Scaife unhappy with Harrison hit

Count Titans tight end Bo Scaife among the NFL players who agree with Maurice Jones-Drew’s recent tirade regarding low hits.

Of course, Scaife might not have cared much about the issue before Thursday night.  But after he took a low hit on Thursday night from Steelers linebacker James Harrison, Scaife is singing a different tune.

He dove at my leg,” Scaife said, per the Tennessean.  “It was a cheap shot.”

At first, we thought Scaife was whining over a clean tackle that left him “badly limping” in the locker room.  But after re-reviewing the play, we see his point.

Scaife ran a short out route to the left side of the field.  Harrison, after disrupting slot receiver Justin Gage’s pattern with a quick bump, covered the short zone into which Scaife hand entered. 

As Scaife caught the ball, Harrison assumed full-blown torpedo mode, even though Harrison could have blown up Scaife, who had his back turned while catching the pass, at pad level.

The end result?  Harrison went head first into Scaife’s lower extremities, clamping onto his left ankle and apparently causing a hyperextension of the knee.

“I have been
playing my whole life and no one has ever hit me like that,” Scaife said.  “So I know
when it is real and when it is not real.  So it was a cheap shot and I
don’t care if that gets back to him either.”

Harrison likely doesn’t care about what Scaife thinks.  It was a clean hit within the letter of the rules.  But, still, it wasn’t necessary for Harrison to go low in that specific case.

Low hits are a fact of life in football.  In some circumstances, however, there’s no need to aim for the joints most responsible for the player’s ability to earn a living.

125 responses to “Scaife unhappy with Harrison hit

  1. Harrison is a piece of $hit. That was an obvious low blow on a guy who could have been tackled easily any other way. At least $hittsburgh gets some payback since their ugly a$$ safety has to miss 3-6 weeks.

  2. I think Harrison is a pretty damn good defensive player, but he is a first class asshole. When I watched that play, I thought it was unnecessary too – he was trying to hurt him, plain and simple. There’s really no need to try and end a player’s season because your boy Troy got his leg rolled on, which was unintentional, and you have a problem with containing your psycho emotions. That’s probably why he has Pit Bulls that attack his own children, to toughen them up.

  3. I think they teach the Steelers to do that crap. The hairy pineapple does the same thing. The play he made on Chris Johnson early in the game was a tremendous play, but as far as form tackling goes, it was awful. He put his head down and dove at his ankles. He (the pineapple) could get seriously injured doing that if someone ever hit him on the crown of his head with their knee.
    And yes Steeler fans, both plays are within the scope of the rules.

  4. And I’m sure every player on every team could say the same thing. Right or wrong, it’s part of the game and until they make rule changes to prevent those hits completely (and we’re all watching NFL flag football) it’s not going to change. The difference is, every other player in the league doesn’t run around whinning about.

  5. Whatever. The way he was hit contributed to the fumble.
    Scaife is just butt-hurt that he helped lose the game for the Titans.

  6. What have players been taught since they were 5 years old when making a tackle??? You don’t tackle a guy high, you get low and take his legs out from under him. I’m tired of players whining about getting hit too hard or too low or whatever else. They get paid millions of dollars to play a sport. This isn’t 2 hand touch it is a collision sport. There was nothing dirty about that hit and this is coming from someone that really doesn’t like the Steelers.

  7. And, if you don’t want to get hit like that, fall to the ground as soon as you make your catch.
    And alligator arm it if a defender is ready to take your head off.
    Otherwise, quite your bitching.

  8. What a piece of garbage, trying to end someones career like that. Maybe somebody can accidently fall on Harrisons knee.

  9. If scaife was so concerned with the hem of his skirt getting dirtied he could have skipped backwards out of bounds.
    Harrison had no idea that “Bo” was going to standing straight up waiting to be hit. Ask the Bus or Brandon Jacobs if they were ever tackled anywhere aside from the knees.

  10. Umm…before Polamalu was injured, he tried to tackle Bo Scaife high and Scaife shrugged him off and picked up a first down.
    By the way, Harrison and every other pass rusher in the NFL gets cut blocked five or six times a game. I don’t feel bad a player who gets tackled by the legs.
    This is a BS gripe. I’m sure I can find plenty of plays where Scaife has cut block a pass rusher.

  11. It’s not like you should be surprised at Harrison taking cheap shots, he’s made plenty.
    Remember the incident he had with Aaron Francisco in the Super Bowl?

