Dunta's footwear message to G.M.: "Pay me, Rick"

Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson wants a new contract.  He didn’t get one in the offseason, and he held out until early September before signing his one-year franchise tender.

But even though he’ll make nearly $10 million this year, he had a game-day message to G.M. Rick Smith on his shoes, according to Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle.

“Pay me, Rick.”

An otherwise businesslike Robinson laughed while discussing the matter after the 24-7 loss to the Jets, as seen in video captured by Sports Radio 610, the Houston affiliate of Sporting News Radio.

“It’s just a reminder that this is what we’re here for,” Robinson said.  “It’s to get paid.”


Yeah, we should all be so underpaid that we’d only get nearly $10 million for four months of work.

34 responses to “Dunta's footwear message to G.M.: "Pay me, Rick"

  1. A better way to get attention is to stand at the freeway off-ramp with a sign. Of course, the people who are doing that now might not appreciate your situation.

  2. If this “otherwise business like” jackass is laughing after his team’s defense was lit up through the air and via the ground against a rookie led Jets offense, then I feel sorry for any dumb@ss G.M. that does eventually pay his worthless @ss.

  3. “It’s just a reminder that this is what we’re here for,” Robinson said. “It’s to get paid.”
    Getting paid is fine but…. what about the love of playing football?

  4. Total ass hat but–
    Does anyone really think that football players work for “four months”? Come on. If you have ever met or spent time with a professional athlete you would understand that to remain in that type of shape is a relentless effort.

  5. I’ve never even heard of this douchebag before today and he’s telling me $10 million isn’t enough?
    You ARE getting paid, genius. Apparently you’re getting paid to suck, based on your performance today.

  6. What a POS!! Some athletes just don’t get it. The average fan is not sympathetic to them bitching about only making $10 million. The Texans should send a message and cut this clown.

  7. Out-of-touch a-holes like Robinson make it SO hard to be a sports fan.
    Millions of people are unemployed, millions of people who do have jobs are struggling to get by … and Robinson is whining about “getting paid”.
    Robinson should be on his knees every day giving thanks that he won the genetic lottery. If he didn’t, he’d probably be “getting paid” to wash cars.

  8. “Does anyone really think that football players work for “four months”? Come on. If you have ever met or spent time with a professional athlete you would understand that to remain in that type of shape is a relentless effort.”
    Actually a lot of them let themselves go in the offseason and go on a crash diet in the weeks leading up to training camp. Especially offensive linemen. Nate Newton was notorious for it. He’d eat nothing but turkey sandwiches before and through training camp and drop like 40-50 pounds to get to his playing weight of what was it? like 340? Bad case of off-season munchies I guess.

  9. How bout pay for play, Dunta? You repeatedly gave up receptions for big 3rd down conversions today! Wanna get paid like a top 5 corner….start playing like one! Jackass!

  10. A lot of people might agree that Lawyers are overpaid. Except litigation doesn’t fill up stadiums of 50k+ or secure TV and marketing contracts.
    Zip if Florio.

  11. wow…thats the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. It would be one thing if the guy outperformed his contract but this guy is making 10 mil and while he is talented he hasn’t made houston feared on the d side of the ball.

  12. In a game where one low hit can end a guys career I dont have a problem with a player who wants a long term contract instead of being forced to player on a per year basis with the franchise tag. Notice how every player who is ever franchised hates it with a passion, regardless of who they are.
    Football players make a ton because the game brings in a ton. Its not the players fault. Amazes me how many people would prefer for more of that revenue to go to the already rich owners than the players. That is basically what you are saying when you get all emo about players getting paid too much.

  13. If you need a message for next week, how about ‘just win.’ That’s why you should be here. Help the team win and you’ll get yours. That’s how it should work – at least on your second contract.
    And here’s what you said to the media six days ago: “I’m back and the tender is signed, and now it’s time to play football. Everything else is out the window. It was never really that serious that I think people wanted to make it out to be.”
    Looks like everything else isn’t out the window. It’s on your shoe as a reminder.

  14. … and get behind DeMeco in the pay me line. Don’t hear him whining like a little b. He just plays ball.

  15. So when NBC first made you their offer, did you reject it and ask for less or did you try and get as much as you can? I’m sure that amount is substantially more than a lot of people make. But I doubt you were thinking about the average American when you took their money. You amaze me with your “insightfulness.”

  16. What an ass. He should play like an elite corner if he wants to get paid like one. I suppose winning doesn’t matter that much anymore. No small wonder the Texans laid that egg today if your “shut down” corner has that kind of attitude. He should have stayed gone. Here’s to hoping his hamstring turns to dental floss again.

  17. Florios’ 4 months of work comment. Ignorant and less than stellar. Many of these players work all year to stay in shape, I don’t know if Robinson is one of them though.
    Robinsons’ comment about not getting paid after getting burned and not playing a top notch corner. Worse comment.
    With the amount of money the NFL is making, even in this economy, I have no problem with the salaries that players EARN. Robinson didn’t earn a $10M long term contract today. “No comment because I’d better get more prepared for next week” would’ve been the better response.

  18. Lmao @ Florio for busting on him wanting to get paid. As much as I might disagree with Robinson and the way he has handled it, at least he’s putting his body on the line every week doing a job that averages less then 5 years before you’re hurt or run out of the league. What’s Florio’s excuse getting paid for writing 50% lies and the other 50% BS for ProFootballTalk, aka The National Enquirer of Football. You’re a bigger joke then he is.

  19. “It’s just a reminder that this is what we’re here for,” Robinson said. “It’s to get paid.”
    Just imagine if Tony Romo said this after a loss.

  20. Florio, the same guy who was admonishing all college athletes after the Bradford injury that football is a business and they should all come out early to get paid. You get paid to create stupid rumor talking points, but which one is it dude. I doubt you care.

  21. @Vox,
    Nate Newton had another business on the side during the summer and Michael Irvin was his best customer.

  22. This whole franchise tag = not getting paid is just agent speak nonsense. Yeah you could get a 15 year deal for 150 million, but what’s the only guarantee…the signing bonus. Most of these franchise tenders seem to be just about what the signing bonus would be and they’re also guaranteed. Some of these upstanding individuals even manage to extort a couple of years of tenders from a team and definitely end up with more guaranteed than a “long term” contract would provide. Greedy pig agents just love throwing around those inflated numbers that don’t mean a damn thing.

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