No Shawn Andrews in Philly

Reports are coming in, Twitter-style, regarding the status of Eagles right tackle Shawn Andrews,

Per guys like Sheil Kapadia of and Adam Caplan of, Andrews is not at practice on Friday.  He also missed practice Thursday, due to his ongoing back problems.

The development likely means that Andrews won’t play Sunday at Carolina.

And maybe it means that the Eagles will get Jon Runyan signed in time for kickoff.

20 responses to “No Shawn Andrews in Philly

  1. Shawn Andrews is a JOKE! How much longer will Andy Reid put up with this. He must have dropped a new beat for his youtube rap album that needs some tuning. Bring in Runyan immediately; he’ll play with broken leg and one arm if he had to.

  2. FYI:
    “A month after their controversial signing of convicted dogfighter Michael Vick(notes), the Eagles are planning a number of new animal-welfare activities, including the deployment of Eagles players and cheerleaders to schools and community events, and a mobile animal-care van to at-risk areas. The team also plans to print trading cards that feature Eagles players and their pets. They also will participate in public-service announcements promoting the adoption of homeless animals and encouraging the reporting of animal abuse, and will assist fund-raising to expand spaying and neutering services. The team will begin implementing its plan with the start of the regular-season. “We’re very encouraged at how much in the plan reflects our conversations” rather than trying to “dictate their will,” said Melissa Levy, executive director of Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, which rescues pit bulls scheduled to be euthanized at the city’s animal-control facility. Vick also made his first Philadelphia area appearance this week to talk about animal rights and his own personal experiences. On Tuesday, he addressed the incoming freshman at Nueva Esperanza Academy in Philadelphia.”
    Thought a little good news might be food for thought.

  3. Sign Runyan? Yes please. Do it now, give the man a guaranteed salary this year, prove to the fans that you mean to win.
    Failing to bring Runyan back would be cheap even by miserly Banner’s Gold Standard.

  4. Shawn Andrews is a real piece of sh!t. Philly fans who once felt sympathy for his depression now see him for the fat, lazy, unmotivated, unprofessional waste that he really is. Lurie and Reid brought in Peters, and Stacy to help motivate him and keep him grounded, and things are just as bad now as they were last year. I only hope there’s still a trade market for his fat ass, I never want to see “the big kid” in Eagles green again, he can’t be moved soon enough.

  5. Philly brought in Shawn’s brother, Stacy “turnstile” Andrews to settle his brother down.
    Without Shawn playing, all they will have on any given Sunday is a turnstile at right tackle.

  6. Dude has an injured back. They are tricky to get healed and they can flair up and cause you to be unable to play. Not sure why everyone has all the hate.

  7. Damn, sounds like its IR time for Shawn. And even at 35 with knees that may not make it to week 8, I’d rather have Runyan than Justice over there.

  8. I think Shawn is the best when he can play, but for whatever reason, those days may be behind him. Andy took a shot a bringing in his brother and his former college teammate (Peters) to try to get him to come around. He isn’t going to. He looks like a big old Bret Favre, full of question marks. You can’t build a team with those sorts of issues always hanging over your head. Even with all of his talent, I think he is done in Philly. Sign Runyon, put Shawn aside, and if he can’t step up by the off week, IR him and get a player.

  9. I like how some (usually the loud minority) of my fellow Eagles fans can bash the front office for having no loyalty one minute then tell them to drop Andrews. You people need to get a grip. It’s embarrassing.
    “miserly banner?” You must be 13 years old. That is the only explaination for you to not appreciate what Lurie, Banner, Heckert, Reid and company have done for this franchise and city. Take your heads out of your asses. Damn. Let me tell you a story of a man named Rich Kotite. Grow up.

  10. All of you tough guys saying it’s all in his head…you try playing in the NFL with a bad back. Back problems are tricky and are often, unfortunately, for life.
    and Runyan? maybe. he’s a warrior. but just because he’s cleared to play doesn’t mean that in his current state he’d be more effective than another player currently on the Eagles roster. I’m sure Reid & the offensive line coach are a better judge of that than all of you.

  11. Shawn Andrews does not want to play football.
    He didn’t want to play last year.
    He doesn’t want to play this year.
    There is nothing wrong with his back.

  12. richardb says:
    September 11, 2009 12:58 PM
    Philly brought in Shawn’s brother, Stacy “turnstile” Andrews to settle his brother down.
    Without Shawn playing, all they will have on any given Sunday is a turnstile at right tackle.
    The Eagles did not bring in these guys to settle Shawn down. This is such an absurd comment. The same people who say this also say that Banner and the Eagles are cheap (and as dawk20db pointed out – have no loyalty). They would not spend all of that money just to pacify Shawn. They brought them ion because Runyan and Thomas were not good.
    Yes, they were not good – I felt that I should say that again. The reason I say that is because the team could not get a 3rd or 4th and one. The O-Line needs to be able to do that. They were great during their time but it was over.
    I am with dawk20db on this one. You do not drop a player with that talent. They need to see what happens.

  13. It’s fairly well documented that stress and/or depression can cause problems with your back. If the guy is fighting depression, it’s not shocking that his back is hurting too. With some people, there is definitely a link. He may be one of them. Help the guy fix his head and his back might start feeling a whole lot better.

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