Portis predicts "bombs over Baghdad"

The final decision to make the Redskins our preseason pick to advance to the Super Bowl (which, of course, pissed off every fan of the Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, Packers, Vikings, Bears, Panthers, Falcons, Saints, Seahawks, and Cardinals) was influenced in part by the fact that running back Clinton Portis is fully engaged and ready to play.

There were signs that it wouldn’t be that way at certain points of the offseason.  But Clinton likely realized that, if coach Jim Zorn gets run on a rusty rail after the season, the next coach might want to go a lot younger at the position Portis plays.

So now Clinton is on board, and he recently offered up all sorts of sound bites in support of the notion that the team for which he plays will be dangerous this year.

Regarding the team’s offense, here’s what Portis had to say, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post:  “It’s always been the Redskins gonna come out and play smash mouth, and
that’s what it is.  But now I think you’re seeing all
preseason, we’re throwing the ball downfield.  And whether you complete
it or not, just the opportunity. . . .  If you don’t get back there, it’s
gonna be bombs over Baghdad

Meanwhile, fantasy owners might want to give serious consideration to second-year wideout Malcolm Kelly.

Yes, Malcolm Kelly.  The man who contributed roughly as much to the Redskins’ on-field fortunes last season as, well, me.

“I mean, you can’t cover Malcolm one on one,” Portis said, “and teams gonna realize that
real quick in the season.  As long as he’s healthy, it’s
gonna be impossible to cover him on the deep route one on one.  I think
his hands [are] unreal.”

Steinberg has the rest of the key points from the Portis pontifications.  The tailback’s enthusiam about his team bodes well for the season, and it makes us feel better about our current belief that, when the dust settles on the NFC, Portis will be taking his collection of crazy costumes and colorful sayings to Miami.

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  1. i need some of the $hit you guys are smoking, we are destined for 6-10 this year, we’ll be luck as hell if we are 8-8

  2. It certainly is a lot easier to read what Portis says rather than to try to decipher it on television.
    He probably has enough money to hire a live-in interpreter.
    Then again, usually what he is trying to say is amazingly stupid anyway, so forget the interpreter. Forget I was even here, everything has turned out to be O.K.

  3. I can’t say 6-10 but I can’t say Super Bowl either . . . The skins return a solid defense with obvious improvments but the offense is still questionable until they can prove otherwise. A solid 10-6 season would be great though!

  4. The Redskins will do just fine until their ageing offensive line breaks down (again). At some point Danny and Vinnie will learn that you have to draft offensive linemen from time to time.

  5. Seriously Florio, posting controversial stuff to drive traffic is one thing (hence the 10,000 Vick stories), but this nonsense is just going to hurt your credibility.
    So, Portis, a guy that can’t stay healthy, and that has perhaps more mileage on him than any other RB in the NFL is predicting great things, wonderful. The Skins have arguably the worst O-line in the league. Playing the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles for 6 games, is not a road to Miami with that kind of major deficiency. I am not even going to get into the idiot coach/mgmt.
    Malcom Kelly….stop it, he barely beat out Randall El a week ago.

  6. So because Portis says they are going to be good, you believe your prediction to be more accurate? Florio…how in the world you went to law school…I’ll never know.

  7. Was he wearing a clown suit again?
    I wonder if he knows that to be “bombs over Baghdad” you need an actual bomber.
    That’s why the skins were trying to trade for a bomber?
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot…”Skins in the Super Bowl”…tough to do when your coach will probably be fired by week 12.

  8. Florio, I really admire what you’ve achieved with this here blog and unlike others I don’t lie in wait to criticize just about everything you ever compose.
    But seriously – I’m scratching my head in wonderment at just how in the world you picked the Redskins to reach the Super Bowl with a straight face. That is so out of left field and so without any backup or supporting evidence that you may as well have picked the Jaguars.

