No new contract for Seymour this year

Now that Richard Seymour has accepted his fate and reported to the Raiders, the question in Oakland turns toward a new contract for the impending free agent.

According to Adam Schefter, he’s going to be waiting a while for a new deal. The Raiders have reportedly told Seymour, set to make $3.685 million this season, that they won’t be able to give him a new contract until the 2009 season is over.

The Raiders do want to re-sign Seymour but their history of extravagant spending is working against them. Players like JaMarcus Russell and Javon Walker carry large cap numbers, as do many departed veterans who were released but continue to eat up space on the cap. After trading a 2011 first rounder for Seymour, though, the Raiders will likely do whatever they can to find the space to make the deal pay off for them.

9 responses to “No new contract for Seymour this year

  1. Seymour will not sign unless it’s a silly money massive contract with a huge up front guaranteed payout. Why would he do anything else? He wants free agency and to escape the black hole ASAP. The Raiders can always franchise him but otherwise the contract to keep him will have to be absolutely absurd.

  2. Thinking about it, Davis was smarter than we gave him credit for. With his insane spending, he couldn’t sign a FA to a big contract, but he gets two franchise tags next year without a cap, so an expiring contract was just what the doctor ordered.

  3. Wasn’t it said in the PC to basically “mind your own business” regarding the new contract?
    “Reporting speculation as fact.”… We’re used to it.

  4. like i said before, it must be terrible if you get franchised, and only make 17 million plus to play football

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