Aaron Ross out for Giants

Giants coach Tom Coughiln said earlier this week that he was “optimistic” starting cornerback Aaron Ross would be able to play in Week One, despite a hamstring injury.

We’re “optimistic” that Coughlin should have been more pessimistic.

Ross is listed as out for the game against the Redskins.

Elsewhere on the Giants’ injury report, tackle Adam Koets (ankle) and linebacker Clint Sintim (groin) are doubtful, and cornerback Kevin Dockery (hamstring) is questionable.

For the Redskins, cornerback Carlos Rogers (calf) and tacke Mike Williams (ankle) are probable.

17 responses to “Aaron Ross out for Giants

  1. Does anybody know when the NFL injury report deadline is? I see everybody’s report except for the Raiders and Chargers.

  2. The G-Men better get a whole bunch of pressure on Campbell or it’s gonna be “Bombs Over Baghdad!!!”
    Can you say coming out party for Mr. Malcolm Kelly!!!
    Go Skins!

  3. drastik29…….terrell thomas is ahead of dockery on the depth, he started in games as a rookie last yr and has looked good in camp and preseason, hell be ok….
    cbs,fox,espn,nflnnbc…………your comment is atrocious and disgusting.

  4. Drastik29 – Have you ever heard of a guy named Corey Webster??? (Hint: he is better than Aaron Ross) T. Thomas would probably fill in in K Dock cant get in…
    Challenge: Find another player who’s first name beggins and last name ends with a double letter! I think Aaron Ross might be the only one???

  5. AAron Ross always misses games, settle down skins fans..Their best cover corner is still playing in webster and thomas has shown to be very effective when starting…besides dockery is playing..

  6. Ugh….it’s sickening. Both the Deadskins and the Capitals have the biggest douchebag fanbase in both the NFL and NHL. These people are bandwaggoneers who know nothing about the respective sports. The Deadskins are hopeless, and it all starts at the top. As long as they’re run the way they are now, fear not. They’ll NEVER win. Expect the Giants D-Line to dominate on Sunday and the “Fire Zorn” chants will hatch, and then get louder and louder as we progress through the season. Then the NHL starts soon, and Sid the Kid can show Obitchkin what Lord Stanley’s Cup looks like up close!

  7. Cbs,Fox,espn,Nfln nbc you have issues.
    Katmanduu did you think up Deadskins all by yourself. Very creative.
    Skins pwn the Gaints !!!!

  8. all you Redskins haters out there can eat a dick! oh and katmanduu Redskins fans are not bandwaggoneers most Redskin fans are lifetime fans through the good and the bad. I’m one of them, unlike the fans of the cowbitches and the Fagales. who think they’re QB’s are the greatest which in fact they’re big choke artests who cry on the feild when they just turned the ball over in a playoff game Choke choke choke tony and donovin

  9. going to be pretty tough for the foreskins to win when their lame duck quarterback spends most of the game….on his back.

  10. Lame Duck Quarterback.. Thats funny. Know what else is funny? Campbell has a better career rating then Eli.. what else you say? Ooo Campbell has a better career completion %. Omg but how! I mean Eli has the best running game and the best offensive line in the nfl! He had plaxico burress to throw to!
    Oh wait… yah, Now I Remember.. Eli is the most overrated QB in the nfl… FACT.

  11. if campbell is so great, why was danny boy gunning so hard for cutler and sanchez? a lot of good that great completion percentage and passer rating is doing for him then, right?

  12. Campbell isn’t great — yet.
    This year will tell one way or another, now that he’s finally got more than two people to throw to.

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