  9. Wow, a wierdo RB states that a WR (who has done absolutley nothing in the NFL) all of a sudden cannot be covered one on one and a QB that has never thrown for more than 13TD’s in a year is going to be all of a sudden throwing these bombs over Baghdad to this WR. Wow and that makes you feel better about your Super Bowl prediction? Florio if you want to see a real offense with real weapons throw real bullets than watch the Eagles this year who have more weapons than any other time in Mcnabb’s tenure. I’m sure Mcnabb will have 13+ TD’s by week 6.

  10. Well if he said it then it must be true. Because if there is one thing I know, everything a football player says before the season always comes to fruition.
    It’s a little early to be drinking.

  11. The Redskins are the worst team in their division. Just becasue you think Portis is a great quote does not mean he has any idea what he is talking about. 7-9 for the Skins, Zorn out, Gruden takes over next year.

  12. The Skins could easily go 11-5 this year. They got very lucky with a soft non-conference schedule. They are also lucky that T.O. and Plax are no longer in the NFC East. They’re secondary has historically had trouble with bigger receivers over the past few years. The fact that everyone seems to brushing them off is probably a blessing in disguise. This will be a very dangerous team. Personally, I feel that the Eagles are extremely overrated (whom the Skins swept last year), and that this is Wade’s last year in Dallas. NYG is legit, but they are very beatable. We will see.

  13. I hate the Foreskins with a passion…but Florio caught grief about his bold predictions for the Ravens last year and was spot on, so I got to give him some credence. Besides, Romo and Eli are probably the two most over-rated over-hyped QBs in this league, so it’s not like winning the NFC Least is any great difficulty.
    I hope Florio’s wrong this time…

  14. Man I wish he would just not talk. Just run the football dude. No war references to football, and not the day before 9/11. Again, he CONFIRMS how completely clueless he is.

  15. methinks war secretary portis needs to concentrate on the ground forces, marshalling enough firepower to break thru the enemy’s forward line every week. perhaps some close in air support (helos) would be a good idea.
    his unit will likely need an improvement re air commanderie since his existing air squadron leader cannot carry out successful air missions.

  16. I was by no means the first to point it out, but you keep dodging the question, Florio. If they are Super Bowl bound, they why did you and your slappies rank them #22 in your preseason rankings (did you assclowns ever finish that, btw?). It’s your site, sir. How about you at least pretend to notice when you wildly contradict yourself. If they are really Bowl bound, they can’t be #22. If they are really #22, they can’t be Bowl bound. Which is it?

  17. And by the way, I’m simply a neutral observer. The Skins seriously have a chance to go 11-5. All of you idiots who just “automatically” assume they will finish last have no idea about football.
    I love how eagles fans say they now have so many “weapons”. WHO?? What has Maclin done in the NFL? When was the last time Westbrook played an entire season LOL? What has McCoy Done in the NFL? I like Mike Vick, but it will not work in Philly. He’s just using Philly to get back into playing shape, so he can land a starting gig next year.
    The Cowboys are grossly overrated, and have one of the worst coaches in the NFL. Wade should have been fired last year, Jerry will regret it. And people will realize how much T.O. meant to that offense. He was the reason Witten was open so often. All defenses will have to do now is key in on Witten. T.O. commanded the attention of the opposing defense. Roy Williams?? LOL!!

  18. Portis is the dumbest SOB I’ve ever heard. Quote “Dey he dawg if he wan ta fight em let em fight” .
    Every time I hear reference to Portis this quote explodes in my head. I know what I’m smoking, (Bears to SB) what’s your excuse Florio?

  19. Remember this guys, your OPINION counts for no more and probably less than the guy writing this blog. So try offering a little justification for your rants rather than just ranting eh?
    The problem with Skins’ fans is that they’ve become too cynical. Ever since the Danny bought the team, they’ve pretty much sucked. This year, they might too. Did ANYONE pick the Cards to go to the Super Bowl last year? Truth is, we just don’t know. Portis might be on to something. 40 % of the O-Line got younger and better this season. The team showed some flashes of a pretty good aerial attack in pre-season. Zorn is only in his second year teaching his offense. Injuries can kill almost any team, but if the Skins stay healthy, why CAN’T they win it all? That is a pretty tough defense. And the offense does have playmakers.
    Everyone is picking the Giants to win the NFC East, but outside of NY, can anyone name a single Giant WR? Does anyone actually realize that Eli Manning’s numbers are pretty close to Jason Campbell’s numbers (yes, except the SB)? If the Giants have no passing game and the defenses can stack against the run, why should I believe the Giants will win the East?
    It’s anyone’s game.

