We're not buying the sudden Seymour-Raiders love affair

Now that defensive lineman Richard Seymour has joined the Raiders, he’s acting like he wanted to be there all along, and that the delay in showing up for work resulted solely from the fact that he was “blindsided” by the trade.

“Since I got the call that I was being traded, my life’s really been a
,” Seymour said Saturday night at a press conference introducing him as a member of the team.  “I’ve
really been blindsided by the events that took place.  I didn’t expect it.  I
didn’t understand what was going on.  So it’s like when something happens, when
you’re blindsided, you have to step back and realize what situation you’re in.”

Though the notion that he was “blindsided” meshes with our report that news of the trade came at a time when he thought progress was being made toward a new contract with the Patriots that would have extended his stay beyond 2009, he at least knew that a trade was possible.

“I talked to him months ago and he felt like this was on the horizon,”
former Pats teammate Ty Warren said in the wake of the deal.  “With this being his last year, his cap number, all the
stuff . . . pretty much the writing on the wall.  He knew it was on the
horizon, he just didn’t know how it was going to come.”

Here’s the bottom line.  If Seymour welcomed the opportunity to play for the Raiders, he wouldn’t have spent all week dragging his feet, and he never would have filed a grievance challenging the Raiders’ ability to give him a “show up in five days or play for no one this year” letter.

In the end, something happened on Friday night to get him to come to terms with the fact that he had signed a contract, that under the rules of the NFL that contract can be traded by the team to any other team at any time, and that he had no real options or leverage. 

So now that Seymour has accepted his fate, he’s not going to kick and scream and scratch and claw.  He’s going to whip up a batch of lemon salad, and he’s going to try not to pucker while he eats it.

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  1. “He’s going to whip up a batch of lemon salad, and he’s going to try not to pucker while he eats it.”
    Damn Florio you sure have a way with words!

  2. foolio you should try that lemon salad…you were wrong again. But you will have plenty of new made up stories from someone else’s camp maybe walker?

  3. Or it could be that he just needed time to get his family situation and obligations taken care of. Better to keep hanging on and/or trying to create as much drama as possible though. PFT is fast becoming the Fox news of the NFL.

  4. “at any time”????
    Are you not aware there’s a trade deadline? How come since you quit your law job you’ve gotten WORSE at your football job?

  5. If Seymour’s story was fully true his agent would have commented about his client’s status long before things got out of hand
    If he were in touch with the Raiders and they truly knew what was going on, they never would have sent the letter.
    But all that’s in the past now. What’s in the present is that the Patriots have sent a pretty clear message to any player who wants to play hardball… do so and you may wind up playing for the Raiders (and it just so happens there’s a few former disgruntled Raiders on the Patriots who can vouch for why you don’t want that to happen.)
    So they get the benefit of that, as well as the fact that since Seymour will likely bolt out of Oakland as soon as this season is over, the ’10 Raiders will be even worse than they are now… and the ’11 draft pick will be that much better… unless Seymour is spiteful enough to stay with the Raiders just to help them stay out of last place and sabotage the Patriots #1 overall pick.

  6. Yeah what happened was a deadline was fast approaching in which he stood to lose money. Like I said from the start, Richard will not lose money. I even said he would report on Saturday.
    Can’t fault the guy for liking money but all the bitching and whining he does to get it kinda takes the shine off him as a fans player. That plus the way his play changed makes him look complacent. Oh well, good luck Big Sey. I hope you get hungry again.

  7. On Friday night he realized that an extra $3,685,000 will come in handy with a wife and kids and a teenage cousin he’s the guardian of.

  8. Really? You’re not buying it? Becuase you guys questioned if Cable was lying and he was right all along. Because bitter Rodney Harrison went off on the Raiders and it was righ there on this site (oh yeah and every other talk show on the planet)? OF COURSE you are NOT BUYING IT because all the BS you were spewing and laying out was W-R-O-N-G!
    Guess what … the Raiders will get their ass kicked on Monday but you still swung and miss with all the takes you had on this story.

  9. There you go Florio we knew you would dig up or MAKE UP something negative. I said you would do this about an hour ago.(check the previous Seymour story) Youre so pathetic get a life. Oh you better run i think Ferryman needs some help !!! Freakin loser!

  10. Why would you buy it, it completely contradicts all the crap you spewed this week. I mean really, as if the Raiders and Seymour were talking; like Cable had indicated a week ago. Spin it however you want to, according to the only 2 parties involved everything was fine since the get go.
    I also do not care that the Raiders traded a first round to get Seymour. Next year, in an uncapped year the Raiders will buy some great free agents, and I do not think they will finish in the bottom ten of the league. I dont think they will finish in the bottom ten this year either, but I am not JoJo, I do not have a Psychic Hotline, its just what I think.

