Cromartie's latest tweets not well-received

Well, this isn’t a shocker.  After PFT pointed out Antonio Cromartie’s latest round of team-related tweets, the Chargers found out it about.  And they are clearly peeved.

After being fined last month for tweeting that the team-provided food at training camp was not to his liking, Cromartie took to the interwebs again to share a picture of the notes he took while studying film this week.

According to Jay Paris of the North County Times, the image showed formations and Cromartie’s scribblings.  The formations were, presumably, sets from the Oakland Raiders, San Diego’s opponent Monday night.

Innocuous?  Probably.  But, if Cromartie didn’t violate the letter of the Chargers “no tweeting inside the building” rule, he certainly stomped on the spirit of it by giving the appearance of tweeting from within the confines AND reproducing notes.

According to Paris, Cromartie placed athletic tape over his locker when reporters approached and said, “Don’t even ask me about it.”

Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith, meanwhile, didn’t comment to reporters but marched directly over to defensive back drills at the start of practice and stared lasers.

Said Turner, who’s just trying to coach a very good football team that seems to have a handful of players off on their own programs, “I feel good about where we are and the understanding I have with ‘Cro’ in this situation.”

Unfortunately, that’s probably how Turner felt last month as well.

22 responses to “Cromartie's latest tweets not well-received

  1. Is somebody actually monitoring tweets ? Dude. You are running outta things to do when you’re following tweets. Oops, I gotta go to the fudge shop. I’ll tweet you from there.

  2. Another Charger living a “Hollywood” lifestyle in the limelight?
    Don’t know what that means, but apparently Merriman is too.
    Maybe A.J. needs a map to see San Diego is just hours away from Hollywood?
    Turner is too soft to have any control over the team, he needs to go back to off. coord.

  3. Cromartie is everything you could ask for in a football player physically. Mentally he falls way short. Actually, that pretty much describes the Chargers as a team, and is a major reason why they will never, ever, win a Superbowl.

  4. Gosux, I think it better describes the front office and I agree that it is why they’ll struggle to win in 1st qtr of ’10.

  5. Eventually players will find a way to tweet while they are actually running plays. If they could you know damn well Chad O or TO would gladly take the penalty to tweet as they were crossing the goalline for a score. I still think tweeting is the dumbest thing ever.

  6. When is anyone going to acknowledge that AJ Smith is an egotistical, control freak, and an outright douchebag. The easiest way to have someone want to undermine you is to treat them like that. I know you can’t let the inmates run the asylum, but if you treat most men with respect, they will return it.

  7. Cromartie just happens to be one of the biggest JERKS in the NFL! Don’t like the food buy your own! The Chargers are already overpaying you!

  8. Cromartie is a mental midget. Norv Turner has no nuts. This is why GM A.J. Smith had to come out and stare Cromartie down. Like thats going to do any good. A 50 something year old man staring down a 20 something year old athelete. You see the mentality here. Face it Chargers you’ll go 8-8 again this year and MAY pull out the AFC west. I doubt it since other teams like the Chiefs and the Raiders have gotten better. The Chargers have not and the stll have that albatross coach. Thank goodness Norv is a NICE guy. Nice guts finish last as a head coach he is a loser.

  9. Krustyk,
    I agree completely. That’s why these episodes amuse me. Guys like that hate being disrespected but have no problems doing it to others. Watching the steam come out of his ears is priceless.

  10. I emailed the notes to Al & Cable. The chargers are going down this year. Too many drug fueled sex orgies for the D line.
    McFadden should get 120 yards. Raiders 31 Dagos 20

  11. One thing Skins fans definitely learned during Norvel’s tenure as head coach…
    …He is FAR from a disciplinarian. He lets players get away with a lot…and the problem is…after the players figure this out (within 2-3 seasons), the inmates start to run the asylum.
    San Diego would be a perfect spot for a Parcels or Cowher.

  12. eh, nothing really to see here. move along.
    Cro’s Cro, so what?
    And no the inmates arent running the asylum. they are grown ass men.
    People also forgot Norv was OC for the Cowboys teams and Jimmy Johnson was even FARTHER from being a disciplinarian than Norv is and the ‘boys are far more party boys than this team.
    Cowboys won Superbowls with both of them

  13. Lack of discipline is often accepted if the results are acceptable. Having exceptional talent like the 1970’s Oakland Raiders or the 1990’s Dallas Cowboys helps a great deal. However, today’s Raiders, Cowboys, Broncos and Chargers are not only undisicplined but poorly managed, and it shows in every silly little team-killing event like this one. Stuff like this starts at the top and trickles down.

  14. @ 56lightsout56
    No one can ever take away the success Turner had with an awesome collection of offensive players.
    At the same time no one can take away his failure ever since. There’s no good reason in the world why anyone should hire him to be an NFL head coach.

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