  12. This is a classic example why the Titans are a bunch of LOSERS. Jeff Fisher is a terrific coach, but with losers like LenWhale White, Sciafe and the other punks on the roster, they will NEVER win anything.
    I watched the reply over a few times. Most of you douches have never played football, nor understand what it takes to play. Let me spell it out for you with some crayons and paper: these guys are going 1,000 MPH and aren’t going to stop and think ‘now wait a minute…..I really should tackle this guy like this….no wait….maybe like this.’ Harrison didn’t hurt that loser on purpose. Now that Scaife (who is this guy anyways??) is crying like abeeyotch, maybe he had it coming.
    What Crumple did to Polamalu was more dirty.

  13. Stop your bitching. It’s completely fine to tackle someone like that. There are plenty of similar hits the entire year where players aren’t hurt. Why do offensive players feel like tackling at or below the knees should be illegal now? So they have a better chance to break the tackle and make a play? While all the defensive players that were trying to make those plays end up getting cut for not being a reliable tackler. And I hate the Steelers and I totally disagree with this.

  14. kset2kx…is 100% correct. That is what is taught from pop warner up. You take a guys legs out from underneath him. These whinning players are ridiculous. You don’t like it…go play tennis.

  15. I got an idea….and they can televise the slaughter. Sciafe, tears running down his face and all, should go and say that to Harrison’s face. Then we’ll see how tough Sciafe is.

  16. If Harrison played for any other team than the Steelers, Florio would be all over his a$$. What a homer.

  17. @ kset2kx
    I dont know what crap school you played HS football at but I was never tought to dive head first at someone’s knee cap. I was always told to wrap up the legs and drive through. I guess you learned how to play football in somewhere in Pennsylvania.

  18. I remember Roethlisberger and all those Steeler fans bitching when Odell Thurman hit him at the knees. They all were saying it was a dirty hit and that Thurman didn’t need to hit him at that level. The problem is, Thurman was TRIPPED by the Steelers O-Lineman who admitted he tripped him on purpose. As Thurman was blitzing ready to pop Ben, the trip made him fall forward and landed at Ben’s knee level.
    The Harrison hit last night was dirty and certainly not one that a real MVP would need to make a tackle.

  19. Its tackle football. Scaife was a ball carrier. I guess Polamalu’s tackle on Chris Johnson by the goal line was a cheap shot also since he hit him around the knees. Maybe Scaife should try flag football.

  20. Replay Harrisons act and look at the so called crack back that Farve was fined for and tell me who was more intent on causing injury ?
    Side bar: Any word on the culprits that abducted the Steelers RB’s last night ?

  21. Wahhh! James Harrison should have just pushed me Wahhh! Why do the Steelers always have to hit players on the opposing team. Wahhh! Other teams don’t hit that hard so the Steelers must be doing cheap shots.
    Seriously you guys need to grow up and realize that you only hate the Steelers because they play the way the game was meant to be played and you wish you could say that about your team.

  22. Some people will complain about anything.
    They just made a rule that you cant tackle a reciever high, so he went low. Now people piss and moan about that.
    What exactly should he do? Politely ask him to kneel down?
    It is football, people, not figure skating.

  23. A Steeler take a cheap shot? The hell you say. The team that employed Greg Lloyd, Jason Gildon and Kimo von Oelhoffen would never, ever have a player that would make dirty hits. The next thing you’ll be telling me is that Hines Ward tries to end careers of players who aren’t even in the play.

  24. There’s no crying in football! It was a legal hit, caused a fumble and Harrison should be applauded.
    “He went for my leg”
    …yea dumbass it’s called tackle football, you had the ball, he tried to tackle you legally by taking you off your feet. Go figure, crazy stuff!
    What a bunch of pussified nonsense.

  25. Why don’t we just take the defense off the field? This would stop all of this complaining about getting hit in football.

  26. Steelers have made a living on low, technically, legal hits for many, many years now. usually it is QBs in playoff games – hits on Tom Brady and Carson Palmer come to mind.

  27. Of all the hits in the game last night, that is the one that was dirty? Wow!! Harrison is an ass, but he was making a tackle, I don’t think there is enough time in a game for a player running flat out to size up a ball carrier and decide the best way possible to tackle him so as to cause the least amount of damage.
    It’s football the goal of the defense is to get the ball carrier to the ground as soon as possible. Scaife caught the ball and Harrison dove for him. Nothing dirty about it. Sucks he was hit in the knee, but that is life.
    There was also nothing dirty about the Polamalu hit. It was a freak football play. Crumpler was going after the ball, simple as that.

