LenDale should keep his head on a swivel

Titans running back LenDale White expects the crowd at Thursday night’s regular-season opener in PIttsburgh to be “a loud, mean, evil one.”

He should be less worried about the folks in the stands and more concerned about the guys on the field.

Per a source close to the team, “a lot” of Steelers will be “looking for LenDale’s head” during the regular-season opener.

White gained infamy in Pittsburgh last season by stomping on a Terrible Towel during a Tennessee win over the Steelers.  He made matters worse recently by vowing to do it again.

15 responses to “LenDale should keep his head on a swivel

  1. Like a running back never gets hit hard anyway. Threaten him with something that already doesn’t happen every play. Dude lives through 10-20 car crashes a week.

  2. I don’t know Lendale could get his butt kicked by a fan in Pittsburgh. They take it way more seriously than in Tennessee.

  3. Steelers “looking for LenDale’s head”….that sounds like a cheap shot…. PIT would never do that.
    Oh wait, they always do.

  4. Can anyone say bounty??? Florio your due for a post about bonties in NFL locker rooms. Pretty sure you had one last year. Enlighten the average fan/people that never played.

  5. So why aren’t you chastising those Steelers like you were chastising Antrel Rolle when he said he wanted to “get” Brett Favre? consistency is not something you practice, huh, Mikey?

  6. “Per a source close to the team” = Hurrrr, anyone could have guessed this and it’s all over television!
    Anyway, jspicoli said it perfect. These guys always have targets on them so threats make no difference.

  7. I love an attention starved second string running back. I guess when they draft a running back on top of you who out gains you by over 500 yards on only 20 more attempts you get a little insecure. I’m sure Lendale will be fine.

  8. I find it hilarious that the Steelers are so focused on LenDale. Chris Johnson will be sure to wave as he flies by…

  9. Lendale is gonna need some Patron shots tonight and not to celibrate but to deal with the pain. Talk after you win a Super Bowl. Kerry Collins ain’t gonna take you to the promised land but he probably has a beter shot than the self proclaimed future hall of famer.

  10. Off topic. Great job with the streaming video for NFL football. That is the future. Sitting outside watching the game. Now that’s cool.

  11. “Per a source close to the team,…” Just what does that mean? A team/staff member? Or just someone physically close? Mentally close? The Janitor? The towell boy? With each of these pointess references it looks like PFT is desperately trying to show it has the “inside info”- yet each is so meaningless it proves nothing…

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