Mangini ducks blame for injury report problems in New York

We continue to be amazed by the league office’s sudden interest in the failure of the Jets to include Brett Favre on the injury report last year. 

For starters, the fact that Favre claims he played with a partially torn biceps tendon has been known for months.  But it only became a problem this week, when Favre talked about it for the umpteenth time, suggesting for the first time that his arm was so bad that maybe he should have been benched.

The league’s sudden interest in taking action likely arises not from the reality that the Jets violated the rule but because the violation of the rule has become so damn obvious, thanks to Favre and his tendency to talk and to talk and to talk some more whenever he is asked a question.

Indeed, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello previously vouched for the Jets’ injury-reporting habits after it had been plainly established that Favre finished the 2008 season with a hidden injury. 

“[W]e didn’t have a problem with the Jets as far as complying with the
rules,” Aiello said in June.  “Some media get frustrated when you won’t go beyond what’s on
the injury report.  But we don’t require more than that.” 

Then again, the violation also was obvious during Super Bowl week.  Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger secretly underwent X-rays in the days before the game.  But Roethlisberger’s name didn’t appear on the game week injury report.  After the Super Bowl, Roethlisberger told Peter King that he played with broken ribs.

As I thereafter told King, “My problem is the injury report focuses only on availability to play
without giving full information as to whether a player will be
effective.  It’s called an injury report.  Roethlisberger was injured,
and he wasn’t on the report.  I think that’s wrong.”

So how is it that the Steelers didn’t get busted for Big Ben’s hidden injury, but that the Jets face scrutiny for the same thing?

Again, it has become so obvious this time around that the league had no choice but to act.

But I digress.  The point of this post (and, yes, there is a point to it) is the uncanny ability of former Jets coach Eric Mangini to avoid blame for the injury-reporting shenanigans.  Instead, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum nobly has taken the blame for conduct that we suspect Mangini dictated.

On Friday, Mangini (now the Browns coach) was asked about whether he’s handling the injury reports the same way he handled them in New York. 

“The approach has really been consistent, from my perspective,” Mangini said.  “We’re always going to try to work to follow the rules in the strictest fashion.  That won’t change.  I respect the rules and we’re going to follow the rules. . . .

“Again, there are a lot of different things, a lot of different rules that you look at it and you’re trying to do it the right way.  That’s been the approach and it’ll stay the approach, to try to stay in the context and do it the right way.  If you have questions, try to ask the questions to make sure that you’re doing it the right way.”

So, basically, Mangini is saying that the rules weren’t violated last year in New York, even though Tannenbaum already has conceded that they were.

For Mangini, it’s not about complying with the rules but about maintaining a competitve edge.  Mangini didn’t want the Jets’ opponents to know that Favre was hurt, for the same reasons Mangini doesn’t want the Vikings to know who the starting quarterback will be on Sunday.

So Mangini, we suspect, was the root of the failure to be honest about Favre’s arm, and we think he should do the right thing and acknowledge his role in the violation of the rules.

25 responses to “Mangini ducks blame for injury report problems in New York

  1. Just to remind you Florio, you already conceded that Favre’s arm injury was B.S. to excuse his poor play. You can’t have it both ways pal…….

  2. I still think this injury report thing is being blown way out of proportion. They don’t go reporting every bump and bruise in the NHL, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. If a player plays with a partially torn knee, it gets labeled as “an undisclosed lower body injury” and nothing more. In the playoffs, you can just forget about an injury report. No team in their right mind would give out information that their opponent could use to specifically target the player and their injury.

  3. I think this was a ploy by the Vikings to mess with mangina & the Browns & help create a distraction in order to get even for Mangin’s reluctancy to name the starter at QB….Seems to me the Vikes’ were more succesful at messing with the Browns then they were at trying to mess with the Vikings…….Mangina is such a tool…..

