PFTV's Super Bowl picks

Why watch the commercials in the USC-Ohio State game when you call fill the two minutes and two seconds with a little extra football knowledge?

If you’re looking for football knowledge, we’ll make a few recommendations.  If you want to hear a couple guys talk about how the 2009 NFL season might play out while openly acknowledging that no one really knows and that’s a big part of the fun of it, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s Florio and Brocato and their picks for the big game to be played in Tony Montana’s home away from home.

29 responses to “PFTV's Super Bowl picks

  1. ” Don ” Florio ?
    I just threw up a little. Why is it that Florio acts civil towards Favre on the Videos and disses him every chance he gets on his blog ?

  2. The AFC East played the AFC and NFC West (aka worst) last year. Any QB could have took that team, who was 18-1 the year before, to the playoffs. Not Matt C. The guy is a joke, and the chefs will soon find that out.

  3. Wow, Florio. Did you tape this segment immediately after tailgating?
    Or are the effects of college football tailgate libations lasting into the night?

  4. WOW
    I can’t believe he picked the Redskins, that is a colossal joke.
    Anyhow, on the bright side, Florio is getting really good on TV, very polished, crisp, and professional. Keep up the great work! Just make better picks next time. 🙂

  5. Wow Florio, I was really hoping this would be where unveil to the world that your Skins to the super bowl pick was all a joke…but nope, you really are bat sh*t crazy. Hard to win the super bowl when they won’t even finish in the top half of their conference. Jesus.

  6. Florio bashes the other guys picks because the backup QB for the Pats is an unknown? Umm, Florio, it does not matter WHO the backup QB is in NE. If Brady goes down, that cuts their chances dramatically, although personally, I think Hoyer has what it takes, and I like him better than Cassel. So how would the Steelers do if Rothlessberger goes down for the season? Same deal. I wouldn’t make my superbowl pick or decisions based on who the backup QB is for ANY team. Chances are you will not see them. Didn’t you just preface your pick by saying you never know what is going to happen injury wise? Oh, and Brady is one of the tougher QBs out there. He is rarely hurt, and almost never misses a game.
    I think you have your right to pick the Steelers as going. It IS a reasonable pick, even though I don’t see it happening this year. Unless you KNOW that Brady is going to be hurt this season, I don’t think it is reasonable to jump on the Pats pick. They ARE one of the favorites to go all the way, and for good reason, as they are simply loaded with talent and have one of the best coaches in the league. Even if Brady goes down, I think Hoyer will do well, especially with the diversity of talent on the offense. There is a really good running back by committee set up. They have probably THE best receiver groups in the NFL with Moss, Welker, Galloway, Edelman, and Aiken. Cassel did well with them despite him being a so so QB because of that talent, and despite having a horrible OC, who was so predictable I could call plays, and defenses knew what was coming (2nd and long was almost ALWAYS a run play). Add to that Hoyer is mobile, which adds yet another threat.
    Anyways, thought I would speak what little there is of my mind. The basic point is this: It is rather idiotic to discount a team’s chances because of who the back up QB is, especially after prefacing YOUR pick with the injury disclaimer. That is kind of like basing your closing argument based on who the alternate jurors are. No one makes their useless SB predictions based on who you think is likely to be injured, unless the player in question has a notable habit of sustaining injuries, and that would NOT be Brady.

  7. Brocato fell into the purple hype hole. I feel sorry for you buddy.
    I have heard the Vikings will win the Super Bowl for the past 4 seasons from one person or another, professional or otherwise.
    Especially with Favre. This team will not get it done. They don’t have the makeup of a Super Bowl team.

  8. The Boys will win it all. The last time Dallas open a new stadium they went to the Super Bowl…. Oh Yeah! Let’s Go!

  9. I can not understand the hate the NFLworld has for the Washington Redskins???? They finsihed 8 and 8 last season most teams would have loved to be 8 and 8. They are upgraded on a 5th place defence and Campbell is playing for his new contract. The Gaints are grossly over rated and the Eagles are banged up and the Cowboys with a bad coach average qb and no go to wide outs Child Please! If the Skins want it they can get the NFC EAST!

  10. Alot of people were going to say “The Vikings? No way, 0 – 4. Choke team of the NFL.” Blah blah blah.
    But you picked the Washington Redskins…..
    This site is going to go ballistic on you, just a heads up.

  11. Hey, the Skins have as good a chance as anybody, if the O-line holds up. They’ve upgraded their D, upgraded their receivers, and the passing game that didn’t scare anyone last year should make some waves.

  12. Its funny Florio always rips on the guys that pick which team is going to be good in the upcoming year based on what they did in the previous year. But then you do the same thing. Who won the superbowl last year? and who did u pick to go to the superbowl this year? If u really didnt base what a team is going to do by what happened last year then u would never have picked the Steelers this year. Did you watch there preseason? Or there game thursday night? They didn’t look like future Superbowl champs they only looked like defending champs.
    But your right they could make it to the Superbowl Im not doubting that. But dont act like you dont use the previous years outcome as a way to predict this years outcome.

  13. Florio is a Redskins fan and has his nose so far up Snyders rectum that he smell what Dan had for breakfast 3 days ago.

  14. NFLJunkie says:
    September 12, 2009 9:53 PM
    Brocato fell into the purple hype hole. I feel sorry for you buddy.
    I have heard the Vikings will win the Super Bowl for the past 4 seasons from one person or another, professional or otherwise.
    Especially with Favre. This team will not get it done. They don’t have the makeup of a Super Bowl team.
    Yeah these predictions never happen from other fans for other teams , do they?
    What an idiot.
    You’ll be crying like a baby at the end of the year, because this is the year all the Viking faithful have been waiting for. You can mark this down…………………………….BEOTCH

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