  28. Every person I have talked to about this tackle has said it was a dirty play & a cheap shot.
    Everyone… except the Steeler homers I know.
    I didn’t get to see the game but I saw the highlights after I got back from the hospital.
    Very cheap play… big fine and a suspension are in order. What he did could have ruined Scaife’s future earnings, since he is in a contract year.
    I don’t blame Bo for being pissed off. There was no call for that at all. It’s like this article said, Harrison had no reason to tackle him like that except to hurt him intentionally. Harrison needs to be fined & suspended…

  29. It’s football people… If your going to complain about any hit (and I wouldnt) then complain about the hit from Harrison on the WR in the end zone. Personally, neither hit was illegal (obviously because I didnt see a flag) and the fact that Scaife fumbled was because he let go of the ball.
    If you can’t try to tackle someone high and now you want to say they can’t go low… where are you allowed to tackle someone, in the 2 inch spot in their chest? Come on people… its football… if you can’t deal with getting hit on a legal play then don’t play the game!

  30. The hit was a low blow. Harrison should be ashamed of himself. Scaife at that point was having a good night and it appears Harrison was tired of trying to cover the TE so he took him out. Next week, someone should aim for Harrison’s knee. Payback is a B*****

  31. It is football. What Harrison did is maybe questionable, but Polamalu”s hit was great, its called cutting. It’s apart of football. Offensive lineman who run a zone scheme do it often, running backs in the shotgun do it all the time. It’s a way of blocking and tackling. As a former safety I cut all the time in college. It saves your shoulders and it ofen causes fumbles. You guys need to stop whining it’s football. Bob Sanders and Troy mastered the art of the cut tackle. Who the hell wants to tackle a back like Brandon Jacobs or Steven Jackson head up. You have to use your brain and take your shots when they present themselves.

  32. @killachap
    You’re back and as usual, you will say anything that goes against the defending Super Bowl champions. It wasn’t a cheap shot. It was a tackle. Scaife sucks. I guess Harrison made him lay the ball down like the little whining girl that he is. Welcome back, Chap!
    Where are SFTitan, Titan87, and BoroTitan? Losers!!!!!!!!
    Go Steelers!!!!!!!

  33. Don’t really care if it was a cheapshot or not, but tackling isn’t tought like that at any level.
    Thats a last ditch method of tackling, fundamental tackle is see what you are hitting, head up, facemask on the ball, bring your arms through the tackle to wrap and keep your feet driving through the ball carrier.

  34. Harrison – Reigning NFL Defensive MVP, holder of record for longest play in Superbowl history.
    Scaife – couldn’t get recognized if he was wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m Bo Scaife”
    Know your roll Scaife and shut your yapper, it’s embarising to all of the adults in the room.
    It’s a fast violent game boys! I’m sure there was some tennis on last night for those of you that are squeamish.

  35. Most defensive players go for the legs because it’s more likely to bring the opponent down (stop the legs, stop the movement) and it saves wear and tear on their own bodies versus tackling the upper body. However, most defensive players nowadays have poor tackling skills and opt for the “duck my head and torpedo my shoulder into his body because it looks cool” method. So it’s no surprise that when a guy isn’t looking where he’s going, what he was aiming for isn’t what he hits by the time he and the offensive player make contact. It’s not necessarily a cheap shot, but to this layperson it seems irresponsible. Football is a game of violence and fury, but also one of honor and respect. Everyone out there is putting their body on the line. No player wants his knee blown up, but in every game you can see which players don’t offer the same respect in return. Harrison could have tackled the thigh while still going low.

  36. Wasn’t it Harrison who also had a near illegal hit on Gage in the endzone when Gage was defenseless after having the ball knocked away?

  37. I remember during Adrian Peterson’s rookie season a Packers DB (I think Al Harris) made a similar hit on the side of his knee that seemed like a cheap shot. He could have hit him anywhere and chose to dive at the side of his knee.
    But the more I watched AP play, I realize that anyone who chooses to go high on him is asking for trouble. He has so much power in his legs that he can easy break a tackle when defenders try to hit him high and/or deliver punishment to the tackler if they go at him head on.
    My point is that today’s NFL players are much stronger, especially in the legs, that the most sure way to bring a guy down is to knock their legs out instead of trying for a hard upper body hit or try and wrap them up above the waist. Sometimes, in going for the legs, the knee will be hit. So defensive players need to decided if they want to be criticized for being cheap and going for the legs (which the knee is a part of) or be criticized for poor tackling if the go for the upper body and are unable to make the tackle and give up a big play.

  38. Welcome to the game of football… it’s a contact sport so if you’re too much of a vagina to play…. Join the Ballet or somehting for christ sakes!
    Maybe Harrison was getting a little pissed about being held every down. He’s the only guy I know htat can be “legally” blocked FROM BEHIND!

  39. All you Steeler babies get your hankerchiefs out now because that Swiss cheese you call an O-Line is gonna let you down then Ben can get back to his second career sooner, putting “rapies” in girl’s Jagermeister.

