Mixed signals on Crabtree

Earlier today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that there’s “every expectation” that receiver Michael Crabtree will re-enter the draft in 2010.

FOX’s Jay Glazer reports that there are mixed indications regarding Crabtree.  Some say he’ll sit out, others indicate that he’s getting himself ready to play.

The key is Week 10.  After that, Crabtree can’t play in 2009.  And, due to niceties of the CBA, it might make more sense for Crabtree to re-enter the draft at that point.

If Crabtree re-enters the draft, the 49ers would receive no draft-pick compensation.

Also, if he would try to play in another league in 2009, the 49ers would hold his rights for three years.

The last multiple-game rookie holdouts came in 2002, when Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie and Chiefs defensive tackle Ryan Sims missed several games each before signing. 

In 2007, Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell signed days after the regular-season opener.

As to Crabtree, it’s unclear what will happen.  But he seems to be sufficiently delusional to believe that he’ll be a top-five pick in 2010.

And we’re still rooting for that to happen simply because Peter King already has vowed that he’ll change his name to Derek Jeter.  (Although we’d settled for “Peter Jeter.”  Actually, we’d prefer it.)

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  1. Would love to see the 49ers stick to their guns – keep the offer at #’s consistent with the #10 slot and leave it in Crabtree’s hands. Play now for the low-low salary of 20M guaranteed, or sit out and get SFA next year.

  2. Isn’t there also some extra cap room that the 49ers would get if/when they sign Crabtree that a team drafting him next year wouldn’t get? I’m not sure if that’s correct, but it would be another reason he wouldn’t go until maybe the 6th of 7th round next year.

  3. He’ll never make it back to the draft. In March the 49ers can trade his rights, and they would surely do that before allowing him to reenter the draft. If there really are teams willing to give him $40 million (no way in hell) I’m sure the 9ers could get at least a late first round pick for him.
    I think he signs by week 3.

  4. “…# chm52 says: September 13, 2009 3:27 PM
    just give him the $$$ the team needs playermakers…”
    Suuure, let’s cave to another Me-O, just what this league needs.

  5. Crabtree will do fine, just ask Bo Jackson who slipped all the way to the 7rd round (1987) after being a #1 overall in ’86.

  6. Bo Jackson slipped to the 7th round because he wanted the privilege of skipping 1/4 the season each year to play baseball. That makes for a completely different situation than Crabtree.
    Here’s the thing with Crabtree, no one will pick him higher than 10th next year. No one. So, he has zero chance of getting a better deal next year than he will this year. If goes out of the 1st round, he’ll get even less.
    If Crabtree sits, next year’s draft will be the most fascinating in years. What will SF do when it comes to their pick(s) and Crabtree is available? Who will actually pick him? What will Crabtree do if the Raiders were to pick him?

  7. That’s not true about the 3 year rule. Crabtree can play for any league he wants, it’s a free country. If he does, then the 49ers only hold his NFL rights, but you state it like as if they hold his rights over where he plays or who he chooses to play for. He just can’t choose another NFL team in those 3 years, but he can play for any other team that wants to come to terms with him.
    It’s kind of like the Ricky Rubio situation. Minnesota only holds his NBA rights, however anything outside of the NBA they don’t hold any rights.
    Here’s the language:
    Section 5. Other Professional Teams:
    (a) Notwithstanding Section 4(b) above, if a player is drafted by a Club and, during the period between the Draft and the next annual Draft, signs a contract with, plays for or is employed by a professional football team not in the NFL during all or any part of the 12 month period following the initial Draft, then the drafting Club (or any assignee Club) shall retain the exclusive NFL rights to negotiate for and sign a contract with the player until the day of the Draft three League Years after the initial Draft, and shall thereafter have a Right of First Refusal as described herein, and the player may receive offers from any Club at any time thereafter.
    Key word is “NFL” rights.

  8. @TSE….that is exactly what the article said.
    Also, if he would try to play in another league in 2009, the 49ers would hold his rights for three years.
    Most could understand without explanation that SF would hold his NFL Rights…..who gives a crap about the CFL.

  9. TSE: What rights did you think he meant? It was pretty clear to me that he meant “rights” as it pertains to the NFL. He said “if he plays in another league in 2009” implying that he would be able to do so, but the 49ers would hold his NFL rights. Not sure why you didn’t figure that out before wasting your time.

  10. If this kid sits out they should invite him to the draft next year and then we can all experience the looks on his face as he drops lower and lower and lower.
    Not even the Lions would pick this guy higher next year than he was drafted this year, and I can’t see any team taking him anywhere near as high as he was taken this year.

  11. Earlier today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that there’s “every expectation” that receiver Michael Crabtree will re-enter the draft in 2010.
    Good, I think he needs to do this.
    Go away CrabDiva!

  12. I am praying that this kid loses an entire year and ultimately ends up with a smaller contract than he’s currently being offered.
    This is all about ego and greed. I really want to see it blow up in the faces of him and his sleazy agent.

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