McNabb leaves game with rib injury

The Eagles are rolling in Carolina, but Donovan McNabb has given Philly fans a big scare.

McNabb was shaken up on a three-yard touchdown run in the third quarter to make the score 38-10.

McNabb was hit by two defenders on the play and stayed down in the end zone for a while after scoring.  He walked off the field under his own power, but he went to the locker room after briefly talking to Andy Reid on the sideline.  McNabb was holding his hips as he left the field and had his back looked at.  

With such a big lead, the Eagles have the luxury to play Kevin Kolb, who has taken over at quarterback for the Eagles.  (The Eagles got the ball back quickly after another Jake Delhomme interception.)

The Eagles say McNabb has a rib injury, and he is doubtful to return.

UPDATE:  McNabb returned to sit on the bench on the sidelines, and still has his pads on.

14 responses to “McNabb leaves game with rib injury

  1. Did u mean another delhomme interception, or were you serious?
    “Delhomme is French for interception”

  2. (The Eagles got the ball back quickly after another Jake Delhomme touchdown.)
    He means interception. Doesn’t he, PantherPride74?

  3. Is Delhomme calling his interceptions touchdowns now? If so, its a BRILLIANT public relations move.

  4. Maybe its just me but it looked like McNabb took a knee to the back after he was already in the end zone and on the ground. Cheap shot? of course not it was against a Philly team that everybody seems to hate.
    BTW, anyone notice the lack of a call on the opening kickoff when Demps got pushed right into the kick returner only to be called for interference?

  5. Is Carolina this bad?
    Philadelphia is absolutely loaded with talent.
    They haven’t even scratched the surface.
    Huge Giant fan here but this scares me. We’ll struggle with the Deadskins and Philly swats Carolina like a fly.

  6. any more news on McNabb he isnt making it easy to be a eagles fan in texas their all over me out here

  7. Official word is ‘fractured rib’. He did take a knee to the back/side/kidney area. I think he’ll be fine in a few days, and hammed it up a little bit on the field looking for a late hit flag. He didn’t go back in because there was absolutely zero reason for him to go back in when you’re up by 28 points in the 2nd half of the game.
    Westbrook is healthy. McCoy looks good. Leonard Weaver is awful fast for a guy his size. Receivers looked pretty good. O-Line looked pretty beastly. 2 sacks allowed, but after the first quarter or so, they settled down and looked good as a unit, despite never playing together in that config before. Peters settled down.

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