  40. This is absolutely ridiculous and coming from a Bengals fan. Its one thing if Scaife was a 180 pound receiver, the guy is a 250-pound TE. If you try to go high theres a good chance hes going to break the tackle and get extra yardage. You get big guys down by taking out there legs, not trying to hit them where the bulk of their 250 pounds exists. The league takes another step towards flag football each and every week.

  41. @frox
    What’s up with the Pineapple jokes? If you idiots watched or played any football you would see that there are many tackles like that each game. Do you want this to be a 2 hand touch league?
    Go watch tennis

  42. “It was a clean hit within the letter of the rules. ”
    ‘Nuff said… Quite bitchin’, its a contact sport!

  43. I saw the replay. There was no need for Harrison to go for Scaife’s knees like that. He has his back to Harrison, like the article says.
    For those Steeler fans who are on Scaife’s sh*t for complaining, just remember this the next time some opposing CB pulls this stunt to Hines Ward or Willie Parker. If your team’s player gets hurt in a similar play, don’t be hypocrites and complain about it being a cheap shot when a Steeler gets hurt but it’s not dirty when some other team’s player get injured by your team’s CBs. Double standards like that are for hypocrites…

  44. I’m sure the reigning NFL defensive MVP cares about the opinions of a bunch of dorks who’ve never sniffed an NFL or college field. WHY WOULD HE TRY TO HURT SCAIFE?!?! Is Scaife a top 10 TE? top 20…30? Seriously let me know when your ‘Football Fundamentals 101’ comes out on DVD so I can purchase it. I bet it’ll be awesome!!
    But if I can make a request, please include all the crying and whining outtakes. That will separate it from all others.

  45. Of course Stiller fans think it’s not a cheap shop… until it happens to one of their own.
    This is run of the mill for Harrison isn’t it? Look what he did in the Super Bowl, punching and shoving a guy to the ground when it wasn’t needed.

  46. @steeler-hater,
    the same thing DID happen to both Willie Parker and Hines Ward. Nobody complained. We just moved on and won the Super Bowl.
    Mr. Florio, please set up for Miss Scaife and the rest of her female commentors.
    Thank you
    Go Steelers!!!!!

  47. If you don’t want to get tackled below the knees after a catch, jump really high afterwards. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the defender will be going high on that tackle and you’ll still get hit below the knees, dropping you right on your fricking head.

  48. All of you self-satisfied idiots whining about how ‘low tackles are legal, so everyone should shut up’, are missing the point.
    It wasn’t that Harrison tackled him low, or ‘took his legs out from under him’.
    The point is that he dove right for the guys knees, straight on, from the *front*. That’s an incredibly dangerous angle to take, and if Scaife hadn’t reacted so quickly, his leg would have been snapped in half. It was shocking to watch.
    What made it worse was that Harrison didn’t have to do it at all. He had a wide-open shot at Scaife, with Scaife completely distracted by reaching for the ball. It was right on the sidelines, so it would have been simple to just knock him out of bounds with a torso or midsection hit. There was no chance at all that he’d be able to shake loose–Harrison had him, and just had to run in and wrap him up.
    But instead of any of the easy tackles or push-outs he could have chosen, Harrison went right for the knees at the most dangerous possible angle.
    Dirty, cheap, and completely unnecessary to boot. I went into the game liking the Steelers, and came out disgusted. I won’t be rooting for them for a while if this is how they do it.

  49. I will say this, if it was a Steeler player that got hurt by the same kind of tackle last night, then us Steeler fans would be bitching too. That being said, you people that rip on the Steelers and the City of Pittsburgh itself, you’re a bunch of slimeballs. It’s just sour grapes because you know your team doesn’t have six super bowl rings, if they even have one. This is football, and like someone said earlier in a comment, when you’re coming at someone full tilt, you don’t have time to stop and pick the exact spot you want to hit them. If a leg gets taken out sometimes, hey, that happens. So people quit whining about bogus hits just because you’re mad that your team isn’t and probably never will be as good a franchise as are the Black ‘N’ Gold. Sour grapes, sour grapes.

  50. Seriously! It is FOOTBALL a CONTACT sport.
    Everyone is whining and jealous b/c he is great and the Steelers are #1.
    You’re just a bunch of MEOW’s!!!!

  51. Seems a lot of you guys don’t know the difference between a tackle and a hit.
    Tackling low is ok. Hitting low is not.

  52. “As Scaife caught the ball, Harrison assumed full-blown torpedo mode, even though Harrison could have blown up Scaife, WHO HAD HIS BACK TURNED while catching the pass, at pad level.”
    Scaife had his BACK turned to Harrison when he caught the ball and then was hit in the FRONT of the knee?
    Harrison can’t be held accountable if the receiver turns as he is about to get hit in the back of the legs.

