Flacco provides mild bulletin-board fodder

On the Richter Scale of pregame proclamations, a comment made by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco this week rates about a 0.2.

But the Kansas City Chiefs — still in the nascent stages of developing a post-Herman Edwards identity — seized on Flacco’s words and slapped them up on the locker room wall.

Flacco’s quote came in response to a question about challenges Kansas City faces going into Baltimore to start this season with a new coach and new quarterback.

Flacco’s response, seen on the wall inside the Chiefs locker room by Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, was:  “I don’t think it’s a very good way to begin it.  We’re going to come in here and play well and I don’t think they’re really going to want to play us by the end of the game.”

Teicher did some research and found that the rest of Flacco’s answer siphoned off some of the bravado.  Flacco apparently added, “I’m a Baltimore Raven.  I’m obviously not going to say it’s a good thing for the Kansas City Chiefs to come in here [and start their season].”

So Flacco ain’t Joe Namath.  Or even Freddie Mitchell.  But Chiefs running back Larry Johnson said that, “If I was a defensive player, then yeah, I’d be a little [ticked off].  I don’t have to go against him.  If I was a [defensive back] or linebacker, that would be something different.”

24 responses to “Flacco provides mild bulletin-board fodder

  1. does anyone actually know where i can find that press conference of Freddie Mitchell where he thanks his hands for being so good??

  2. You know your team isn’t expecting much if that is bulletin board material.
    That’s good for the Chiefs though. Keep the expectations low, keep the media away, and just work to rebuild. Their defense already looks good so their turnaround could be quick.
    This is good for BAL because they are rarely an extreme favorite like they are this weekend. It will be good to see if they still play as if they could lose, because they could.

  3. LJ just wants to be buddies. If he had to go out there and get Mendenhalled, he may want to keep the responses respectful. He is going to pay for breaking the streak in 2006 anyway.

  4. the only team that is 3-0 in the Ravens house…and snot nose is talking smack.
    Rex Ryan gone
    Bart Scott gone
    two corners that couldn’t make it in Denver and Oakland
    Ray Lewis is fat and slow and Brian Waters made him whine on national TV in a monday night game already in his career.
    Suggs coming off injury
    McGahee should have retired after the title game last year.
    and cue the laughter. I apologize for all that.

  5. When your team is as sorry as the Chiefs, you’ll take anything to motivate you from getting your butt stomped.
    If they are smart, they don’t start Cassell. He’s not 100%. The last thing he needs is Suggs, Kelly Greg or even Haloti Ngata pancaking him to the turf and prolonging his return to 100%.

  6. Not a mention of Fred Ex in a current post! Noooooo…………!!!
    P.S Why click on the MSNBC, NBCSports, ProfootballTalk, Login / Remeber me when it hardly does………………………..

  7. It was just a matter of time; just a matter of time before the overrated Unibrow QB starts to run his mouth like Terrell Thuggs and Willis “Am I still asleep in the middle of Heinz Field” McGahee. Looks like Unibrow fits in well with the Ravens and their douchebag fanbase. I guess the NFL rewarded them with a home opener against KC instead of a opening nighter against the champs. Way to go Ravens. Way to rise up to a challenge. You gutless bums have no chance in unseating the champs. It all boils down to heart, and the Ravens are like the tin man.

  8. The Chiefs are gonna get destroyed by the Ravens and Larry Johnson is gonna be black n blue after the black n blue gets done wit em’!

  9. Does it really matter? I think most teams could insult the Chiefs player’s mothers and it wouldn’t help.
    The AFC North has handled the Chiefs – they want no part of Smash-Mouth football.

  10. “…I don’t think they’re really going to want to play us by the end of the game.”…”
    Flacco got some balls saying that after the Ravens cried to the league about who they didn’t want to play. I guess he forgot the Ravens begged the league to NOT schedule them for any more prime time games in Pittsburgh this year. Un-F-ing-real.

  11. I know better than to say any pro team can’t win a particular game. And then came the Detroit Lions.
    But seriously, someone please tell me how the Chiefs go into Baltimore as wounded as they are and beat a team that went to the AFC title game last year. A team that is clearly better in every aspect and playing at home.
    “Bueller?… Bueller?… Bueller?”

  12. Steelers fans, I wouldn’t be talking, your team looked pretty terrible the other night… what the Ravens did was smart because why risk injuries for week 1? They knew that. Look at the stupid tin heads getting their safety hurt… tisk tisk stealers tisk tisk…

  13. Katmandouche….
    Lets talk again on here in November and December.
    Dont forget you lost the most important portion of your defense/team last night for 3 – 6 weeks!! I think you kind of saw what happened when Troy went out of the game. While your front 7 is really good, your secondary becomes mediocre without Troy!!!!!!
    As for Big Jen….he does scramble and he does get out of a bind at times…..what is going to happen if he truly gets a leg injury (not his pansy-ass whining for the cameras that he did in training camp) or cant run around like he is playing sand lot football??? If that happens (and as much as he is getting hit, it could) he is done. If he had to actually stand in the pocket and READ A DEFENSE he is toast!!
    I just hope that none of the Ravens cry like your Cryins Ward did last night with that rookie like fumble!!!
    Where is Sixburgh???? I have not seen you on here. Hope all is well…….

  14. Stealers… hahahahahahaha can’t wait to see you guys boy do you look bad. Those little dink n dunk passes exposes the “Steal D” lol… yeah Flacco is gonna be picking your D apart whild Ward has a hissy fit on the sidelines!!! lol

  15. flaccos comments werent even inflammatory or confrontational; they just happen to be the true…and lj’s comments are flat out stupid and weak. hes part of a team, and if some1 “insults” the chiefs, and if hes gonan make a comment, he should get mad regardless of which side of the ball they are talking about. its like saying dont lookat me on sunday to step it up

  16. Raven fans certainly live up to the douchebag moniker. They remnd me of the little punk kids that you loved to pummel. They never learned their lesson and kept coming back for more, only to get pummeled worse and have salt rubbed in those open wounds. Looks like we’ll have a repeat performance here again this year.
    Don’t worry ladies, Troy will be back in a month…..PLENTY of time to terrorize your pathetic offense AGAIN, since the teams don’t meet until November. I like it that way…..let the Unibrown develop some confidence, and then rip his heart out again…..and again….and again.

  17. How well did Flacco do against that defense last year, Dick? The fact Pittsburgh played in the Thursday Night opener – let alone the three Ls they put on Baltimore last year – is enough for you to keep your mouth shut. Do something meaningful, then pop off.

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