Apparently, Delhomme is French for "turnover"

We’ve been saying for weeks the Panthers badly have handled the aftermath of last year’s postseason debacle to the Cardinals.

Essentially, the Panthers have acted like it never happened.

And so quarterback Jake Delhomme was rewarded for his six-turnover performance by getting a contract extension, and the team didn’t do much of anything to improve the roster via the acquisition of veteran talent.

Delhomme is at it again, with two turnovers in the early going of Sunday’s game against the Eagles. 

The first was an interception.  The second came via a sack that resulted in a fumble that resulted in a touchdown for the Eagles.

Still, the Panthers trail by only three points, 10-7.  You can follow the action right here at

UPDATE:  And now there’s been another interception from Delhomme.