  11. He’s thrilled to play for the Raiders. Maybe he didn’t want to play for them at first, but once his wife realized his income will go from almost $4 million to $0, she told him to get over himself and get his ass to Oakland.

  12. Whatever Florio – What I’m not buying is your credibility.
    Face it, you were way off on this one and can’t swallow the fact that you were absolutely, positively, undeniably and totally wrong.
    Don’t fret though. You have plenty of company. There’s plenty of crow to go around on this one.
    You like yours baked or grilled?

  13. Hey Florio…who cares what you’re buying. I mean really, who cares? You guys are the media…and most of you don’t like to admit when you’re wrong. So move on….nothing to see here. Tell Curran too….god that guy sucks.

  14. “We’re not buying the sudden Seymour-Raiders love affair”- Yeah but i’m buying that Seymours agent was like ” hey Rich, you know that after this year if you put up more than 8 sacks I’ll….errr you’ll get paid with a nice contract next year.”

  15. Hey Florio, no disrespect, but do your job first before writing an article like this. You as a reporter should watch the entire press conf. 1st and get all the facts. It will shed light on some of your comments. The “godfather” Big Al was in rare form and put all repoters on notice for speaking before they have the facts. It was aired live on Comcast sports net here in the Bay Area if you can get the etire press conference and not just what the major networks air, its well worth your time, I promise. Maybe you can post it so everyone can enjoy “The Godfather ” at his finest!

  16. And you know what, Florio, we’re not buying into your classless continued piling on and your obvious pandering to everything that is anti-Raider.
    Seymour COULDN’T HAVE BEEN CLEARER what the circumstances were behind his delay in reporting to Oakland. He expressed it succinctly in this evening’s PC. It involved his FAMILY – his five children and his wife whom he’s never been away from except as a rookie – and nothing more. When asked about the comments and all the gloom-and-doom warnings from his supposed “friends” and the rest of the so-called “Seymour Camp”, he laughed and said his family IS his camp. Nothing more to it than that. Where you at now, Rodney Harrison?
    I wish you were at that PC, Florio. Al Davis would’ve put you in your place just like he did to David White and just like he’s been doing to all the other biased mediots for years.
    The Raiders are on their way back. There’s nothing you, PFT, or any other of the haters out there can do about it. Bank on it!

  17. I buy that it probably has a little bit to do with his personal life, having 4 kids, school starting, having to get all that rearranged and all that – when they step off the field they do have family lives like the rest of us.
    I don’t buy that he’s been sold out to be a Raider since day 1.
    I do buy that he was “blindsided”. But like the players say – it’s a business.

  18. …and Rodney Harrison can suck a diiiick! Good ‘Ol Al completely called out his worthless ass. HAHAHAHA….can’t hate that.

  19. If Seymour is so eager to bust out of Oakland why is he already in negotiations for a contract extension?

  20. Well, Florio, you finally got me to register, just to tell you you’re full of it. Tell me, who would want to go from a 1st place team looking at a SuperBowl, to a last place team. Who would want to uproot their family, including 5 kids, with little or no notice, even if being traded was a known possibility. Until it happens, its not reality. You say, oh shit.
    But to basically call Seymour a liar, why, just b/c he got traded to the Raiders. Please, save it for Lombardi. Al said he sent two Raiders to speak with Seymour, and they, as well as Seymour himself, confirmed that Cable was telling the truth.
    You got this one wrong. Not quit Bradshaw is did. So, what, you can’t admit you got this one wrong, too?

  21. Seymour didn’t file a grievance, the players union did. I’m surprised at every little chance you take to stab the Raiders. It’s irritating…
    What excuses are people going to have when the Raiders beat the Chargers Monday night? I’m sure someone will think of something. I think all of the hating is all hilarious. I’ve never seen or heard so many people wish such negativity upon a franchise.

  22. PFT is fast becoming the Fox news of the NFL.
    I would say PFT already is the Fox News of the NFL.
    They report all the news because they don’t have an agenda, unlike CNNABCCBSNBC which are house organs for the democrat party.