  20. Every year, we hear the same crap from Deadskin players and their dooshnozzle fanbase. Then, reality sets in, and they fold like the proverbial cheap tent. Their front office is the worst in the league, Zorn is in over his head, the QB is average, the WRs and the O-Line are overrated, and their kicker will screw the pooch when it counts.
    Face it, the first sign of adversity, and this team is done.

  21. Cambell looked pretty poised when I saw him play.
    I think the Skins will be at the tail end of the hunt come December.
    Superbowl? Don’t think so.

  22. I sure hope you’re right Florio! After watching a Bill Bidwell owned Cardinals team go to the show last year it is now official, ANYTHING is possible in this league and the Redskins have a hell of a lot better of a D than the cards did. For the folks saying anything Snyder touches will never succeed, if Bidwell can do it anyone can. He makes Snyder look like the NFL’s version of Jerry Buss by comparison.

  23. For everyone who is bitching and moaning about the Skins to the Super Bowl pick, STFU. A year ago, if anyone had predicted, 1) the Cards would get to the dance and 2)would actually compete against the Steelers, you’d be bitching on here about that, but it actually happened. It’s the freaking NFL. Anyone any year dammit. Stop hating! I’m positive McNabb will throw for more than 13 TDs by week six, and I’m also positive he will choke on his own puke like he does every year in the playoffs. And that’s why the Skins swept that ass.

  24. Hey cj658777 We start with DeSean Jackson who had a great rookie year, compare his stats to Malcom Kelly’s or the rest of the redskins WR core if you want to have a good laugh. Kevin Curtis, Jason Avant, Celek, Westbrook, Weaver, Baskett, Brown, McCoy, Maclin, and yes Vick. Redskins may have swept us but they were watching the Eagles in the Championship game just like you and we really weren’t all that good last year. Maclin has outplayed Kelly in this preseason and is only a rookie. Bombs over Baghdad?? Don’t thinks so, it will be more like Duds over Dulles.

  25. Hey mcgraff, why don’t you read out loud the names you just mentioned?? Curtis, Baskett, Reggie Brown????? LOL!!!! I almost spit out my coffee. Yeah, let’s compare Desean Jackson to Santana, not even close. When was the last time Westbrook played an entire season?? Talk about washed up and overrated. You lost your best defensive player in Dawkins. He meant more to that D than anyone can imagine. He was the leader.

  26. Yes, Either Florio is smoking crack or he justs wants to find a revolutionary pick that might stand out amongst everyone else’s.
    Picking the Skins to win the division much less go to the show is flat out ridiculous.
    First of all, not quite sure what pre-season games Portis was watching. Maybe he was actually watching Saints highlights? Not sure, but since he really wasn’t invloved in the pre-season, I could see how he could get confused.
    5 big reasons why the Skins will go 5-11 this year.
    1) Campbell stinks and will always stink, which is why you never really see support for him from Zorn. Zorn knows he stinks as well.
    2) Zorn is not ready to coach in the NFL. I loved Zorn as a player, he just isn’t ready to lead a team. The team is never ready to play.
    3) Portis is on a downward trend in his career, that plus he is always hurt.
    4) The skins defense is over-rated, and it was over-rated last year. Smoot can nio longer cover anyone, DeAngelo Hall never does anything for any team he plays on despite having some talent. Haynesworth, while a great player, cannot be great sitting on the sideline which is what he typically does about half the time, and will do so again this year.
    5) Their O-Line is one of the worst in the NFL….this is pretty obvious to anyone. The signing of Mike Williams shows how bad off they are.

