Jeff George workout makes its way to YouTube

We pointed out several weeks ago that former NFL quarterback Jeff George, only two years older than current NFL quarterback Lord Captain Favre, Survivor Of Swine Flu And/Or Polio, put together an impressive workout at the University of Illinois.

We previously obtained a DVD of the thing, but my “good enough to be dangerous to myself and others” level of computer proficiency prevented me from figuring out how to put the thing on YouTube.

So someone else did.  Here’s part one.  And here’s part two.

After watching George fling it like he flung it during his entire football career, join us in trying to figure out why he isn’t at least the third man on an NFL depth chart — or the top man on the depth chart of a UFL team. 

18 responses to “Jeff George workout makes its way to YouTube

  1. Does George have blackmail photos of you Florio? Get over it, he sucked when he was in his 20’s. He’s not fine wine.

  2. George’s ego probably won’t allow him to join the UFL.
    And it’s also that huge ego that scares away most NFL teams.
    The fact that he hasn’t played in quite a while AND he is long in the tooth don’t help, either…

  3. His 46-78 record as a starter? His reputation for belligerence?
    I like George, and I wish he’d get a another shot, but it’s no mystery why he isn’t getting work.

  4. Oh by the way, please send him here to Buffalo, we could sure use someone who knows how to throw beyond 5 yards.

  5. …um, maybe because he’s always acted like a major league jerk everywhere he’s been?

  6. Could be there is still video of him with Washington. The year the skins dumped Brad Johnson to make George the starter. You know the year after the Redskins actually started to look like a football team and made the playoffs. Your right though George was incredible. He spiked the ball 3 yards from the line of scrimmage faster and harder than anyone. He left craters He threw it so hard. He just never could get it to a reciever. That was a brilliant move by the Danny.

  7. My fear is that Dan Snyder will see this and bring “The Jeff George Experiment” yet again. As far as I’m concerned, benching Brad Johnson at that time in his career for George deep-sixed any and all Redskin hopes for the season.

  8. the real reason he’s not getting a chance is that annoying little shoulder “wiggle” after every damn throw……..drives coaches nuts!

  9. He’s wasting his time.
    Two YouTube videos of him tossing the rock in flag-football gear is nothing compared to his body of work in real NFL games. Every NFL coach/scout has seen him in real games and in real locker rooms, with his undisciplined footwork, the questionable decision making, the inability to get along with teammates, and his total inability to take the blame for his own mistakes.
    Chew on this: one year removed from a 3917 yard, 91.2 rating season, even the The Mediocrity That Is The Oakland Raiders cut him. THAT pretty much says it all: there are some guys who aren’t worth the trouble. He is one of them.
    He has been out of the league almost EIGHT straight seasons. If someone hasn’t taken a chance on him by now, no one is. And no one should.

  10. Did you watch the video?
    He consistently had decent speed on passes under 15 yards. Between 15 and 20 it was hit and miss, with some balls being underthrown. Longer than 20 he was underthrowing more than not and was a bit a slow on his release. And on anything other than a 3 step drop his footwork started to get sloppy.
    Yeah he’s got a pretty good arm. He used to have a great arm. But this showing was something lots of people can do. Hell I was throwing a better long ball than that in high school. Not sure what you’re seeing here Florio.

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