  23. Was it great to see Seymour have all you guys eat crow for all the BS you guys were reporting as fact.
    Hogwash is what he called it, life long Raiders fan since he was a kid. No new deal or promise not to tag him requested before he would report.
    Did not know if he liked the idea of moving cross country, had to square away family and get over the sucker punch from New England.
    As a matter of fact he stated that had this been done in the off season he would have been in the next day.
    What else are you clowns going to say, you have to try and save some face. It has already started with one clown saying that Seymour asked that he would not be tagged but did not get an ok from the Raiders.
    Never asked for, no long term big money deal the only way he goes. I have never seen such horse shit reporting on a story in my life.
    As Al Davis stated the Raiders got the player they wanted and that is all they wanted.
    Al Davis thinking that Seymour might need some nudging after the shock even sent Raider players to visit with Seymour at his crib.
    The X Raider players reported back to Davis no nudging needed, once he settles his business he wants to play for the Raiders.
    He sure looked good in Silver and Black and it was classic Al Davis knowing what would come out once Seymour got to town, yet sat quite all week letting all you fools just digg bigger and bigger holes to fall in.
    And now that he is with the team we could give two shits what any of you clowns think, he is Raider property now baby.

  24. Gee whiz, what did Florio say?
    All he said was he’s not buying the sudden love affair. He’s not really going that far out on a limb with speculative notions.
    It’s not like he suggested that a man showed up with a briefcase of money to Seymour’s place on Friday to keep him happy.
    So if later news breaks that something did develop on Friday that pushed Seymour over the edge to play ball, will all of the people who posted negative comments come back here and apologize for trashing the man who had felt an inkling of something else going on?

  25. Q: Did you talk to Randy Moss or Derrick Burgess and were you concerned because they were here through coaching changes?
    Seymour: blah,blah,blah.
    Davis: Listen, Derrick has never been negative. Derrick wanted more money that we couldn’t give him. Randy Moss was great here for us. We couldn’t satisfy Randy, that was our fault. He’s a truly great player. The idea when you get a great player is to make him happy and satisfy him. But I’ll tell you this. [HERES ONE FOR FLORIO]For example, there’s one player that I remember that keeps attacking us. In the year 2003, he sat in my office and begged for a contract, and wouldn’t give it to him because of rumors. That guy attacked us on the television shows, and it’s only because I wouldn’t give him a contract and I wouldn’t let him play here. I can go through the litany.
    We’ve got a couple of guys locally, and I really feel bad that a lot of you doubted, doubted the tradition and history of the Raider organization because most players want to play here. And one ‘em said he wouldn’t want to come here because it’s a bad place to play, and a Black Hole (inaudible) and until you get the facts, and you talk to the person, you really shouldn’t open up and start talking. We have one guy on our own network that we own, the NFL Network, who’s worked for five teams in this league, he’s been fired by all five teams and he comes on as an expert and says that Richard doesn’t want to play for the Raiders, he doesn’t want to go out there. [HERES ONE FOR FLORIO]Which was totally untrue, because I would have backed away if he didn’t want to come out here. And I say to you, it isn’t what you think it is. ….. I just think you’ve got the wrong picture. [HERES ONE FOR FLORIO]The minute something the East Coast, you all jump, the minute it comes from those two blogs, you jump and expect it as if its gospel. That isn’t the way it is. It isn’t true. ………

  26. Alpheratz says:
    September 13, 2009 12:28 AM
    PFT is fast becoming the Fox news of the NFL.
    “I would say PFT already is the Fox News of the NFL.
    They report all the news because they don’t have an agenda, unlike CNNABCCBSNBC which are house organs for the democrat party”
    you are a giant douche

  27. You’re really going downhill Florio. I have to think you have really sold out now. Should have seen it coming when Sprint came on board. It’s like you just pump out stupid random thoughts and opinions like the rest of the “Big” sports reporting companies which is totally the opposite of why I started visiting this site so many years ago. You didn’t have a gazillion updates a day back then, but at least they were good “insider scoops” that were later proven true(most of them anyway). Now you have just become like the rest of the sports media. I guess it’s the lawyer in you, finding ways to drum up some more business. You’ve grown too big and lost your integrity and articles like this one only prove my point.

  28. Who cares if you believe it or not, the bottom line is that Seymour is a RAIDER and that gives you somethin’ else to hate on. Just wait until the Monday night game is over! Just hope the rope you got don’t break when you jump off the chair! Hahaha WE’RE BAAAAAACK! GO RAIDERS! SMASH THE CHARGERS!