  53. Harrison hit was clean, can’t expect a guy like him (or any player in that position trying to make a play) to discern which is the friendliest way to make a tackle. Yes it was borderline, just like the hit he put on Gage earlier, but that’s what happens, they’re not robots.
    Troy’s knee was MUCH less bordeline, you have a guy going for the ball dude, whatever your sorry name is that was moaning about that play. Insufferable Steeler fans are right about the Harrison play, but Troy’s knee was a victim of circumstance as well, get over both.

  54. That is how you tackle! You drive the shoulder into the legs hile wrapping up with the arms!
    These stupid gutless wimpy players these days never practice tackling! Only this one is so stupid he says it out loud! He’s never seen tackling!
    Plus he is a gutless cheap wimpy basketball type that just dropped the ball when he got tackled.
    Time to man up wimpy Scaife! Stop whining and crying to Mammy!
    Fisher has to take some extra time to slap this wimp around or he will wilt everytime on the field as demonstrated last night.
    Hang onto the ball dummy!
    Tackling is part of the game little girl!

  55. every steelers fan here knows DAMN well that was a dirty hit.
    He dove at the mans knee caps.
    I could care less about both of your stupid teams… but I know a dirty hit when I see one.
    hits that like just make you cringe, and Harrison has always been a dirty player.

  56. Yeah all these guys telling him to stop whining have to be Squeeler fans. They are the dirtiest damn players in the league. But once Ben gets hit in the slightest dirty way, they’ll be drying tears with their gay towels b/c it was a dirty hit. The steelers will get theirs. Don’t worry. Every team in the league will be going after them if they continue to play dirty. Just wait. I can’t wait to see them get knocked off one by one this year. One’s already down. Plenty to go.

  57. “Every person I have talked to about this tackle has said it was a dirty play & a cheap shot.
    Everyone… except the Steeler homers I know. ”
    So what, have you talked to about 3 people? I’m a Redskins fan and have zero dog in this hunt. It wasn’t dirty and it wasn’t a cheap shot, it was a good legal football play that caused a turnover.
    Scaife is full on CYA mode, the dude dropped the freaking football when he got hit much easier than many a WR on a crossing route or reaching up for a pass that leaves them open to a human missile coming in from the FS position. The guy flat out pussed out on that play and is trying to cover his ass now by pointing the finger at the guy who tackled him legally. If it was so stunningly dirty and cheap then where was Collinsworth -a former player and pass catcher- on it? I know he’s a clueless douche but if it was as dirty as you say even he’d be crying foul.

  58. @steeler-hater How do you suggest that they fine / suspend someone who within the letter of the rule book didn’t break any rules? Keep hatin’, it sure has gotten you far in life.

  59. Whine whine wine. You want to be a pussy, get a job selling insurance. Otherwise get up every morning and thank God you get to make a living PLAYING A GAME!!!

  60. “What have players been taught since they were 5 years old when making a tackle??? You don’t tackle a guy high, you get low and take his legs out from under him.”
    So… it’s obvious that you never played. And if you did, your team sucked.

  61. “…# killachap says: September 11, 2009 9:34 AM
    I guess you learned how to play football in somewhere in Pennsylvania….”
    “Pennsylvania has produced 26 players enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame – more than any other state…”
    What was the point you were trying to make again?
    I missed it because of the glare from all the Lombardi’s.

  62. i LOVE that polamalu is hurt. he is a queer. cut your hair f@g. i would love to see someone BLAST hines ward too. I CAN’T STAND SHITTSBURGH. Big Ben is the sloppiest QB in the game.

  63. That was a cheap shot.
    Regardless of whether the hit was legal in the letter of the rules, it was dirty, dirty, dirty.
    It was an intentional attempt by Harrison to injure someone, and he got that accomplished. Cheap, dirty and completely unnecessary. The guy should be heavily fined. Hell, they fined Jared Allen twice last year on unintentional low hits that resulted in injury, and in Harrison’s case the intent to injure was blatantly obvious.

  64. hayward giablommi says:
    September 11, 2009 9:24 AM
    Cheap shot? Pittsburgh?
    Sniveling franchise envy? Hayward?

  65. The name of the game is FOOTBALL which is a CONTACT sport. All you whiners need to pick another sport b/c you obviously can’t hang with this one.
    And anybody that would want to see another player hurt is a MEOW or a Cowboys fan with a broncos user name.
    Steelers #1 with 6 Superbowls Biatches and going for #7!!!

  66. @florio lawyer
    @ Dustin Chandler says:
    September 11, 2009 10:43 AM
    every steelers fan here knows DAMN well that was a dirty hit.
    I am a Steelers fan, in fact, i am one for life. I don’t think it was dirty. I thought it is was a good, hard tackle which caused a fumbled. Had it been the other way around, I would have been upset to lose a player but felt the same way about the hit. It’s football.

