Sponsored post: Time to fire up NFL Mobile Live

As the regular season begins, it’s time to press that NFL shield on the screen of your Palm Pre and explore NFL Mobile Live, exclusively from Sprint.

The only NFL mobile application is chock full of great features, with tools for real-time tracking of games, stats, and the guys on your fantasy teams.

There’s also a complete feed of most PFT posts, along with all PFTV segments and an exclusive weekly PFTV submission.  (We’re still not sure how in the hell we infiltrated the thing.  Please don’t tell anyone in the league office.)

And now that the games are beginning, an audio feed for all games is available.  So if you’re away from your mancave on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll be able to take a piece of your mancave with you — thanks to Sprint, the official telecommunications partner of PFT, for three-plus years and counting.

Then again, unless you’ve been asleep or in Paraguay the past three-plus years, you already knew that.