Vikes make Favre a captain

So now we have to figure out whether the title of “Captain” is better than the label of “Lord.”

That’s because the Vikings have included quarterback Brett Favre among their captains for the 2009 season.

Per the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Favre and Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson are the offensive captains.  LInebacker E.J. Henderson and defensive tackle Kevin Williams are the defensive captains.   For the special teams, the captain is kicker Ryan Longwell plus one player chosen each week.

It’s possible that Favre’s recent air-clearing speech made the difference.

Or maybe it was the fact that coach Brad Childress counted the votes.

Either way, he’ll now officially be know in these parts as “Lord Captain Favre, survivor of partially torn biceps tendon, partially torn rotator cuff, cracked rib, sore ankles, swine flu, polio, and/or lupus.”

We hope he can fit it on a business card.

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  1. Is it really that strange that Favre would be named an offensive captain with his experience and Hall-of-Fame resume? No, it isn’t.

  2. I don’t believe it. That moron Brad “Mr. Noodle” Childress has outdone himself this time. Brett Favre a captain!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    A captain is a guy that sets an example for the rest of the team. A leader. A guy that everyone looks up to and respects. But in the idiotic mind of “Chilly”, a captain is someone who blows off an entire training camp, gets jetted in on an owners private plane, gets picked up at the airport and chauffered to camp by the butt smooching head coach, plays in parts of 2 preseason games, hardly knows anyone on the team and is more concerned with himself than his teammates(see Packers, Jets).
    This says it all about “Chilly”. The guy is a complete joke.

  3. The guy thumbed his nose at training camp when the rest of the team was out busting their asses, he just shows up and says “I’m taking over”, he hasn’t even played a single down yet and they just “anoint” him?
    Whatever happened to “earning” it?
    Somewhere, John Madden is no longer Master of his Domain.

  4. Take a simple act….naming of captains for a team , sensationalize it, make it headlines and you have…….THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Come ‘on Florio, you did much better at “responsible journalism and reporting of news and “rumors” when you were on your own, is nbc requiring you do now report like the boys from Bristol????? All b.s. and no substance, although I am not questioning your “sources” on his “newsworthy item” (sic)

  5. Captain, Captain of the Titanic maybe.
    What happens to your locker room when the head coach throws players under the bus, your captain decides its not in his best interest to even attend most of training camp, and players bicker openly about the mistreatment of their fellow players?
    Well, according to the non biased Biqeen fans, its means they are going to the Superbowl. Makes perfect sense to me.

  6. Bun McSticky: In that case make Terrell Owens the captain of Buffalo, and make Tra Thomas the captain of Jacksonville, and make TJ Houshmandzadeh captain of Seattle…age and resume doesnt earn you a captain patch, you have to have unanimous respect from the teammates, which is something that Favre miraculously has.

  7. I still don’t understand why all this hatred for Chilly exists, even among Viking fans. He has improve every year. 6-10, 8-8, 10-6 with a division title. He’s never going to have the personality of Tice. Get over it already.
    The fact that he’s catering to Favre is a GREAT thing. Great players should be treated differently. Look, I love Jackson. I think he’s got all the physical tools to be a stud. But he’s got a long way to go mentally yet. He even said so himself after the second preseason game THIS year. Is it Childresses fault for trading up to draft him when he’s still not ready after three years? Sure. Fine. But at least he addressed the situation by bringing in a QB who has the exact experience and mental capacity to run the offense the way he wants it run. Don’t even kid yourself that Sage was the answer either. There is a reason he’s never been a starter at age 31. He wasn’t going to be another Brad Johnson.

  8. I like it when people type, “How is this news?” Let me explain, jackas$$. Each and every one of us visit this site to break up the day. Some of us click back to it every 15 minutes or so, some of us every hour or so, and some of us maybe just a couple times a day or a couple times a week. Guess what? WE’D STOP COMING BACK if there weren’t new headlines. Yes, some of the “stories” are kinda trivial, but they are the reason we keep coming back, including YOU, Guy Who Says How Is This News.

  9. Bun McSticky says:
    September 12, 2009 9:24 AM
    Is it really that strange that Favre would be named an offensive captain with his experience and Hall-of-Fame resume? No, it isn’t.
    Hall of Fame resume? LOL Really?

  10. Crazy the amount of Vikings hate out there. My goodness. Win one division, get a different QB, and everyone has their panties in a bunch. It is a bunch of millionaire meat heads playing a kids game for our amusement. Just like every other team out there.
    Yes, their QB used to play for another team but hated it in Green Bay (like any sane person would) and forced his way out.

  11. I swear,
    Some of the people that post on this site are so sad and pathetic it’s not even funny, not to mention how pathetic Florio is, say Mike, have you ever tried stand up comedy before, because the swine flu, polio, and now lupus joke is to die for….. literally.

