Maroney gets buried on the depth chart

While banging out the final item in the Preseason Power Rankings, with a combined entry for the No. 2 and the No. 1 teams, we noticed that the Patriots (who are one of the two teams but you’ll have to click here to find out which one) have updated their depth chart as of September 8.

And running back Laurence Maroney has been buried on it.

The first-team tailback on the offensive side of the chart, which lists three starting wideouts and only one running back, is Sammy Morris.  Behind him on the second team are Kevin Faulk and Fred Taylor.  On the third team, it’s Maroney and BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

It’s a significant fall from grace for the 2006 first-round pick.  But as Rosenthal pointed out when I mentioned it to him, “Knowing them it may not mean much.”

True, but at a minimum it’s enough to make Laurence Maroney talk a little like Roman Moronie.

[UPDATE:  As several of you have pointed out, it’s an “unofficial” depth chart, put together by the staff of Patriots Football Weekly.  Still, it’s the closest thing to an official depth chart, especially since:  (1) it’s the depth chart that comes up when clicking the link that says “depth chart” on the front page of the Pats’ official web site; (2) the PFW staff are employees of the Patriots; (3) the application of the PFW logo and name to the depth chart is a great way of marketing the PFW product; and (4) if the projected PFW depth chart ended up being grossly wrong the customers who buy PFW might decide to go elsewhere in search of trustworthy information about their favorite team.]

33 responses to “Maroney gets buried on the depth chart

  1. It’s not out of the realm of possibility they end this season with Green-Ellis carrying the ball.
    That guy looks like he has some Sam Cunningham in him, unlike Maroney.

  2. …you call it a “fall from grace.” If it was a Raider tailback that blew like Maroney….you’d call it a collossal bust and what was Crazy Al Davis thinking drafting this guy in the first round. Hey Florio….grow up. Don’t forget, Watson was a first rounder and so wasn’t Daniel Graham…..both busts. Let’s not fail to mention these guys as well. Thank you…and this has been another Johnny Wadd production.

  3. If you ask most Pats fans Maroney has been a disappointment, but depth charts found on the Patriots’ website doesn’t reflect direct information from the coaching staff. The depth chart is provided using the best information from the Patriots Football Weekly (PFW) team.

  4. I think you should keep in mind that the depth chart is by the Patriots Football Weekly, and while they are employed by Robert Kraft, by all appearances have no more insight or access than other media members do.

  5. like Maroney….you’d call it a collossal bust
    Most of us Pats fans do think he’s a bust, he’s getting this year strictly because of where he was drafted.
    I think if he doesn’t put together some consistent games this year he’s in a different uni in ’10.

  6. I don’t think Belichick has ever had an official depth chart and quite frequently, the PFW depth chart has not reflected the real depth chart. The staff aren’t high on Maroney, but that doesn’t mean that Belichick isn’t too.

  7. BTW, PFW still predicts that the Pats will be a 3-4 defense when both Bruschi and Harrison have said that the switch to the 4-3 in the preseason was more than a just a test. If the Pats have truly switched to a 4-3 base, it clearly shows that this depth chart has no real bearing on the real depth chart.

  8. OK, so we have 3 wasted 1st round picks in a row?
    Chad Jackson
    Laurence Mahoney
    Spygate penalty lost pick

  9. Seeing how Morris has been injured all preseason and was rumored to be a possible roster cut, I wouldn’t put too much weight on this depth chart. It’s looks like it refelects nothing more than the number of snaps in 2008.

  10. The Patriots dont draft well, they only got lucky with Brady and thats only because hes a product of the system…if he was drafted by anyone else you wouldn’t hear of him anymore. So im glad they are getting a really high draft pick in 2011 for the trade of Seymour cause i know there gonna blow it and so many early first rounders are busts anyways its such a gamble. So i still think the Raiders got the better end of the deal cause they get a proving player that has a good 5 years left in him and the Patriots got a unproven draft pick. And lose some leader ship on the defense.

  11. another patriot first round bust. no wonder they always trade down, when they stay put they blow it.

  12. That’s not an official Depth Chart – No way Bill ever posts a Dept Chart.
    However, That was done by the lads at PFW, and they are as knowledgeable as anyone out there on the beat, as they have watched EVERY training camp and every practice – So, it’s as good as you will get.
    If you click the link, check out the blog and subscribe to the paper. You’ll be happy you did.
    Scott in Atlanta

  13. He does not stay healthy and not that good when healthy. Deep on the depth chart is where he belongs. Certainly underperformed for a first round pick and would be called a bust for any other team.

  14. Chad Jackson wasn’t a first rounder….they traded up in the 2nd round to get him. Nonetheless….kid was garbage. It’s amazing we don’t hear more on these picks from the media.

  15. Maybe the Patsys should ask the Raiders if they want to trade another high draft pick to them… this time for Maroney.
    Why not? They’ve already made 2 boneheaded trades to help out the Patsys in the recent past. What’s one more?
    After they complete this trade involving Maroney, maybe the Patsys can get Oakland to trade them CB Nnamdi Asomugha in exchange for 3 magic beans next…

  16. Not all 1st round picks were bad… Jerod Mayo is turning out to be a heck of a player. But your right, the Patriots did hit a stretch where their 1st round picks did not perform well. With regards to Maroney being 3rd on the depth chart… Well the bright side is he should finally make it through a whole season.

  17. “Chad Jackson”
    Was a 2nd rounder.
    “The Patriots dont draft well,”
    Thanks for the laugh. The Pats roster is full of their own draft picks and they are one of the best teams in the league at drafting.

  18. The Patriots dont draft well,
    You can’t be serious.
    One of the top five teams in the League for the last decade, and they ‘don’t draft well’ ?

  19. “As several of you have pointed out, it’s an “unofficial” depth chart, put together by the staff of Patriots Football Weekly.”
    I love how unofficial is in smart quotes, like it’s not REALLY unofficial.
    You dropped the ball yet again Florio, just admit it — your backpedaling is quite pathetic.

  20. That’s where Maroney deserves to be. He’s been hampered by injury through much of his career so far and has been largely unproductive. Facts are facts. He also shows poor vision in finding holes and getting through the line. He’s explosive in the open field but getting to that second layer seems to be an issue.
    By contrast Sammy Morris has been very productive and a great pick up by the Pats.
    I think if Maroney can stay healthy and get the reps then he’ll develop. But he’s going to have to gain consistency to become productive. His biggest problem is that he messed up his shoulder trying to pretend he was Cory Dillon.

  21. Give the guy the ball and let’s see if trying to earn a big contract motivates him. BTW…There have been some busts, but what about Richard Seymour, Logan Mankins, Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo?? Come on, Belicheck has a great history of drafting, not perfect, but who is?

  22. Each club has hit and misses when it comes to 1st rounders. For whoever says the pats have been horrible or worst then most when it comes to drafting, for every Maroney(who i wouldnt completely write off just yet), Watson, or Daniel Graham, there has been a Mayo, Merriweather, and Mankins, not to mention there mid to late round drafting which has been good by most accounts.

  23. The Pats have blown a few picks in the first round, but they’ve also picked Seymour (which is funny a Raider fan above mentioning they got the better of the deal getting a great player and the only good pick the Pats ever made was Brady, hmmm…), Warren, Wilfork, Mayo, Meriweather, and Mankins are all decent picks.
    Graham was not a bust, but wasn’t the offensive threat we expected however a very solid blocker to help Light. Now Maroney and Watson on the other hand have been disappointments, but to say the Pats blow their first round picks shows some of you have very short memories.

  24. Is it me, or is Maroney the number one RB on the FIELD? WHich is more important – field or depth chart?

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