Merriman's accuser says she'll be interviewed by D.A. on Friday

After an all-night tweet rant, Tila Tequila Nguyen took a 90-minute nap.

And then she got right back to it.

She says that she’ll be heading to San Diego on Friday to be interviewed by the San Diego County District Attorney:  Wish me luck guys! Im going 2 San Diego tomorrow 2 speak w/the DA! Choking me is NOT OK!”

It’s unknown whether the D.A. has requested the meeting, or whether she plans to simply show up and demand an audience with the county’s chief law enforcement officer.

Based on the tone and content of her recent tweets, we simply can’t rule out the latter.

28 responses to “Merriman's accuser says she'll be interviewed by D.A. on Friday

  1. “…”Wish me luck guys! Im going 2 San Diego tomorrow 2 speak w/the DA! Choking me is NOT OK!…”
    Hmm, she’s against being choked, but she’ll let you make her gag.

  2. My guess: She will spend 45 minutes with the DA…and then he will choke her and throw her ass out on the street.

  3. “…Im going 2 San Diego tomorrow 2 speak w/the DA! Choking me is NOT OK!”
    Good idea to have that ground rule laid out before the meeting.

  4. she’ll show up dressed like a nun, holding a baby in one hand, a bible in the other and one of her friends carrying a boombox behind her playing angelic music
    can’t wait to see the press conference with the fake tears

  5. I don’t know the whole story, but from what I know of this broad, she’s a disgrace to the human race, if he did do it, he shoulda done us all a favour and finished her off OJ’g style.

  6. A 6’4″ 260LB linbacker assaulted and choked a 4’10” 90LB girl and didn’t really hurt her while doing it.
    I think the Chargers should start to worry about if this guy is going to be able to bring it on the field. I mean she’s 4’10” if he really assaulted her shouldn’t there be a mark or 2?

  7. Wait if it is not okay for Shawn Merriman to choke her than why is it okay for her to make me gag everytime she is in the new. I never thought I would root for Shawn Merriman in anything but I would pay to see them slug it out on Celebrity Boxing, or even better Celebrity Deathmatch. I mean she would probably do it since it would mean she is on TV for another couple minutes.

  8. There aren’t any winners in this story. It’s a sad circus.
    Miss Tequila besides being a liar and a hypocrite (all you need to prove this is a look at what she herself writes), is an emotionally immature women who doesn’t understand the damage she’s doing to real victims.
    And Merriman comes across as an idiot. I’m not going to judge him for being a hedonist – that’s his personal choice, and it’s nobody’s business what he does behind closed doors. But his choices indicate a complete unawareness of the consequences of the type of life he’s living. Miss Tequila being a prime example of that.
    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she suddenly opens up about about what happens at Merriman’s place. You don’t need to be a genius to paint a mental picture of what goes down there. And unlike false battery accusations which can be disproven by physical evidence, the system seems to apply a less stringent filter when claims of drug use enter the story. His lifestyle and his friends are now going to be under the microscope from whoever wants to make an example out of them, the league included.
    Dumb people doing dumb things – it’s hard to have any sympathy. The ridiculous thing, of course, is that Miss Tequila will get that much more press. It doesn’t matter that her story is full of holes, she’ll still get off. Somebody somewhere is going to look at what happened and think “yes this is an appropriate way to be”, and voila you have more poor suckers being accused of shit they haven’t done with very serious consequences. We all suffer for these morons. It’s just that simple.

  9. schism,
    you are one ill dude (if indeed you are a male.)
    she may be an embarassment to us all, or not, but suggesting she have her throat cut is disgusting. You may have been joking but what a sick joke.

  10. Follwing quotes from Shawne Merriman’s ex girlfriend:
    Shawne Merriman’s ex girlfriend Gloria Velez doesn’t believe he choked Tila Tequila this weekend — because Gloria says the San Diego Charger never laid a hand on her during their four years together.
    Gloria tells us Shawne “Never ever put his hands on me. Ever.” Adding it’s “out of his character” to violently lash out on a woman.
    So far, no charges have been filed against Merriman.
    Read more:

  11. Would love to see a transcript of that conversation.
    I don’t think this case is going anywhere criminally. She may be dumb enough to try it civilly, but hopefully her attorney will get her to wise up (since Merriman’s attorney would have a field day on her tweets and her history of turning red while drinking, etc. etc.).

  12. Hey Florio,
    How much is Shawne Merriman & the NFL paying you for riding his jock? You are obviously biased with your perspective leaning toward defending a steroid abusing NFL cheat. Real journalists are supposed to be objective, not spewing the puke that poses for your opinion like the jism you been swallowing from from Shawne Maytagman’s ‘roid shriveled penis. I always knew you were nothing but a low rate hack, & now you’ve proved it! Maybe you should go write for the National Enquirer, & Star, just like other so-called journalists of your caliber!
    Screw you, Florio & by the way, #ChargersSuck & # ShawneMerrimanSucks is so true

  13. “Wish me luck guys! Im going 2 San Diego tomorrow 2 speak w/the DA! Choking me is NOT OK!”
    Thank God she’s letting the DA know this BEFORE she meets with him/her. These DAs get pretty testy sometimes.

  14. “Anyway…enough of that. So tired of his lies. He should be ashamed….but at least I HAVE NO SHAME! I will stand tall and speak up! Wut!!!!”
    At least she is sometimes accurate.
    P.S. I am 100% serious, why is she famous? I know she had her own show on MTV, but why did she have it? I mean you could find any number of hotter women in LA. Why did they choose this squished-face girl?

  15. “Choking me is NOT OK!”
    i beg to differ. i think Merriman should be charged for not “finishing” the job, personally.
    I hate twitter because of people like this Tila chick. the LAST thing attention whores need is a medium like that.

  16. cRASHoVERrIDE71:
    Are you sure your not Tila Tequila? Your jealousy of Merriman is beyond the “obsessed stalker” type!
    And attacking Florio (who hates the Chargers) for presenting actual “facts”, is just desperate.

  17. I don’t know why everyone is calling Tila an “attention whore”. She’s really just a regular, old, standard whore, right?

  18. I don’t know why everyone is calling Tila an “attention whore”. She’s really just a regular, old, standard whore, right?

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