Jets G.M. admits he should've listed Favre on injury report

Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum admits he made a mistake when the team didn’t list Brett Favre on their injury report for the final month of the 2008 season despite Favre’s torn right biceps tendon. 

The decision is coming under scrutiny from the NFL for possible rules violations.  Tannenbaum knew Favre was hurt, but the team felt he gave them the best chance to win. 

“I’ll take responsibility for that,” said Tannenbaum.  “As general
manager of this team I should’ve handled that differently and listed
him on the report.  We didn’t because he wasn’t getting treatment
everyday and we knew he was going to play.”

There many annoying shades of gray related to how teams use the injury report.  We mentioned the case of Laurence Maroney last season, who wasn’t listed in Week Five last year while playing with a broken shoulder. 

A league official, however, pointed out to PFT’s Tom Curran that the examples of Favre and Maroney are “not exactly apples to apples.”

Maroney was listed in Week Three after suffering the injury, then was off the list when the Patriots returned after a Week Four bye.  In theory, Maroney could have aggravated the injury in Week Five, knocking him out for the season.  Then again, the shoulder was broken all along. 

Either way, the Jets decision to omit Favre is worse, and Tannenbaum seems to know it. 

That decision could wind up costing the organization, although Jets fans are probably angrier about the logic of playing Favre over a healthy Kellen Clemens in the first place.  The Jets went 1-4 down the stretch, only winning when J.P. Losman handed them a game with a late fumble.

“I don’t want to get into the specifics of the decision but we all felt good about [Favre] playing down the stretch,” Tannenbaum said. 

38 responses to “Jets G.M. admits he should've listed Favre on injury report

  1. I thought T.O. was the only guy that was the gift that keeps on giving, I guess good ole Bart Farveree is too!

  2. But wait…I thought it was all the evil Mangini’s fault…oh he was just the scape goat? I think the Jets fired the wrong guy….

  3. You say omitting Favre is worse–how exactly? If the idea put forth by the Steelers & Patriots is that–in actuality–the injury report should only be concerned with a player’s probability of playing, then what did the Jets do wrong vis-a-vis not listing Favre?? Clearly, they were CERTAIN that he would play–he wasn’t likely to play, or 50/50 to play–he was certain to play once the decision was made not to sit out. If you are certain that a player will play despite whatever injury he may have, then using the Patriots and Steelers standard seems to have been met in Favre’s case.

  4. PLZ BRING BACK HERM w/ HIS BAD CLOCK MANAGEMENT!! haha — Hopefully Rex doesn’t manipulate the injury report as bad as Mangina did.
    GO JETS!

  5. The other aspect is that Favre’s health was put at risk by the Jets for no real reason. No wonder he got out of New Jersey as soon as he could.

  6. Who gives a crap… Favre both practiced and played (like $hit), but he played… that’s what matters!
    Why do so many people out there want Tannenbaums head? Are you bored?
    With exception to Gholston, look at the moves the Jets have made in the past few years; the players that they’ve brought in… not sure what the issue is here?

  7. Brett Favre is an asshole coming out with this now only serves as an excuse for he incredibly poor performance in the last 5 games of 2008, and also sets up his excuse for his inevitable failure in 2009.
    GO HOME FAVRE….get on your stupid tractor, cuts some grass and fade away.

  8. So long, first round draft pick. Commence universal outrage, paranoia, public lynchings, heavy fines, nonstop ESPN coverage, tabloid rags fabricating stories, disgruntled former employees lying…
    …wait, this isn’t the Patriots? In that case, call off the investigation, nothing to see here, move along.

  9. What now Packer fans? 2 people (mangina & Tannenbaum) both say he WAS hurt.
    Ah, who am I kidding, there will still be the same usual idiotic anti Favre tripe.
    Favre pre-inury was looking pretty good.
    Injury repaired. Chip on his shoulder. Motivated.
    Could be trouble for the NFC North division.

  10. Careful Brett. Its Cleveland. Wash your hands. Try not to touch anything. You don’t need a staph infection to go along with your cracked rib,torn rotator cuff and the polio. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  11. “What now Packer fans? 2 people (mangina & Tannenbaum) both say he WAS hurt.”
    Hogwash. Regardless, how do you explain his godawful play from around 2004 to 2006 then? And what about his epic playoff meltdowns of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2007?

  12. RagnartheViking says:
    September 10, 2009 3:02 PM
    What now Packer fans? 2 people (mangina & Tannenbaum) both say he WAS hurt.
    Really genious? He had SURGERY on a partially torn bicep. Everyone knows he was hurt, but I’m happy you now join us in that.
    I’m glad Favre gives you so much hope, it will make watching the Vikings fail again so much more enjoyable.