  12. In my opinion, if your offensive captains do not include the QB/Individual on the OL, then you are wrong!
    Look at it from a football perspective. Who are the only two people who need to know what everyone else is doing on the offense? Answer – The QB and the OL. AD is a great player and he will pump up the team, but he needs to worry about Running and Pass Blocking. A RB telling a WR what to do or vice versa is wrong! The QB should always be a captain. The OL because they can pump up the line and direct traffic.
    I think Favre and The Hutch are great captains for the offense. I agree with EJ on the defensive side, but I would’ve like to see Antoine be a captain. But that doesn’t mean EJ and KW don’t deserve it.
    Ryan Longwell, well that’s a no brainier.

  13. Lord Florio, first Jim Rhome burns your name on the air a few days ago, then you start bashing Favre again. For the nth time, I’d rather watch Favre cut his lawn than watch most of the NFL’s current QB’s drop back and suck. Like it or not, lots of people love Favre and are thrilled he’s still playing. If I could convince Jim McMahon and Kenny Stabler to suit up I’d do it in a heartbeat. Imagine the hate you could stir if you had those two beer-swilling gunslingers to kick around. In the meantime, continue feeding me updates on the status of Jason Campbell, Peter Tom Willis, Mike Phipps, etc.

  14. I am Lord Farve I rule I am the best bow to me
    I have blessed you by showing up for the start of the season
    Kiss my ring but do it quick for I got 12 Million reasons to be here

  15. It continues to amaze me that someone too lazy to go to training camp gets this kind of treatment.
    Trying to repair the schism since Tavaris hasn’t been traded yet.
    Ballot box was stuffed.

  16. The real question here Florio is who do you dislike (I was going to type hate, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.) more, Brett Favre or Reggie Bush?

  17. I have to admit, this does seem pretty whore’ish to name a guy who essentially weaseled his way out of training camp, offseason OTA’s and now he becomes a captain overnight after a few weeks of practice??? The same guy who caused more distractions to the players on the team by dragging his feet and having to answer questions about him every day….
    It goes to show that the Vikings have bowed down to lick the nuts of Lord Favre, just like he demanded. There’s no question who’s running the team and it isn’t anyone in the “triangle of authority”.
    I think they said it best on KFAN in Minneapolis. There’s one one QB in the NFL that could make built in excuses for failure before the season started by saying they weren’t 100% physically or mentally without getting lambasted”. I couldn’t agree more. This train wreck is going to be fun to watch. I’m glad I have a front row seat here in Minneapolis to watch it!

  18. Well, of course Favre should be a captain. He’s shown such great leadership and commitment to his teammates, what with his leaving the team twisting in the wind for months, blowing off training camp, and then showing up to play as soon as it was damn well convenient for him. Great example to set!

  19. You’ll be able to add Staph infection to that list after he gets back from Cleveland. Please don’t touch anything . . .

  20. Captain Kirk
    Captain & Tennille
    Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Crunch
    Captain Kangaroo
    Captain America
    Captain Ahab
    Captain Hook
    Captain Smith
    Captain Jack
    And now we have Captain Favre
    What do they all have in common?……They are all just figments of you imagination….I’d like to thank Captain Morgan for his assistance in compiling this list……

  21. The plaintive whining about Favre missing training camp is as ridiculous now as it was weeks ago. Most players in the NFL would skip camp if they could. Even the Commissioner stated this week that the offseason, and the players’ workload in it, needs examined and perhaps adjusted. I’ll bet most of these guys don’t care about him missing camp as a matter of principle. They’re more concerned about reps, and the “chemistry” and fitness, etc. that camp helps build.
    Bill Parcells made exceptions for Lawrence Taylor. Mike Ditka was willing to do so for Walter Payton, but never needed to (not Sweetness’s style). Al Davis made exceptions for the whole roster in the 1970’s. But this deal with Favre is unprecedented and catastrophic?
    I don’t accept the idea that teams can set whatever schedule they want, no matter how hard it is on players’ bodies, and all players must blindly follow these dictums or be deemed unfit for the NFL, or manhood.
    If Favre is a prima donna, why does he play hurt? Why does hold so many meaningful records? Why does he not miss games?
    In recent years, Favre has suffered the death of his father and the death of a young relative, seen his home region virtually destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, entered middle age, and dealt with a cancer diagnosis for his wife. But he must never, ever suffer any doubt or indecision, never be affected by loss or grief, never be human?
    These criticisms of Favre often seem not to be thoughtful analyses, but knee-jerk, gulp & belch pie tosses.

  22. “A captain is a guy that sets an example for the rest of the team. A leader. A guy that everyone looks up to and respects.”
    I know you didn’t mean to but you just described Brett Favre.

  23. @Great Smoky Very well said.
    If you don’t like Favre’s off season waffling that is one thing, but questioning his heart, leadership, or “Hall of Fame resume” is silly.
    The bottom line, is Favre is one of the best to ever play the game and can still play at a very high level. It’s funny how quick people are to write him off. Two years ago, everyone says he’s done, and he was one of the best years of his career. Last year with the Jets everyone says he can’t learn the system and he leads them to the top of the division before getting hurt.
    After the first preseason game he goes 1 for 4 and everyone says they should start Jackson, the next week he looks great.
    If he can survive physically, he’ll prove everyone wrong again, like he’s done his whole career.

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