Mort: Shanahan planned to cut Brandon Marshall

The change in coaches from Mike Shanahan to Josh McDaniels has been blamed for some of the problems that Brandon Marshall has had with the Broncos but, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN that’s not the case.

Per Mortensen, moments ago on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Shanahan was planning to cut Marshall after the Pro Bowl in February. The former Broncos coach reportedly felt that Marshall cost the team more games than he helped him win. Per Mort, Shanahan shared those thoughts with Jay Cutler the day before he was fired.

So, strangely enough, despite being suspended and demoted to the scout team during the brief McDaniels era, Marshall may actually have seen his position with the Broncos improve as a result of Shanahan’s departure.

11 responses to “Mort: Shanahan planned to cut Brandon Marshall

  1. This would have been a pretty smart move on Shanny’s part since if he had traded Marshall for a 1st rd pick, he likely would have botched it and the team would be on the hook for all that 1st rd money.

  2. I find this very hard to believe. Marshall has never been seen as a “team player” but the day after the pro bowl somebody wouldve given up a 2nd round pick easy for him, possibly even a 1st. Shanny isnt that dumb to pass on a draft pick.

  3. Cut? Cut?
    LMAO…you may cut a TO, who is 35 years old, but you don’t “cut” a 25 year old WR who plays like a LB, who the best CB in the game calls “the toughest WR to bring down”…you don’t “cut” that guy.
    Total, utter, BS.

  4. Full disclosure(Chargers fan) As much as I hated
    Shanahan the Broncos fired the wrong guy. You can pin all of this on Pat Bowlen.

  5. This is totally ludacris!!!!
    The passing game is the only thing that got Denver ANY wins last season.
    Cutler, Royal and Marshall are the only reasons why Shanny wasn’t fired halfway through the year!!!!

  6. If teams are still willing to sign TO, 35 and more baggage than a trans atlantic flight, why the hell would they not want a 25 year old guy who averaged over 100 catches a year the last two years….Maybe lame brain decisions like this is the reason he’s not coaching in the NFL right now…You don’t just give away assets…..This is ridiculous……

  7. somehow i doubt that shanny was gonna outright cut marshall. trade maybe , but who cuts a probowl WR who averages 100 receptions a year?
    sounds like bullshit to me

  8. This Mort is really off his rocker or Shany is nuts. Who is going to cut a young Pro Bowl WR?
    Trade I could understand but cut, get real.

  9. Yup, Mort specifically claims that Shanahan was going to CUT Marshall outright, NOT trade him. That sounds like complete BS to me…surely he was worth at least ONE draft pick. Mort is an idiot. He needs to use some common sense before making such a ridiculous report.

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