  13. This story is putting undue pressure on the Jets.
    This “revelation” is good news for Vikes fans…..many who have belief that Favre can still make plays. Anyone else see that pass that Harvin missed vs. the Texans?
    If it were me…..I’d framed it like this:
    “Looking back, especially with the results in mind, I probably should have sat out. Even though I knew I had a tear, it would have been a real tough decision for me to sit. I played pretty good early on and I felt good. I was also still making some pretty good throws and I am a pretty competitive guy. As it turned out, I made some bad throws too. I wish I could take some of those back.”
    Any question as to the Jets knowledge…..
    “Last year was not an ideal experience for me. We weathered through some tough games, but right now I’m just looking ahead with the Minnesota Vikings.”
    Favre is a media darling. Everything he says gets amplified. He knows how to use the spotlight to his benefit.
    He needs to learn how to prevent collateral damage for other people. Unless it is intentional of course….. 🙂
    This story is completely pointless for Favre & the MN Vikings. Unless of course you believe Favre is laying the ground-work for poor performance.

  14. Good luck, RagnartheViking, on your one season savior as you view him. But bringing in the old man will more than likely cost Chilly his job and any hopes of coaching elsewhere, so you may get an actual competent coach once your team moves to LA. Congrats.

  15. Again, more proof that Brett’s drop in play was caused by the injury, and that injury was just not an “excuse” as you like to put it.

  16. tripe such as averaged 3rd most interceptions and 23rd best passer rating the past four years? including 2007? dood won’t lead any team to a SB.

  17. Based on Favre’s performance last year it was pretty obvious something happened at the end. He was playing solid football until he got hurt.
    If the Jets will risk the health of a future HOF god knows what they do to the scrubs. They should be punished in some fashion, draft picks, fines etc….

  18. Just because people are hating on Favre Ragnar, dosen’t make them Packer fans…and people dont’ hate him cuz he play fot the Vikes. He has lied for the last 2 years. And if I recall, I remember some pretty hateful and filthy remarks coming from you Vikings fans when it concerned Favre when he was playing for Green Bay…”kettle, let me introduce you to pot”.

  19. @RagnartheViking
    Yes, Favre is really motivated. By putting in all that time in the offseason with his Vikings teammates he’s showing just how motivated he is. He’s a true professional through and through who puts the team above all else.
    Just wait. One day soon he’ll throw the Vikings under a bus as well.

  20. Now the only remaining mystery is if that rag of a newspaper the NY POST has the balls to put an asterisk on the JESTS record this year denoting “caught cheating”.

  21. greengld:
    Another idiot packer fan makes his prescence known.
    A good number of Packer fans didn’t believe he was hurt, they said it was an excuse for his play and that he wasn’t really hurt.
    Thanks for making yourself look like a moron though.
    Yep there was alot of bile spewed at him, not from me though. I hate teams, not players.
    Obviously i cannot prove that to you, because you don’t know me. Just as obviously, i don’t care what you think.
    I love how you all think he stinks, you leave out 07 and 11 games in 08, when he was playing well, just to suit your arguement.
    He’s going to throw us under the bus huh? this is where he wanted to play last year, I’d laugh my ass off if he played both years.
    As I said, I couldn’t expect not to hear the same old tired BS coming out, trainwreck, moving to LA, blah blah blah.
    Don’t you ignorant fools get sick of typing the same shit? Can’t come up with anything new?
    Well, I suppose, being a Packer fan, you do have a limited vocabulary.

    I hope they lose a pick. But…it’s probably better off if they keep it. They’ll end up screwing it up anyway.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Jets!

  23. it only would have been “cheating” if they didn’t list him on the injury report, and then he did not play.
    That is what would have been mis-leading to opponents. Allowing them to prepare for a game, assuming Brett Favre was going to start, because he wasn’t listed at all on the injury report, and then starting Kellen Clemens.
    That would have been intent to deceive.
    While not listing Favre on the injury report, when he did in fact have an injury, is a violation of the policy, the punishment should not be as severe as the “Forfeiture of a 1st round draft pick” proclamation that has been made.
    If in fact Commissioner Goodell, confiscates a 1st round draft pick from the Jets, that would be completely and utterly unjust. The Patriots were forced to forfeit a 1st round draft pick (if they made the playoffs) or a 2nd and a 3rd round pick (if they did not make the playoffs), for illegally SPYING ON OTHER TEAMS, in an effort to have a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE on opponents.
    The Jets’ omission of Brett Favre’s name from the injury report did not, in any way shape or form, deceive or give them a competitive advantage on any of their opponents. Therefore, no draft pick forfeiture should even take place.
    Fining the team $20,000+ would be steep, but understandable. That is the stance that Commissioner Goodell should take to make an example. If and when another team violates the Injury Report policy, to higher severity, as in a QB is left off the injury report, and then his back up is the one who starts the game, then THAT team should forfeit draft picks. NOT the Jets.

  24. not packer fan. burp fatre leads the nfl in int’s over the past four seasons. he did have a good reg season in 2007, but he choked bigtime at home on the playoffs. he was injured because he is old and injury prone, but that all goes into his priceless stats for the past four years. he led the nfl in int’s 2 of last four years. Even in 2007 there were only 6 qb’s with more int’s. averaging all of his stats over the last four years, including the good parts, his passer rating is about 26th in the league and his average in it’s is 3rd or 4th worst in league. deal with that. all facts.
    Glory days ended five years ago. Now it’s just a show. His contract is ludicrous.