  67. Good. So if an opponent does this sort of thing to Roethy or Ward and it ends up ruining their careers, I expect you Steeler fans not to piss & moan about it, since it is considered a “clean hit” by the rules. Even though it is also considered a dirty shot among the players who know that such hits jeopardize their careers and livelihoods.
    Harrison had better options on that play but he chose to try and deliberately injure another player and in a fashion that could have ended the man’s career.
    Very classless move… even for a Steeler player.

  68. Don’t fret, Steelers haters. By this time next season there will be a new NFL rule implemented called “The James Harrison Rule”.
    That’s what the NFL does when the Steelers hit someone with legal hits.

  69. No loyalties to either of these teams, so I’m chiming in as an impartial observer here.
    * Yes, it was legal.
    * Yes, it was also a dirty hit.
    There is no doubt that Harrison went for the guy’s knees. Now, if Scaife had caught the ball 10 yards back and was chugging upfield with a full head of steam, then I could buy the argument (excuse) that Harrison was afraid he wouldn’t be strong enough to tackle the guy high, so he went for the legs. While it’s much more common for lighter, weaker players (like safeties) to do that than supposedly strong, hulking linebackers… in the case of a heavy TE with a full head of steam, even a LB might be afraid he doesn’t have the strength to tackle him up high.
    But that was NOT the case here. The TE had absolutely no forward momentum, indeed his momentum was backwards towards the line of scrimmage (as he was reaching back to catch the ball). There is no way any LB in that situation–and certainly not one of the caliber of Harrison–would be “afraid” that he was too weak to make a standard, middle/upper body tackle. I just can’t buy that. To argue that is basically to argue that Harrison was playing scared on that play, playing like a little wussy. I don’t think Harrison is a little wussy, and I don’t think Harrison was scared or afraid that he couldn’t make the tackle.
    The only other option is, he went for the knees intentionally, when there was absolutely no reason to do so.
    That, my friends, is a dirty play.

  70. cfuska says:
    “That being said, you people that rip on the Steelers and the City of Pittsburgh itself, you’re a bunch of slimeballs. It’s just sour grapes because you know your team doesn’t have six super bowl rings, if they even have one.”
    mrmagoo says:
    “Sniveling franchise envy? Hayward?”
    Sour grapes? Franchise envy? Laughable. Guys, my team has owned your this decade, and has plenty of success of its own. I promise you, I don’t envy your team, your city, and considering the Pats have had no really meaningful defeats this decade to Pittsburgh, there’s no reason for jealousy.
    I, for one, dislike you all because you are insufferable in victory and the sorest bunch of losers in defeat. I dislike your players, your coach, and if I hear how you and your team is “blue collar” and “bringing the lunch pail to work” one more time I am going to punch a wall.

  71. @steeler-hater
    Harrison did not intend to hurt Scaife. NFL players do not want to end careers of others. You are being overly dramatic just like a female and Miss Scaife.
    Harrison did not have another option. He was trying to tackle the guy. I guess he could have let Miss Scaife run by him or grabbed his flag. Would that have made you happy?

  72. To killachap, steeler-hater, VoxVeritas, hayward, et al.
    We feast on your tears — your insipid, ignorant tears.

  73. that was not a dirty hit!!???
    it was unnecessary but not intentionally dirty, all you girls think he was trying to end his career? gimme a freakin break!!! he tackled him by the ankle, he didnt lunge into his kneecap, if you cant handle getting tackled by the ankles you shouldnt be in the NFL.
    and for the record, the hit did not contribute to the fumble whatsoever.

  74. I’m a fan of neither team, but it’s obvious that Harrison’s a thug. If he wasn’t blessed enough to play football he’d be doing time…

  75. The Steelers is blue collar. They bring the lunch pail to work every Sunday.
    Watchout Wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Perhaps James was a bit peeved that apparently the “new stricter holding calls enforcement” won’t benefit him. Wow did he get held, and no flag. Meanwhile, Starks doesn’t even do half of what Roos did, and gets called for holding.
    Tell Scaife to go complain to Goodell if he has a problem.

  77. @hayward
    Do everyone on here a favor and punch yourself instead. The fact that you just admitted to being a Cheatriots fan just says it all right there. I don’t think anything else even needs to be said. So either admit you’re jealous or go comment where someone wants to hear it. Because this “blue collar” “bringing the lunch pail to work” steelers fan has had enough of your ignorant mouth.
    P.S. How’s your defense looking this year? Yeah, it’s looking grim.

  78. It’s great how these types of discussions bring out the weak-minded individuals who associate themselves so much with a certain team that they refer to the team as “us” or “we” and somehow think that they’re cooler or better because they’ve picked a winning team to root for–that they are in some way superior to a different fan, when neither has thing one to do with whether “their” team wins or loses.
    Fans are just spectators. You are not any cooler because a professional organization does something in complete ignorance of you.
    It doesn’t get any less strange over time.

