Cardinals were in the top half of well run organizations in the league. Somewhere in Tennessee Dave McGinnis is rolling over in his grave.

  10. I don’t like the Vikings and I don’t like Favre, but I just about vomited when I read the second half of that post. I guess i’m just not sure why you feel like you need to say things like that. We’re already checking your site multiple times during the work day.

  11. Wade caused troubles by shooting off his mouth regarding Chicago’s LB/QB problems.
    Childress doesn’t like players like that. (who draw attention to themselves needlessly)
    Now, don’t get me wrong as I’m not a Childress fan at all….and I don’t think it’s very cool to have a guy lower his salary then dump him….at the same time he’s basically being replaced by a guy with slightly more speed…the same year our of college….and someone who doesn’t shoot his mouth off as much (or at least lately)…and Childress is already familiar with him.
    The slightly better speed is good right now as Berrian is hurting…but Lewis basically is going to be a backup anyway. Berrian/Rice/Harvin are the top three guys in Minnesota and Wade was only in the way of that happening. Lewis will be able to come in as the #4 without it feeling like he’s being demoted. Wade would have dropped from #1 to #2 and then to #4 in a few games which would be hard for anyone to do.
    Getting released now might hurt his pocket book and pride but he’ll get over it quickly when he hooks up with a team that actually uses him as a starter and he gets to play each week. It’s actually doing Wade a favor.
    It just would have not been such a low blow move if they had simply released him a couple of weeks ago prior to his lowering his salary.
    Business is business though and the guys on the team know it.

  12. Solomon wilcots is suggesting Wade may have tweeted some info he shouldn’t have. Don’t know but it could be a reason to be cut. Wade also has dropped way more balls this preaseason than he has caught.

  13. Now that the NFL season is in full effect, I am going to get fired from my job for how many times I hit refresh on this site a day. Seriously.

  14. “So the perception could (and maybe should) be that Favre could have saved Wade’s job by intervening on his behalf. The fact that he didn’t ….”
    So it’s a FACT that he didn’t intervene? How do you know? Let me guess, an anonymous league insider, right?

  15. Report: Bobby Wade Cut by the Minnesota Vikings
    Florio: That’s not interesting. How do I weave Brett Favre into this?!?!?

  16. Yeah a “league source”………….. right. It’s funny how these ‘sources’ always have deep info but never wanna be named because they’re too scared of the backlash. As Wade would say, they’re just being pussies! If you think you’re talking truth, make it known who you are. Sorry asses!

  17. Florio, thank for helping me out, I alway just thought all lawyers were idiots and now you proved that point. This is a business and everyday players get cut and not just from Minnesota. I would recommend that you become a lawyer for some outfit that does not require thinking, you would be a big hit.

  18. Tony sez…. Rick Spielman and Brad Childress don’t run personnel moves by Lord Favre.
    ah really, isn’t that why he left Green Bay, because GM Ted Thompson wouldn’t listen to personnel suggestions for coach (mariucci), for WR (moss), for G (rivera, wahl), otherwise Tony, tell us why Lord Favre left GB.

  19. Doesn’t much matter whether Wade is on or off this team. The Vikings are nothing more but an 8 win team. It is always the case with the Vikings going into a season, they are highly overrated.
    The only reason they even won ten games last year is because Detroit found ways to loose both games against them. The Giants didn’t even try during the second half in game 16, so guess they were really a 7 win team last year.

  20. Bobby Wade was mediocre at best and gossiped like a schoolgirl. Nobody in the Vikings locker room is going to give two shits when or why he was cut, stop trying to turn this in to some sort of Vikings locker room distraction and for Gods sake quit trying to make everything out be Favres fault!

  21. A league source has reported to me personally that Brett Favre actually did Wade a favor by suggesting that the Vikings cut him so he can go and play for a team where he might actually start. What a great guy!

  22. “Did the Vikes do Bobby Wade dirty?”
    No dirtier than Bobby did Rodney Harrison’s knees.
    Good luck in the UFL, loser.

  23. That is one theory, another possibility is that in lieu of being cut during the first wave Wade agreed to lower his salary and attempt to prove himself one last time before the regular season started. He did his best and it just wasn’t good enough so they cut him. A far more likely scenario but not a sensational enough spin for this douche bag of a reporter.