  29. Florio,
    Extraordinarily weak, man.
    Let it go. You and dozens of others in the national football media were wrong about this situation. You don’t even have to necessarily admit it. But now you’re going to argue that the unfounded, unsupported media conjecture is the truth and the player in question is all lies? Give it up.
    Seymour explained the problem. It was logical. It meshed with what Tom Cable had said all along, as well as common sense.
    This idea that pro athletes are so hung up on being a part of perceived “contenders” more than what’s best for their own financial future and family’s well-being is one of the most ludicrous fables going.
    Put yourself in Seymour’s position. If your employer tells you, sorry, I know you’ve lived here your entire adult life and your kids are starting school the day after tomorrow, but we need you to go work for this other company 3,000 miles away. Can you leave tonight?
    What would you say? How much time would you really need to figure out your options and get your affairs in order? Does 5 or 6 days sound like an eternity in that context?
    Or do you think Seymour was seriously sitting there saying damn, I’m not going to play and collect my $3.7 million dollars this season because it means I’ll have to play for the 7th worst team from the 2008 NFL season and the ABSOLUTE ONLY THING I care about in life is having the best possible odds of going to a 5th Super Bowl in 2009. Sure, there are major suprise teams every year and the Raiders have a good chance to be one of those in 2009 and the Patriots didn’t even make the playoffs last year either.
    Come on man, use your noodle.

  30. Seymour realized that he could suffer another winter in Mass. or he could get his family a home in Calif. with a swimming pool. He was on the next plane. Its a no brainer snow or sun?

  31. Nobody is irreplaceable, as the Patriots, and now the Steelers are showing. Puts the pressure on coaches to earn their salerys and meld young players into their winning culture, and don’t make waves. If their had been a worse team, I’m sure he’d have been traded there. Mike Ditka, asked what legendary Bears owner George Halas would have done with a disgruntled Jay Cutler said “Traded him to a team in Canada, if he could.”

  32. Florio, I can’t believe you posted this. First, you left off the real reason why Seymour didn’t show up. As others have posted or added links for the transcript from the press conference, the real reason why he didn’t show up was to so he could figure out what he needed to do for his family. Seymour put his family first before his job. I can definitely respect that.
    Also, I believe you are trying to cover for Rodney Harrison as well (since he is an NBC Analyst). I used to respect Rodney Harrsion. If Rodney Harrison was Seymour’s “friend”, he wouldn’t have stated anything. As a “friend”, you respect your friend’s privacy. From what Seymour stated at his press conference, this was a difficult time for him and Rodney Harrison took advantage of that so he could create “spin” (as Tequila’s lawyer would put it).
    I know that you are a family man since you have missed posting on your website due to watching your son perform in sports or playing in his band. So I believe that you would do the same thing if you were traded from NBC to CBS and had to move to the West Coast (since you are on the East Coast) and have to be on the West Coast prior to the beginning of the season.

  33. I usually love you Florio
    why when it comes to the Raiders you have to see something that’s not necessarily there.
    Go to the Raiders’ website and watch his press conference – the man has kids and a wife and his nephew to think of. You try packing and moving in one week to the other side of the country.
    He says he’s happy and followed the Raiders as a kid. It was just a shock and he had to think things through and sort things out.
    I hope you retract these comments when he re-signs with the team at the end of the season or sooner.

  34. Unless he gets the franchise tag after this season, Seymour can leave Oakland if he doesn’t want to sign an extension.
    Trouble is, if he doesn’t sign one, Oakland is almost certainly gonna tag him…

  35. Florio: This isn’t cool at all.
    It’s best to just come clean, we all make mistakes, ALL of us.

  36. Hey Florio: We all know how many hits you get when you write this anti-Raider mumbo jumbo, so don’t sweat it… we get it.
    We just want you to be consistent – you imply that you are with every smarmy comment you write about the Silver and Black. Do you remember how you had to give it up to Raiderbeat.com before all of this nonsense? I do.
    But now… what? http://raiderbeat.com/?p=4346
    Just… keep talking trash. I got a nice big crow pie waitin for ya… it WILL be serving it cold, fyi.

  37. Hey Florio, for real who cares what you are not buying. Maybe you should buy some of that lemon salad!!! You crow eaten bastered just like Rodney Harrison who looks a little bitter anyway. The fact is they were in talks the wholetime. When coach Cable said he talked to Seymour all you Raider haters said that he was a liar, Seymour confirmed out of his own mouth that he did talk to coach Cable and Al Davis and in fact he also said that Raider legends also came out to his house to talk to him. So when all this was going on no one heard anything from Seymour himself. Just the media talking negative and Raider haters thinking they got it all figured out. Then Seymour finally talks and joins the Raiders and come to find out all you haters was wrong,AGAIN!!! Hey Florio and you other haters are more than welcome to come to the game monday nite section 106 in the Black Hole brutha with the # 52 kirk Morrison jersey on. Die hard Raider Win, Lose Or Tie Raider Nation Til I die. I love you haters cause that show you thinking about them Raiders. Don’t sit behind computers and talk come to a Raider game and show your hate. Easy to do it behind a computer. Florio, get your facts straight!!!!!