  79. The Steelers are a bunch of sore winners that can only point to the 6 rings as why there the best team ever year. Unfortunately, those rings don’t mean sh*t this year or next, and if you keep your cheap shot crap going on your going to be really pissed when everyone goes head hunting and knee crushing on every player in every game, then will once again hear about how your just being picked on becasue of 6 super bowl rings.
    Steelers first to point out they beat you and last to admit the just plainly lost a game to a team that played better on a given night.
    I actually cheer for you when your not playing my team, but that’s becoming harder to do when you cry that everyone disrespects you while you drive the rusty screwdriver in their back talking about how you beat them.

  80. The reaction to this is hillarious. The torch and pitchfork crowd is out for Harrison’s head.
    Offensive Linemen, Tight Ends, and Running Backs throw dozens of cut block each and every game, and rarely do you hear about it.
    Harrison makes an open field tackle at the legs of an off-balance tight end, the player falls awkwardly, and everyone calls Harrison dirty.
    This is stupid.

  81. cfuska says:
    “The fact that you just admitted to being a Cheatriots fan just says it all right there. ”
    >>>>>The fact that you say “Cheatriots” tells me your maturity level. A lesser person would go “Shittsburgh Squeelers” on you but some of us are adults here.
    “So either admit you’re jealous or go comment where someone wants to hear it.”
    >>>>>Admit jealousy? Why? Jealous of what? How about you admit your jealous that the Pats own the Steelers in January and I’ll admit that I’m jealous of…errr…why should I be jealous of you again?
    “P.S. How’s your defense looking this year? Yeah, it’s looking grim.”
    >>>>>Seeing as how they’re pretty much rebuilding from the ground up, not so good.
    How’s your run game looking?

  82. To all the tight Wrangler wearing Tenneseeans… Jealousy is a very powerful emotion. I wish you all the best in your endless quest to overcome it. Keep hatin, we’ll keep winning Superbowls.

  83. Are you kidding me low hit give me a break
    This is the NFL not flag football
    Not a Stealers fan but I did enjoy watching there D
    I hope Troy gets better soon that guy is outstanding

  84. It was a legal hit. It caused the receiver to fumble. Steelers win. All is good.
    Can’t wait for Cutler!

  85. @hayward
    Cheatriots, that’s all i gotta say. I love dealing with intelligent people (or at least ones who think they are)

  86. WTF!!! So, according to Bo boy its a dirty shot to tackle someone by their legs or dive at them….If thats the case then I guess every defensive player is a dirty player since they all do that…saw some Titans players do it last night as well.
    Bo boy need to stop crying and play football if he can’t then get out of the game.
    BOO HOO.

  87. I find it interesting that Scaife cries low hit when he did the EXACT same thing to Shawne Merriman two years ago on a crack-back block. Scaife blew out SMs knee as retaliation for running into VY. He now has the nerve to whine about a supposed low hit that was unintentional. I call Karma on this one.

  88. And another thing Hayward, I really don’t think someone with the name HAYWARD GIABLOMMI should really be downing on someone else’s maturity level. Seems to me yours is right up there by that login name. I’ve said this before, think before you type. C’mon now.

  89. Jones Drew complaining about Smoot tackling him was laughable, this one could have, and did actually hurt the guy

  90. Polamalu was right, it’s turning into a pansy league. When offensive players begin whining about the way they’re tackled things are a-changin. Maybe you shouldn’t have been such a dick in last year’s game, Bo. Maybe rubbing in an already-won game by stomping on a towel was considered by some to be a cheap shot as well. Dummy.
    And don’t TEs and RBs pretty much always go low when they stay in to block?

  91. @ LightningStrikes:
    That’s a good point you bring up. Jeff Fisher’s teams usually are some of the dirtier ones in the league, from the cheapshot on Merriman’ you mention, to Bobby Wade deliberately injury Rodney Harrison’s knees at the end of 2006. Kevin Mawae is known as one of the diriest players in the game as well.

  92. @hayward
    Nice try, but I doubt the proud Italian people want you disrespecting them like that. Grow up, learn the game and quit crying that my team has more super bowl rings than yours.

  93. Went back and watched the replay one more time. It is clear that Harrison turns and starts running to tackle Scaife as he is catching the ball. Harrison then begins to go in for the tackle. At that time Scaife moves back and away from Harrison, which causes Harrison to hit Scaife lower than what it appears he was trying to do.
    Thoughts are the same as before. It is football, it was a tackle, not the prettiest in the world, but still a tackle. It does not appear that Harrison is doing anything on purpose, other than trying to tackle Scaife. If Scaife does not try to avoid being tackled, he probably gets hit in the thighs and not just below the knees.
    This is a non-issue and really don’t see why there are over 100 comments on it.