  27. Yeah, Campbell was “bombing” it in the preseason. no TD’s, barely over half his passes completed. Maybe Portis thinks they traded for Jay Curler.

  28. “influenced in part by the fact that running back Clinton Portis is fully engaged and ready to play.”
    For the first time in his career or what?

  29. “The final decision to make the Redskins our preseason pick…” In other words the boss came up with this an no one was allowed to disagree.
    If Florio is right he looks like a genius, if he’s wrong he never mentions it again. A no lose proposition- like most of what Florio does.

  30. Everyone needs to stop talking about how this person on the Eagles did in the preseason and how many TDs Campbell threw in the preseason. It’s Ef’n PREseason. The Skins got stomped in game three 40something to 3 and gave up like 250 yds on the ground. All the haters got all happy and said we needed to tighten up the run defense (top 5 in league). So preseason matters about as much as a 40 time.
    People who did crap in the preseason before springing on the scene:
    1) Kurt Warner (Even Vermiel was crying about him playing)
    2) Stephen Davis (we tried to trade for Barry Sanders rather than play him and ended up with 18 rushing TDs)
    3) Jake Delhome (beat out in the preseason by Rodney Peete???)
    4) Chad Pennington (cut after Favre trade and was in the top 5 in QB rating in the league)
    And so on and so forth. SO, point being that Campbells stats were on par with Romo, Eli and even the imortal McNabb. Difference being those guys had way better protection all year. Dockery is back at LG and Heyer is in at RT (both upgrades). Campbell will come out and light it up this year.

  31. “Besides, Romo and Eli are probably the two most over-rated over-hyped QBs in this league”
    Didn’t their teams hang like almost 60 combined points on the Ravens last year? Why yes they did.

  32. “The Cowboys are grossly overrated, and have one of the worst coaches in the NFL.”
    He’s got a winning record. Unlike Jim Zorn.
    “And people will realize how much T.O. meant to that offense. He was the reason Witten was open so often. All defenses will have to do now is key in on Witten.”
    Uhhh Witten was putting up great numbers before the Cowboys signed TO.

  33. You guys are morons. You act like the Skins are the Lions. Picking the Giants to win the Super Bowl in 2007 and the Cardinals to make it last season were just as unlikely picks yet they happened. Do you people even watch the league?

  34. Yes, their teams did. And im sure Plax and T.O. will help again this ye… oh wait, forgot they have no more WRs.

  35. Campbell stunk last year, the year before……and all three preseasons…..is that enough evidence for you……….even with protection, Campbell cannot get the job done.

  36. There he is folks….VOX VERITAS…..A Real Man of Genius, Mr. Pro Football Blog Commentator…..We Salute you…..for continuing to think that your team is great, when they have not won a playoff game since 1996….Ohhhh THATS DURING THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION….you never back down from a chance to rant in an article that has nothing to do with your team…..OHHH IM INSECURE YEAH…..During the day, at night, in the afternoon, weekends, holidays, …OHHHH I DON’T HAVE A JOB…….OR A LIFE…..
    Other guy (with a life) – “The Cowboys are grossly overrated, and have one of the worst coaches in the NFL.”
    VOX(never touched a girl) – “He’s got a winning record. Unlike Jim Zorn. ”
    ………..Notice how he avoids that they are overrated….OHH IM IN THE CLOSET…….
    We salute you Mr. Pro Football Blog commentatorrrroorororrrr……yeah!

  37. BTW…..Florio also picked the RAMS to win the superbowl two years ago…..I think they drafted Jake Long with that pick!

  38. Campbell = or > Romo
    Portis > Barber
    Skins WR > Boys WR
    Cooley = Whitten
    Skins OL Boys DL
    Skins LB =or Boys DB
    Specials Teams are both bad.
    Campbell = Manning (NYG fans were ready to get him out of town until THEIR RUNNING GAME got them to the Super Bowl)
    Portis > Jacobs
    Skins WR > NYG WR
    Cooley > Boss
    Skins OL NYG LB
    Skins DB > Boys DB
    I’ve never seen anyone make $100,000,000 because of ONE DAMN GAME until Eli (Cry baby because the Chargers drafted me) Manning.