  24. The viking cut their most productive reciever over the past 2 years.. brilliant. I can’t wait to watch the implosion. That sucking sound we hear coming from the west is the hope and dreams of viking fans.

  25. There are suggestions that Bobby Wade made ‘anonymous’ comments to a league or ex-league source regarding his paycut. It ended up in an SI article and now he’s cut. He’s an arrogant prick who should have nothing but gratitude toward the Vikes for his financial gaines and possibly and extended career.

  26. Bottom line:
    I think they released Wade because Lewis became available unexpectedly and Lewis can play the outside and the slot both.
    He made the Patriots 53 man roster, how bad can the guy be? Could Wade have made their roster?
    I suspect Berrian is a question mark and they needed some who could play outside if Berrian couldn’t go. I don’t think Wade was much of a threat outside and that is the difference.
    Both are around the same age and Lewis has a slightly longer average catch that Wade in the Chilly style offence, but I think a receiver already knowledgeable in this offense who has speed and can play outside too was a no brainer.
    It is too bad for Wade, I feel for him but from a business standpoint, it might make sense. Not so good for the locker room however.

  27. While Bobby Wade has produced for the Vikings, he has not been Ahmad Rashad, Anthony Carter, Cris Carter, or Randy Moss out there. He has not been a Sammy White, Leo Lewis, Jake Reed, Hassan Jones, or Qadry Ismail.
    Bobby Wade is a good, but not great receiver.
    He runs good routes.
    He often catches the ball when thrown at him, but not all the time.
    He gains some yardage.
    He often can pick up the first down.
    He makes about 40 to 50 catches on the year.
    That’s it.
    The Vikings need guys to catch 80 balls this year. The likeliest candidates are Berrian, Sidney Rice, and Shiancoe.
    At best, Wade was going to be a deep back-up for the Vikings this year, seeing little playing time in the slot behind Harvin, and sharing time with Reynaud.
    Bringing in a back-up for Berrian at flanker makes sense here. Greg Lewis doesn’t have gaudy career numbers, but he can go deep if called upon. Berrian has been bothered by injuries at times.

  28. I hate to break it to you all, but the Vikings have some other young receivers with good speed and ability that are probably HIGHER on the depth chart then Greg Lewis. Don’t be so convinced he’ll come in at “#4”. J. Johnson and D. Raynaud are two players who could play themselves into a 3 or 4 receiver set or even start if Berrian proves to be his brittle self, and Harvin doeesn’t learn route running Skills.
    Bring back Troy Williamson! LOL…..

  29. Tennessee could use another veteran WR and Wade looks like he’d fit the bill.
    But who knows what the Titans are thinking right now…

  30. Bobby Wade is a good guy but he is a JAG. You can find 12 of him on the street at any time after the season starts.
    This is really a “nothing to see here folks” situation (and not like LT. Frank Drebben’s “nothing to see here folks” situation).

  31. Question – did the viks do Wade wrong- Yes.
    Implied parts of post:
    “…it’s unlikely that Childress cut Wade without Favre’s approval or consent.”
    So the perception could (and maybe should) be that…”
    What horrible speculation and spin. How can you take money to write these yarns?

  32. sportfan1234 says:
    September 10, 2009 2:07 PM
    Childress doesn’t like players like that. (who draw attention to themselves needlessly)
    …so he signed Brett Favre, who never ever would draw unnecessary attention to himself.

  33. Come on everyone, Belicheat dumps/trades Vrabel and Seymor, cornerstones of the Pats Superbowl days, and no one squawks. Yet, when Klink dumps a 4th or 5th receiver who’s only fast twitch fibers are in his lips, it’s a disloyal low blow?
    Sure Chilly is an easy target, particularly for NFC North posters with nothing else to do, but not for this move. If they don’t dump him before the season starts, his salary is guaranteed.

  34. The vikings cut their #1 receiver for the past 2 years right after cutting his pay.
    For all of you that say Wade is nothing and not a good player, what does that say about all the other viking WR’s that can’t get open and catch passes as well as Bob Wade?
    The vikings leading receiver for 2 years is no longer good enough to have a job in the league.
    None of those no name viking receivers has accomplished anything or has a recognizable name.

