Seymour faces small signing-bonus forfeiture, for now

Two years ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded for Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer.  The deal went through even though Plummer never reported to Tampa, and the deal specifically was negotiated with that possibility in mind. 

So when Plummer didn’t report, the Bucs pursued him for millions in previously paid signing bonus money.  Eventually, Plummer agreed to pay $3.5 million for the privilege of never playing again.

In the case of defensive lineman Richard Seymour, who was traded to the Raiders four days ago and still hasn’t reported for work, the exposure would be significantly lower.

Seymour’s most recent contract was signed in 2006, after the current Collective Bargaining Agreement was adopted.  As a result, a deliberate withholding of services results in the potential forfeiture of 25 percent of the current year’s signing-bonus allocation. 

Per a league source, Seymour’s allocation for 2009 is only $1.335 million.  So, if the Raiders or the Patriots attempt to recover bonus money, the maximum forfeiture is, for now, $333,000.

If Seymour sits out the full season, he’d potentially have to pay $1.335 million.  Likewise, if he ultimately shows up halfway through the year, he’d owe the portion of the allocation corresponding to the number of games he has missed.

The question that remains unresolved is whether the Raiders or the Patriots would be responsible for chasing the money.  The Raiders, as we’ve reported, will take the position that a failure by Seymour to report requires a return of their 2011 first-round selection.  The Patriots apparently are poised to claim that Seymour is now Oakland’s problem, and that there will be no givesy-backsies when it comes to the draft pick.

Eventually, Commissioner Roger Goodell might be asked to sort through this mess.

“Eventually” could come sooner rather than later.  The Raiders commence preparations tonight for Monday night’s game against the Chargers.  So if Seymour doesn’t show up today, the chances of the veteran making a positive impact on his new team in Week One will be close to nil.

And the chances of the Raiders pulling the plug on the deal will only increase.

14 responses to “Seymour faces small signing-bonus forfeiture, for now

  1. Interesting fact and so much for any leverage Richard may think he has.
    Given who his agent is, I bet Richard is just now finding this out (as he reads the post) and will immediately pack his backs and get his arse to Oakland. Richard will not want to lose ANY money.

  2. Richard will not want to lose ANY money….
    If he wants to continue to play then he should be on a plane to Oakland. OTOH, he may decide he wants to retire, although I am guessing that is unlikely as it appears he was looking forward to one more big contract.

  3. raiders need help running the organization, and Seymour getting this trade nixed would be a big help. I mean come on, i first round pick for a 30 yr old lineman for ONE year? Davis is nutz!

  4. seymour your acting like a whining little girl, just go home to north or south carolina, and count the 60 some odd million the pats paid for your( four )years of service out of the nine the pats paid you for……your just making hard working nfl players look bad………

  5. It’s obvious Seymour is holding out for a contract extension from the Raiders, or something in writing that guarantees the Raiders won’t franchise him next year.
    Seymour isn’t stupid, although his agent at this point sounds like a fricken tool. Seymour should dump this idiot who failed to produce a contract from the Patriots, and instead landed his client in the black hole of the NFL without any sort of life line out of it. I wouldn’t show up to work in Oakland either without some sort of hope that I wouldn’t be there next year, or a large enough sum of money to make it worth it.

  6. # KingJoe! says:
    “raiders need help running the organization, and Seymour getting this trade nixed would be a big help. I mean come on, i first round pick for a 30 yr old lineman for ONE year? Davis is nutz!”
    Are you just finding that out?

  7. I dont get this hoopla, I mean he showed up and he is playing. What the hell is the big deal? Post some Tila Tequilla pictures or something.

  8. It seems that the league can’t afford to nullify the trade under any circumstances because of the precedent it would set; from that point forward, any traded player unhappy about being dealt could just fail to report to his physical and wait for the trade to be voided.

  9. Sey is a b!tch when it comes to contracts. He’s held out 2x in the past. That’s a major reason why he got shipped.

  10. This is perfect. Any way you slice it this asshole is screwed. Richie Rich’s cozy little world of playing on a perennial favorite and making top money while he goes through the motions on the field (if he’s not hurt) is over.
    Watching his temper tantrum is sweet. The Pats don’t need Seymour or the draft pick to stay extremely viable, and Oakland isn’t going to turn things around completely with or without him.
    If the world didn’t know what an anal tool this guy is, they do now. His antics have already cost him as any team has to be mindful of this whole affair if the jerkoff ever does reach free agency again.

  11. He’s held out in the past because of money. He’s not shown up and the Raiders at the start said he has a money issue with the Patriots, so I think he’s talking about money with the Raiders. If money is his problem, then go after the 25% bonus and start taking those game checks

  12. The whole thing is about money….Seymour wants a 5 yr deal in the 75 million dollar range, and the Raiders don’t have the cap space to give it to him. No thanks to Gabril Wilson, DeAngelo Hall, Terdell Sands, etc…So in other words The Raiders can’t afford him the way Seymour wants it.
    The way the Raiders want it, was to get him on the bargain for 3.7 this yr, franchise him the following two years at around 17 million, sou get 3 solid years for under 40 million. That is a great pricefor one of the top d-line men in the game. Problem is Seymour doesent want it this way.
    Which leaves us with the Pats. I guarantee you when the checks are cut tomorrow in the nfl, Seymour is getting paid by the Pats, or the union and the nfl will step in. No need for any 5 day letter…same as any where else dont pay your employees…the labor board will step in….in all legal senses he is under contract with the Pats.

  13. This is nuts! This birdbrain, Seymour, and his dopey agent are risking so much on this….. Imagine scoffing at 3.8 million dollars? Hey, the Raiders are not what they used to be but there are worst places to be (and make 3.8 million in the process). Northern California is a great place to live and if he plays like he is capable of he’ll be the man. Seymour should fire this jerk of an agent, show up and see what happens.

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