  38. @RaiderEyes, “The Raiders are on their way back. There’s nothing you, PFT, or any other of the haters out there can do about it. Bank on it!”
    I think someone needs to check the water supply in the Oakland area. It appears to be full of hallucinogens.

  39. And so it ends.
    Once again the tail fails in it’s attempt to wag the dog. The Raiders have some much needed help on the D-line and the Pats get a #1 in 2011 and subtract a potentially larger headache than Seymour has already been.
    Is there anyway we can get Mike Vrabel back?

  40. Anybody who is trashing Florio for “not buying” this sudden love affair between Seymour and the Raiders is a total idiot.
    You’re REALLY accepting this BS explanation from Seymour that he didn’t report right away because of “family” issues??? If he was so freakin’ in love with the idea of being a Raider yet was such a concerned solid “family man”, don’t you think for one minute that he would have told the Raiders his concerns, and they would have waited patiently for him to get things squared away back east. They never would have had to send a “you’ve got five days to get your sorry ass out here to Oakland” letter.
    Seymour and the Raiders are putting the best spin on this that they can, and all you clowns are buying this BS. Try using a little common sense for once; Florio is RIGHT!

  41. Why all the attacks on Harrison? You do realize he was one of the few, who actually spoke to Seymour while this entire situation unfolded!
    Considering they were team-mates for 6 years, I thought it was an honest response from Richard! Rodney can be brutaly honest! (I can’t wait to hear his commentary) should be a refreshing change.
    Bottom line is BB wanted to get younger, faster and maybe unload a little cap space! Always thinking ahead, BB is ahead of the curve….other teams are trying to catch up!

  42. Seymour wants to be in Oakland about as much as Randy Hanson’s jaw wants to be reunited with Cables fist.
    Any Raider fan haveing faith in Cluless Brain Dead Al has less grey matter then an ameba. Unless of course you are one of the 31 other teams. Then Davis is the best thing since sliced bread.
    Monday nights game will be over in the 1st quarter.
    The Raiders are back?? We will be when Davis kicks his drool bucket.

  43. Damn, Florio, you can’t even man up and admit when your wrong. Instead your trying to put a spin this in order to justify the moronic B.S. you put up on this site all week. Just take that plate of crow, throw a little hot sauce on it, and eat it up like a man.

  44. Hey Florio – never discount the number of people who are willing to just take Seymour’s “I didn’t let my agent or my coaches know where I was because I care about my family” statement at face value.
    Yeah – I’ve got a family too… I don’t show up at work for a week without calling my boss I’m fired.
    Seymour does that and everyone not only thinks its normal, they applaud him…
    Obviously there’s more to it than that, but most of the rocket scientists out there never question anything.

  45. Florio, c’mon now think about what you are writing. There is no way anybody just jumps to their feet, when in essence they were BACK STABBED by people they trusted. When Seymour said he got blindsided, I would have to think he is telling the 100% truth.
    I also think any pro when it get down to it is happy to be making millions to play a game.

  46. BACKSTABBED? Holy crap, I guess everyone forgot Seymour has held out twice before, but he gets traded (as it was the Patriots right to do) and suddenly HE’S the one who’s been wronged. No one promised him (except his agent) jack squat.
    And if you’re stupid enough to believe that pile of horse crap Seymour and Davis was shoveling out, then please don’t procreate. There are plenty of trades that happen in sports, and everyone else manages to get their families in order without taking 5 days. And if it was a family situation, why did Cable say it was about settling a matter between Seymour and the Patriots? Only a blinded Raider fan would believe any of that. Just like how they believe Seymour is going to suddenly make that disaster of a team anywhere remotely comptetitive.

  47. By”Justdiebaby”
    Any Raider fan haveing faith in Cluless Brain Dead Al has less grey matter then an ameba.
    I could care less if Al dies, however if we are that dumb, how come you are so illiterate?
    So how much “grey matter” does it take to spell “clueless”, “having” and “amoeba”. Besides, it’s “than” NOT “then”.

  48. ************AL……..the GODFATHER…150 years old and still making things happen…gives up Burgess ( who is half of what Seymour is) for a 2 and a 5….for a # 1…..all this for a 29 year old prime time player…………gotta love it…

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