Nine picks in 51 passes for Delhomme

As our colleague Tom Curran points out during Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme’s ongoing career disintegration, the Panthers quarterback has now thrown nine interceptions in his last 51 attempts.

Five came against the Cardinals in the 2008 playoffs.  Four have come today against the Eagles.

The Panthers not only failed to address the quarterback position in the offseason, but they also gave Delhomme a long-term extension with $20 million in guaranteed money.

As we’ve said before (and will say again), their reaction to the January meltdown was to pretend it never happened.

Though a lot can change as the season goes on, it’s a horrendous start to the season for a team that is expected to again contend for a Super Bowl berth.

17 responses to “Nine picks in 51 passes for Delhomme

  1. Worst QB in the NFL…
    1 good half of football in his career…
    but his team still lost that SB cause he was so bad in the first half

  2. The contract extension was to help free up some cap space for this year. You can’t make chicken salad without lettuce.

  3. Man…..What a train wreck…….They didn’t pretend this didn’t happen……They put McClown in……Wait, he got wacked……Are they going to put an Ad on Monster now?

  4. As I stated before, they should’ve traded for Tarvaris Jackson! He fits in that system…Luckily Childress has realized that T-Jax might be best fit as a Vikings QB.

  5. Plainthers blow!
    Craphomme has proved there was a reason he wasn’t drafted and had to play in NFL Europe.
    Nice job Hurney, giving a never been QB a $20mm guaranteed contract!
    Good news is they will clean house this January when the Plainthers finish 4-12!

  6. Rumor is that Carolina will unilateraly re-negotiate Delhomme’s’s contract to 12 yrs-146M
    with a 88M signing bonus. On the premise that this game was an abberration.
    Down with that?

  7. Delhomme is a Cajun portmanteau of the French “de l’homme,” which means “of the man.”
    As in, “Ces neuf interceptions dans cinquante-et-un passes pourraient présager la fin de la carrière ‘de l’homme.'”
    Or, “Those nine interceptions in fifty-one passes might portend the end of the career ‘of the man.'”
    Jake Of The Man. Not lately, c’est certainement…

  8. THe Carolina management should be fired for one of the dumbest contract extensions in the history of the NFL.

  9. His arm probably lost its zip after the Tommy John job. His mind is making decisions his arm can’t back up anymore.
    Oh well….he’ll just have to pocket his $20,000,000.00 guaranteed and fade off into the sunset. How sad.

  10. Interesting how players like Delhomme (who stink up the joint) can get contract extensions , while players like Julius Peppers, Butch Wilfork, Dunta Robinson , Leon Washington , Joshua Cribbs and Anquan Boldin can’t sniff new money.
    I guess the owners of these respective clubs are concerned about the up-coming CBA. Lol.
    All of the above mentioned players (except Delhomme) are bonafide ballers with proven track records of performing at a high level. What kind of message is really being sent when players that perform can’t get fair market value ?
    Jake Delhomme will continue to take the Panthers down with him and I’m going to enjoyed watching. Must be nice to be Jake. Really nice.

  11. Just cut Jake. He sucks and his confidence is shot. There is no way he can rebound from what he has done. He was never a good QB to begin with.

  12. “He was never a good QB to begin with.”
    Spot on!
    Jake Delhomme was never anything more then a streaky career back up. Fox needed his head examined LONG ago for sticking with him.
    Now he’ll be paying with his job.

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