Runyan heading to Buffalo next

After working out for the Eagles on Thursday, veteran tackle Jon Runyan will hop a plane.

And, after the plane stops bouncing, it will fly to Buffalo.

Per a league source, Runyan will travel to Western New York tonight for a Friday meeting with the Bills.

It’s an encouraging sign for a team whose offensive line has been in shambles of late, with Derrick Dockery cut early in the offseason, Jason Peters traded to Philly, and Langston Walker recently getting the boot.

In all, four teams are interested in Runyan.  The Chiefs, Eagles, and Bills are the three currently known.

Runyan has started every game since 1997.  He had offseason microfracture knee surgery, and he recently received clearance to play again.

11 responses to “Runyan heading to Buffalo next

  1. Buffalo makes sense. They desperately need help there. Also, the man looks like he’s had a chicken wing or two in his life. Plus he gets to hang with T.O. again. Win-win!

  2. If Runyan is in at least decent shape, Pittsburgh should consider signing him.
    Especially if their OL has another poor performance against Tennessee like the one they had last December…

  3. To Bills Management – fan morale is the lowest I’ve ever seen, especially BEFORE a friggin’ season even starts. Just sign Runyan…..even if he sucks….a line full of rookies and 7th round 2nd year guys ain’t inspiring anyone and will probably get your qb killed.
    Nice move signing TO, by the way. He certainly paid his salary+ at the box office.
    Ralph – after an upcoming horrific loss, please don’t say “we don’t have enough talent!” You’re talent is no less than any other team’s (OK, the young O-line will blow this year). Your front office and head coach are the ones who don’t have enough talent.
    Oh well, at least our tail gates are top notch!

  4. How has this guy never gotten an endorsement deal for Funyans? They could even roll out Buffalo Flavored Funyans if he signs with the Bills – they would crush the sales of Flutie Flakes, T.O. Popcorn and Losman Medicated Douches combined.

  5. If the Birds actually want to sign him, put a contract out there before he gets on a plane. Give Buffalo a chance to steal him and they will. Unless the team is comfortable with Winston the Turnstyle and Daffy Andrews.

  6. I think what will matter is the team that gives him a contract before they play Sunday/Monday. That will guarantee his contract this year.

  7. the line in “shambles” what the hell are you talking about? peters sucked last season …good luck with that dud Philly
    dockery is terrible and walker is bad and duke preston was a terrible center.
    the line is more talented now just lacking experience i’d hardly call that shambles

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