  35. Why Lewis? If Favre is making personnel decisions, it would have to be Ruvell Martin that was to be brought in.

  36. The whole Brett Farve and Brad Childress reminds me of George being envious (and best friends with) Tony. All they need to do next is go rock climbing together and leave the sandwiches at home.

  37. # ooooHEROoooo says: September 10, 2009 1:55
    So how long before Wade ends up a PAcker?
    Uhhhhhh……….never. Wade wouldn’t even be good enough to crack the Packers practice squad if he was eligible. Berrian would be very lucky if he even cracked the top 4 on the Packers squad.

  38. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere says: September 10, 2009 6:50 PM
    # ooooHEROoooo says: September 10, 2009 1:55
    So how long before Wade ends up a PAcker?
    Uhhhhhh……….never. Wade wouldn’t even be good enough to crack the Packers practice squad if he was eligible. Berrian would be very lucky if he even cracked the top 4 on the Packers squad.
    So says the fan of a team that only went 6-10 last year. Yawn.

  39. I’m glad Wade is gone. He is slow, can’t break tackles, and gets no yards after the catch. Buh-bye Bobby.

  40. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    September 10, 2009 2:56 PM
    The viking cut their most productive reciever over the past 2 years.. brilliant. I can’t wait to watch the implosion. That sucking sound we hear coming from the west is the hope and dreams of viking fans.
    And that sucking sound you hear coming the East of Minnesota is Carl servicing all the sheep in Wisconsin.
    BTW — Bob Nelson,
    Does our starting quarterback have a recognizable name? Dumba$$!!!

  41. To all those who are complaining they spend too much time on this site, I have a suggestion:
    You can save time by not reading the final paragraph of any story on the site, if it’s about a transgression, a crime, an imputation, a negative reference, a bad performance, a contract dispute, an injury, a firing, or a lost game by any one of the 32 teams in the League –
    If the story appears on this site, you automatically know – it was Brett Favre’s fault.

  42. Carl you mis-identified what you heard.
    That was the Bears’ Diebetic Alcoholic of a Quarterback breaking wind in the face of Cheeseheads everywhere.

  43. JaredAllen69, what are you going to do when you can’t use 6-10 as your excuse anymore?
    You aren’t dumb enough to actually believe that the Packers offense with a 4000yd QB and not one but 2 1000yd receivers had something to do with their record last year are you? Oh wait….I recall some of your previous posts. Nevermind.
    Cling to your first division championship in over 10 years like it’s your lifeline. You would need those memories. Even if the refs gave them the championship with 4 gift games.,…. Lose even one of those that shouldn’t have been won and the Bears won the division.

  44. You mean that 4,00 yard qb that blew at least 5 games in the final minutes? Nah, he had NOTHING to do with that 6-10 record!

  45. he Vikings (and Wade) knew that Harvin would be taking Wade’s place sooner or later. They couldn’t let Wade go early — they needed to first see if Harvin was ready to jump in. If they let Wade go AFTER the first game, NFL rules would have made it more costly for any other teams to release a player from their own roster to bring Wade in, thus limiting Wade’s signing options and salary potential. The third option would be to have let Wade, with his starter’s salary, sit on the bench and do nothing all year, a big waste for the team and the salary cap. Last, Lewis not only costs much less than Wade, he is a special teams player as well. Who would you rather have sitting on the bench — a higher priced veteran who doesn’t contribute on special teams, or a low priced backup who can at least get some playing time on special teams units? The Vikings had NO GOOD CHOICE but to release Wade, and people should at least give them the credit for doing it when they did — Wade will ultimately have MORE teams to choose from, fetch a HIGHER salary, and enjoy MORE playing time because of it.

  46. ill be honest here.. and if you dont believe me, thats ok.. sometimes I see the future.. not in images or sounds, but through emotions.. and this was one of those times.. so I wrote Reusse and I wrote ESPN.. and I wrote the Vikings.. and I wrote and wrote.. and this wasnt the first time I had done this in regards to Bobby Wade.. but this was the most important time.. because even if it had nothing to do with the decision, I knew someone agreed with me when Wade was released.. Im not always right in football.. and as I said, the emotion can get in the way.. obviously.. no one is accurate.. all I Can claim is that im from the home town of John Madden (.750)

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