  25. Ragnar, who is US? Do YOU play for the Vikings too? Your same old shit is as boring as the Packer fans. Quit blaming them for all the hatred. I think everyone hates the Vikings, not just them.

  26. Pointless.. the Favre haters have all the angles covered.
    Throw the Jets under the bus? Think just maybe they had it coming? I’m sure he got sick of all the “he plays hurt but it’s to keep his streak alive” crap or ” he’s being selfish, not a team player,” blah, blah, blah. His boss should have had the balls to sit him last year, end of story. The great one’s never willingly pull themselves out of a fight when challenged. And that’s one reason Favre’s going into the HOF.
    So now Favre goes on record to say that, if he is injured this year, he plans to sit for the good of the team. Of course now that’s been twisted around to sound like he is a quitter or it’s to grease the skids for a bad performance this year or.. whatever. Well, whatever. Favre at 40, playing on this Vikings team, makes a hell of alot more sense then him playing for that Jets team last year. I believe Viking fans are in for a remarkable year, but time will tell.
    And say what you want about him. But for 18 years, love him – or now hate him, as so many of you appear to do – no one player has meant more to the NFL. TV ratings, revenue, fans, jobs, nfl records, merchandise, media coverage..he’s been nothing short of tremendous for the game. But not to worry, haters; once he finally does go, for good, there’s a nice long list of thugs and felony’s ready to fill the void…yeah, right.

  27. @ Jimmy Shnoogen
    The “Forfeiture of a 1st round draft pick” proclamation that has been made was most likely made by a bitter Patriots fan(s)… they are still pissed that their disgrace of a coach got caught CHEATING outright!

  28. @ Jimmy Shnoogen
    If Mangini and Tannebaum didn’t think lying on their injury report provided a competitive advantage, why did they do it? Same deal Mangini’s attempt to keep his starting QB under wraps in Cleveland. It’s absolutely an attempt to gain a competitive advantage, if Favre was on the injury report it would have caused a media firestorm with all the issues surrounding the consecutive start streak. Mangini didn’t want that extra pressure on the team in hopes they didn’t fold down the stretch. Fortunately, they folded anyway.

  29. What really sucks is that it allowed Favre to keep alive his string of starts . . at the expense of his team fielding the more able QB at the time.
    I’m suspicious that keeping his start streak alive to break the record had plenty to do with it.

  30. So let me get this straight. They didn’t put him on the injury report, he played anyways, they end up going 1-4 and missing the playoffs because of that, and you want to call it cheating? How is it cheating if you end up losing because of it? I would figure going 1-4 and missing the playoffs would be enough of a punishment for being terrible at trying to cheat.
    As for Ragnar, shut up, I’m a Vikings fan and you are pissing me off. If you are going to say everyone that says something bad about the Vikings is a Packers fan, you are dumber then what you say they are. I dislike the Packers, but that doesn’t mean I think there fans are idiots. Only the people that sit around calling people idiots because they have team spirit are morons.

  31. Their initial motives for keeping him off the injury report might have been geared to gain a competitive advantage, but how can you gauge whether that was the case or not.
    You have to look at the facts:
    Did the Jets knowingly keep Brett Favre’s name off the Injury Report?
    Did Brett Favre sit out or come out of any of the final five games that he wasn’t listed on the Injury Report, when he should have been?
    Did the Jets gain any competitive advantage by keeping Favre’s name off the Injury Report?
    No. They were 1-4 in the games during which Brett Favre was injured. They should have been 0-5.
    Did any team (the Buffalo Bills) lose the game, because they would have game planned for Brett Favre playing injured, as opposed to playing healthy, simply because Brett Favre wasn’t listed as injured?
    Are you kidding me? No. And that’s sad that the question has to be asked.
    Can anyone, including Roger Goodell, know for FACT, that the Jets kept Brett Favre off the injury list because they were planning on sitting him in favor of Kellen Clemens?
    NO. No one has a crystal ball, no one can call that fact, except for the Jets. And they haven’t.
    As far as the claim that the Jets kept him off, as to gain the competitive advantage of NOT having a media circus surround the consecutive game streak, COME ON! That is an incredible stretch!
    Media circuses occur over TWITTER! The fact remains: All Roger Goodell has are the above mentioned facts. And to penalize the Jets as severely as some bloggers/commentators have suggested (i.e. forfeiture of draft picks, a la Patriots for Spygate), is insane and WRONG!

  32. bucc 19:
    By us, I meant fans. Read the whole thread moron, maybe you’d then understand, then again, probably not. Reading comprehension is wonderful thing, you should look into it.
    I guess if everyone hates the Vikes, that must mean they are pretty good. I mean, how could you hate a team like the Lions?
    Fear does strange things to people, I smell fear of the Vikings big time on these threads, rightfully so, I might add.

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