  4. Farve and mangini two gutless worms who would turn in thier own mothers if itmade them look good. Thank god for the collapse of last year or else Mangina would still be coaching our team. I dont understand why browns ownership pursued him so frantically after he showed how gutless he was.
    He is stil coaching like a scared little girl. Tennenbaum has done a great job..the jets have a lot of talent..he realized the mistake ke made with the coach and rectified it. The Jets just want to move past farve and amngina theyll pay whatever fines they have to. Farve knew what he was doing talking about this nonsense..pathetic..Mary chose correctly…

  5. Why does the NFL even have an injury report when the only people who use it are fantasy footballers and degenerate gamblers?
    And, isn’t the NFL against gambling?
    Injury reports should be voluntary as it’s nobody’s damn business except the teams.

  6. You mean to tell me that the same little girls in green and white who complained about the Patriots cheating were, themselves, cheating? Say it aint so!

  7. They are upset because they are getting heat from Vegas. The injury report is key in setting the line, that is why it is there, always has been and always will.

  8. Florio, why can’t you report something objectively and leave the spin to the big boys? Anyway, WHO ARE YOU to say if someone is being truthful? That’s like O J giving a lie detector test!

  9. Since when has Mangini owned up about any time he broke the rules? Player after player has complained about Mangini breaking rules and not owning up to promises he makes. He is a slimy person, and the league lets him get away with it, again and again.
    He won’t change until the NFL starts reigning him in. I think, however, that what will happen first is that the owners will figure out he is a crappy coach and he will be jobless before that happens.

  10. Favre starts blabbing now after walking away on with $13 million for a one year hailstorm of interceptions and throws the Jets under the bus.
    Mangini goes to Cleveland and says he did nothing wrong while the existing Jets GM acknowledges that they did, essentially taking the hit for the “Belichick wannabe”.
    It’s Minnesota vs. Cleveland tomorrow. Childress, Mangini and Favre. All together on the same field. That game should be broadcast by Comedy Central, not FOX.

  11. Man! There is alot of Mangenius hate here! Sorry, but Florio must have some axe to grind with him because he has NEVER said one positive thing about him. That’s ok, because all I care about is winning, and the Browns are going to do alot of that with this guy, so keep on hatin’! I know it kills you liberal douche-bags that a coach can gain some kind of competitive edge…all is fair in love and football.

  12. Please, Favre is fooling you he was not going to sit b/c he would never give up his streak. He is always blaming other people for when things go wrong. Just wait untill around week 10 when the Vikes are 4-6 and he’ll blame sombody else for the bad record.

  13. Hey, Tannenbaum threw Mangini under the bus in New York. Now it’s Tannenbaum’s turn to lie on the grenade. Throw in the fact that Mangini handed the Jets Sanchez on draft day and I think it’s a pretty plausible scenario.

  14. “That’s ok, because all I care about is winning, and the Browns are going to do alot of that with this guy, so keep on hatin’!”
    Whoa…what?? The Browns are going to do a lot of “winning”? Is this a joke?

  15. @# mr_snrub says: September 12, 2009 2:19 AM
    Why does the NFL even have an injury report when the only people who use it are fantasy footballers and degenerate gamblers?
    And, isn’t the NFL against gambling?
    Injury reports should be voluntary as it’s nobody’s damn business except the teams.
    Not only is it nobody’s business but if the opposing team doesn’t know who’s playing in the game it make it that much harder to form the game plan.

  16. Tannenbaum is Woody’s lapdog! He works for the Jets, Roger Goodell’s favorite team!
    Of course they won’t be fined or disciplined!
    Speaking of getting thrown under the bus, how about getting throw on the bus. Mangini’s voluntary football camp….I’m sure the players just loved that!
    And besides, only Bill Belichick and the Patriots cheat! Riduculous!

  17. I thought they only need to report an injury if they miss practice or if there is a possibility they won’t play. ?

  18. Well hey if Brett said it it has to be true
    After all he was honest when he cried in Green Bay and then after he lost in NY when he said he was done
    So Brett says it take it to the bank

  19. every body is overlooking the fact that woody johnson is probably meddling in the internal affairs of the team,this guy is a world class dork.
    johnson probably believes that he knows football.
    woody johnson is lucky that his father was born before him.

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