  94. @ cfuska
    I get it. You all think New England “stole” 2 championships from your team in ’01 and ’04 that you were “destined” to win, hence your bitterness towards the Patriots. I promise you, Pats fans are not envious of your team or your fans in any way. we just see you all for the obnoxious, insufferable blowhards that you are.
    If you “knew the game”, you wouldn’t be complaining about a team filming signals from an INCORRECT LOCATION- the same signals which are visible to 68,000 people. Now, go back to supporting dog drowning felons and praying for an injury to your rival. Later.

  95. # Hicktown says: September 11, 2009 4:31 PM
    This is a non-issue and really don’t see why there are over 100 comments on it.
    Because the top 10 most commented needs something new on it.

  96. I truly think 75% of the people that read this site are retarded.. And 99% never played football in their life.. But I’m sure James Harrison was thinking about which way to tackle him that would result in an injury.. A cheap shot is intentionally trying to cause an injury..

  97. “…hayward giablommi says: September 11, 2009 5:03 PM
    @ cfuska
    …hence your bitterness towards the Patriots….”
    hayward, hayward, hayward….
    I keep trying to explain it to you but apparently the drug-impaired hamster that operates that wheel-powered brain of yours has finally died.
    There’s no hatred or bitterness towards your Patsies.
    It’s digust, repugnance, loathing and nausea.
    But we don’t hate them.

  98. Steeler4life says:
    September 11, 2009 11:36 AM
    Harrison did not intend to hurt Scaife. NFL players do not want to end careers of others. You are being overly dramatic just like a female and Miss Scaife.
    Harrison did not have another option. He was trying to tackle the guy. I guess he could have let Miss Scaife run by him or grabbed his flag. Would that have made you happy?
    It would make me happy if the refs had called the game right and then the Stealers would be 0-3 like they should be.
    If there’s such a thing as karma, Harrison will get badly hurt by someone “avoiding a fine” and aiming for his knees like that. Then we shall see you sing a different tune than the BS one you have been…

  99. Not a Bengals fan – but to all you Steeler fans on here, a quick WHHHHHHHHHHOOOOO DEEEEYYYYY!!!!!!! Instead of incessantly defending your players, try going after your coach for acting like they had won the game by the end of the first quarter. Don’t think Tomlin will be yucking it up anymore with the boys before the game is over……

  100. CT Stiller says:
    September 28, 2009 5:34 PM
    Steeler-hater, you have some issues. I hope you get the help you need.
    Love them homers…

  101. Some of you need to watch the replay, I think the combination of Harrison looking to wrap up his legs and the way Scaife is turning around to attempt to gain more yards is the reason his leg got pinned to the ground and he hyperextended his knee. If he wants to play football like a pansy, he should of just stepped out. Scaife and idiot Steeler trolls are the only ones who think it was dirty. His own coach even said it was a strange play and I agree but far far away from dirty.

  102. So says a Squealer fan.
    We will hear a different tune being sung by all you blind homers when some cheap sh*thead does the same thing to a Zittsburgh player.
    Then we will hear you guys complaining. Gotta love double standards. If a Squealer player does something bad, it’s “just playing the game” and other similar spin jobs. But let an opponent do this to a Squealer player, then the Zittsburgh fans are looking for blood.
    You know, like how they’ve had reports of people (apparently Squealer fans) making threats against that woman who is accusing Toothlessberger of rape. Those clowns don’t know if he’s guilty or not. But they were willing to threaten this woman regardless and in doing so, they were breaking the law themselves instead of letting the law handle it. Why? Because those fans were more worried about protecting some football player and their team’s playoff chances than they were in seeing a possible rapist (if guilty) get punished.

  103. Scaife is a big guy. Most players tackle the legs on large players. Its football and yes it looked violent and unnecessary but we have no idea what Harrison saw or didn’t see from his point of view when he was making the tackle. The most importantg thing to remember in all of this is Tennessee sucks.

  104. thepittsburghkid says:
    October 10, 2009 1:57 PM
    Scaife is a big guy. Most players tackle the legs on large players. Its football and yes it looked violent and unnecessary but we have no idea what Harrison saw or didn’t see from his point of view when he was making the tackle. The most important thing to remember in all of this is Tennessee sucks.
    Okay, but let’s see if you still think the same when a Steeler has his knee wrecked by somebody who went to the James Harrison School of Cheap Shot Tackling.
    Hopefully, if it does happen, it will happen to Harrison himself… or maybe his dirty playing counterpart on offense, namely Hines Ward…

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