  39. My bad, with all the hate, thought you were talking about the Skins, but it was the Cowboys. When you said no playoff wins since 1996, I should have thought of the Cowboys right away.

  40. how many playoff games has campbell won?
    sorry but the only thing the skins have over the giants is santana moss. when tuck and umenyiora rape campbell repeatedly on sunday youll see

  41. STFU.Skins4Life………you have some serious issues……or you are 11 years old, one or the other!
    1) Campbell does NOT = Romo or Manning…….how many playoff appearance has JC made again?
    2) Barber and Jacobs are/were better than Portis
    3) Whitten > Cooley (over-rated)
    ..you may continue your “blind homerism” and uneducated “rationales” all you like…….it only makes YOU look STUPID…….nobody else

  42. LMAO!! How is the Giants D Backs better than the Skins??? Or how about the Backers, and you cannot say you’d take Boss over Cooley. Clavette, never post on here again.

  43. Ok guys, enough of the hate. The Redskins are cursed, that is a fact. They are stuck in the fiercest division of all of football. Put any of the teams in the BEAST in other divisions and they would make the playoffs every year…even the Redskins.
    The reason why teams in the NFC EAST don’t make it too deep into the Playoffs at times is because they beat each other senseless during the season that by time playoffs come around…they look like senior citizens at a bingo party.

  44. golongbee,
    OK, once more for the slow people. Romo has won about as many playoff games as Jessica Simpson. And the only on game Manning actually won was the Super Bowl. His RUNNING GAME got him there. Other than the Super Bowl WTF has Manning done? Here we go with this. I’m going to just pull the stats out, because this “Barber and Jacobs are better than Portis” is some bull.

  45. Portis SIX 1,000 yd seasons in 7 years. AND the best blocking back in the NFL the past 20 years.
    1487 yd (4.3 per carry) 9TDs in 2008
    Barber ZERO 1,000 yd seasons in 5 years
    885 (3.7 per carry) 7 TDs in 2008
    1089 (5 per) 15 TDs
    3245 yd 12 TDs (no TO) 6 INT 62.3 %
    3440 yd 26 TDs (will go down without TO) 11 INT 61.3% Rating – 91.4
    Eli Manning
    3238 yd 21 TDs 10 INT 60.3 % Rating-86.4
    EXPLAIN HOW BARBER/JACOBS IS BETTER THAN PORTIS AT ALL. ANYONE, PLEASE RESPOND. Not to mention their lines were blocking MUCH better than the Skin’s the last couple years.
    Romo’s numbers are slightly higher because he gets 4-6 seconds to throw all the time. Everytime he plays a team that’s able to get at him, he sucks (every playoff game he’s ever played). Just because he had T.O. and a better pass blocking line does not make him considerably better.

  46. By week 7 they were talking about Campbell being league MVP and once the line got banged up he slumped. I agree with jackmycoolaid though. If any of the NFC East teams were in the West, they’d go 14-2 every year.

  47. Let’s break down the QB argument:
    First, who is throwing the ball?
    Of all active quarterbacks they rank as follows:
    JC: 31.4 Att/Gm Rank (12)
    EM: 31.3 Att/Gm (14)
    TR: 19.5 Att/Gm (35)
    So Romo has the luxury of not throwing too much, but he does have the highest YPG:
    JC: 201.2
    EM: 200.3
    TR: 234.7
    But despite throwing more passes than any of the three, Campbell has the best Int. % of all active QBs:
    JC: 2.0%
    EM: 3.2 (21)
    TR: 3.5 (29)
    So even though Romo throws the ball the least, he gets picked the most. Baaaaad.
    But it still allows for the following career Passer ratings (again, only for active QBs):
    JC: 80.4 (24)
    EM: 76.1 (27)
    TR: 94.7 (1)
    And one more stat, career completion percentage:
    JC: 59.7
    EM: 55.9
    TR: 63.6
    So, what is the moral of these stats?
    Campbell is a statistically better QB than Eli Manning, but not as good as Romo. However, Romo turns the ball over a lot more and has the luxury of not throwing it so often. Romo also chokes in the big games. For golongboyee, Campbell and Romo have exactly the same number of playoff wins…zero.
    None of these QBs are dramatically better than the others and if you look at the receiving options for 2009…I would take Campbell as having the best year.

