PFTV looks at coordinator carousel

Later today, the Chiefs and the Bucs will find out whether the decision to fire their respective offensive coordinators less than two weeks before the start of the season was a good one.

On Monday night, the Bills will get their answer, too.

PFTV looks at the situation, and we float an interesting theory regarding a possible motivation for Bills coach Dick Jauron to get rid of Turk Schonert.  If find out what it is, watch the video.

5 responses to “PFTV looks at coordinator carousel

  1. Florio please.
    Ralph Wilson has all but anointed Special Teams coordinator Bobby April as the successor to Dick Jauron. He’s been with the Bills longer than any other assistant coach, and he’s currently listed as the assistant Head Coach.
    Do more research before you speculate about treachery.

  2. Actually, there is a guy in place to replace Dick Jauron. He’s the assistant head coach already and special teams coach, Bobby April. The Bills most successful head coach ever, HOFer Marv Levy, cut his teeth as the Redskins special teams coach under George Allen. April at least has fire and a pulse, unlike Jauron, who you have to have a mirror put under his nose to check for signs of life.
    And whats up with you guys {Florio and Brocato} wearing the Soprano style ties ? That mafia look went out in the 80’s.

  3. florio admits they are in joe’s mama’s basement.
    nice move. just when i was ready to write you off…
    joe needs some more spray paint up top.
    the oc firing will help kc asap, altho they are banged up at qb on the way in to the season. gailey was ok calling plays, haley will likely be better, altho doing so may dilute his abilities in other areas. yer span of control can only be so much.
    it just means tampa and buffalo are in deep trouble.

  4. There is no secret to why Schonert was dumped. The offense has been virtually nonexistent since the middle of last year. Jauron tried to stick with Schonert, but when he continued to ignore Jauron’s suggestions (orders?) he had to go. As Brian Billick explained, the Head Coach is in charge and has final responsibility for the team. Schonert himself explained how Jauron continued to try to get him to simplify the offense, which is necessary if a team plans to run the no huddle. As Billick explained, if Jauron needed to continue to to tell Schonert that he wanted simplification, it clearly means that Schonert was not listening (or just ignoring) what Jauron was telling him. When an OC refuses to obey the Head Coach, the OC must go.

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