Brady Quinn's not talking about his new job

Why is it that the mother, sister, linebacker/brother-in-law and superagent are always the last to know?

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes this morning that Browns quarterback Brady Quinn “avoided talking to his sister Laura, her husband and Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk, his agent Tom Condon and even his mom Robin this week so as not to leak the news that he had won the starting quarterback job and the nod for Sunday’s opener against the Vikings.  About the only person Quinn told after finding out Tuesday night was Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis.”

Oh yeah, Charlie will keep it on the down low.

So while Terrell Owens was tweeting congratulations to Quinn on Wednesday for winning the starting quarterback job in Cleveland over Derek Anderson, Quinn had his own family on freeze out.

This, as Czar Florio accurately points out, shows how far and squarely placed Quinn’s nose is in the hindquarters of Eric Mangini.  Even though T.O. spilled the beans first and other Browns reportedly blabbed soon after that Quinn was named starter, Mangini’s been working to maintain the appearance that the actual starter is still a secret.

And Quinn fell in line.

Of course, we can’t rightly lampoon the ability of one player to do what his employer asks on Sunday while mocking another for being unable to follow directions a day earlier, can we Florio? 

We can?  Sweet.

8 responses to “Brady Quinn's not talking about his new job

  1. Mike Florio, if you do what your employer asks, does that necessarily mean you have your face buried in his a__? By the way you can’t tell that’s a toupee on your head at all Mike. Is that a weave or stick and set? Looks good! Didn’t notice until your last PFT segment.

  2. And what a game he had today,lol. Brady Qinnn a poor mans Ryan Leaf. Another one of the Browns bad draft picks

  3. Only 12-quarterbacks achieved more yardage then Quinn. Quinn had 1-interception but so did 16-others. Of the 16-quarterbacks 10 had 2 or more interceptions. Cutler of the bears had 4. This is the same Cutler that many fans wanted to trade Quinn for along with a few other Teammates last year.
    Hasselbeck, Palmer and even Curt Warner had two interceptions. It’s also worth noting that the Manning brothers each had an interception as did Drew Brees. Stafford from Detroit who many said we should have drafted last year, had 4-interceptions.
    The Jets Sanchez who many people also thought we should draft last year had 67 more yards than Quinn, but a 2% lower completion average. He had 1-TD pass and also 1-interception just like Quinn. His completion rate was against a poor defensive team not the likes of the Vikings, with arguably the best defensive
    team in the NFL.
    Those who truly understand football know that Quinn is coming along just fine.

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