  48. STFU.Skins4Life
    Again I ask……how many playoff games has Campbell EVER appeared in???????
    About the same as Jessica Simpson!

  49. STFU.Skins4Life
    ..ah……ask anyone in the league which back they would ratehr have……..the answer would be unanimously Jacobs………PERIOD

  50. STFU.Skins4Life
    gee, by your stats, you just confirmed……Manning and Romo are better……..both have at least APPEARED in the playoffs……..and have proved they can come through in the clutch……..Campbell has proven he can be a semi-respectable cog in a system, that is all.

  51. Whoever thinks Marion Barber or Brandon Jacobs is better than Clinton Portis….. just should not be talking about NFL Football.

  52. Drastik29………whomever thinks Portis is better needs to stop taking their “blind homer” pills and wake up to reality.

  53. I agree with Florio and CP on this.Skins are going to the super bowl!! The nfc is sooooooo overated its sickening.The skins o line is actually pretty damn good,the problem is theres not alot of depth.The defense was 4th overall last year despite getting next to no turnovers.Add Phat Albert and D Hall with Phillip Daniels healthy and London Fletcher (who by the way is the most underrated player in the nfl) and that beast outta texas Orakpo and you got maybe the best overall D in the league!!Cant wait to see Eli on his back sunday.Campbells playing for his career portis is a tough S.O.B.,moss,cooley,randle el,and malcolm kelly and devin thomas!!!! Bombs over Baghdad indeed!!!

  54. Clinton Portis is fresh off a pro-bowl… Brandon Jacobs almost got outshone by his backup last year.
    You talk about “blind homerism” lets analyze some comments you made:
    1) Campbell stinks and will always stink, which is why you never really see support for him from Zorn. Zorn knows he stinks as well.
    You’re wrong here, Zorn has publicly backed Campbell time after time, even when Campbell has had sub-par games, Zorn always says Campbell had a good game.
    2) Zorn is not ready to coach in the NFL. I loved Zorn as a player, he just isn’t ready to lead a team. The team is never ready to play.
    I dont know how a team who is “never ready to play” goes 6-2 before being decimated by injuries along the offensive line. And who also swept the Eagles last year, who everyone thinks will go to the superbowl because they added some rookies and inconsistent O-linemen.
    3) Portis is on a downward trend in his career, that plus he is always hurt.
    Portis has played all 16 games 3 of the past 4 seasons, including playing all 16 the past 2 straight years. And a downward trend??? Portis had 1500 rushing yards to go along with 200+ receiving yards last year, if that is your idea of a downward trend then I dont know what you view Brandon Jacobs as.
    4) The skins defense is over-rated, and it was over-rated last year. Smoot can nio longer cover anyone, DeAngelo Hall never does anything for any team he plays on despite having some talent. Haynesworth, while a great player, cannot be great sitting on the sideline which is what he typically does about half the time, and will do so again this year.
    Over-rated defense? How about a defense that finished 4th in the league last year, and was ranked higher than the NY Giants defense. Not to mention the Giants owned one of the best pass rushes in the NFL, whereas the Redskins had no pass rush. Which means, even with an outstanding pass rush, the Giants defense was still worse than the Redskins… hmmm….
    5) Their O-Line is one of the worst in the NFL….this is pretty obvious to anyone. The signing of Mike Williams shows how bad off they are.
    When fully healthy, the O-line is not bad. Jansen, Samuels, and Randy Thomas were all hurt down the stretch last year which lead to JC getting no time to throw the ball, when the o-line was healthy for the first part of the season, JC was an MVP candidate. Not to mention the Redskins added Derrick Dockery in the off-season, and replaced Jon Jansen.

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