Report: Crabtree likely to re-enter draft

Adam Schefter just reported on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown that there hasn’t been much progress between the 49ers and first-round pick Michael Crabtree on a contract and that “signs” are that he’ll re-enter the draft in 2010.

Schefter reports that there’s “every expectation” that Crabtree will sit out this season.  The Niners still want to sign him and still think he can help this year, but neither side is willing to budge at all in negotiations, which makes a resolution less likely by the day.

That contradicts reports earlier in the week that Crabtree’s resolve was weakening, but may lend some credence to the notion that the 49ers will investigate potential tampering with Crabtree from teams letting him know that they’ll pay him what he wants if they get a chance to select him next April.

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  1. You know what I’m starting to think – Crabtree himself thinks he’s gonna bust, so he wants the first payday to be big.
    Like Sapp just said on NFL Network – your 2nd contract is where you get paid the big dollars; everyone knows this. Does Crabtree just think he can’t be that guy who takes Top dollars when his 2nd contract comes up? Is his ankle not what it used to be and Crabtree knows he can’t be in what he was in the pros what he was in college.

  2. haircut…
    his agent is running scared already, talking to next year’s draftees, telling them he CAN negotiate a first round contract.
    well he didnt negotiate this one.

  3. One year’s worth of earnings lost and lower income with a lower draft position in the future. This kid’s stupidity is beyond belief.

  4. The only thing dumber than Crabtree sitting the season would be the team paying him whatever he wants next year.

  5. I PRAY the rookie salary cap goes into effect before he can do anything else. I know it won’t happen that quick….but wouldn’t that be delicious justice.
    Greed….pure, ugly, distasteful greed.

  6. Oh please God let this happen, spoiled idiot thinks he is worth more than his slot, reenters draft, loses millions.
    My question is why would the 49ers even want to sign this guy anymore? His first year is wasted. He has proven himself to be the complete jerkoff that pre-draft reports said he was. He has done nothing in the NFL to earn this huge contract he thinks he is entitled to. Is this really the guy you want to pay tens of millions of dollars and build your franchise around? I think they would be better off at this point just calling this pick a bust and moving on.

  7. Its hard to see a plan here. I’ll be surprised if he goes before the third round next year. If so, he’ll never make up the money.

  8. Crabtree better get off his high-horse. The guy may have been one of the best receivers coming out of College in 2008. But there will be a whole new “best” receiver coming out of college and going into the draft this year. And he will have a year of actually playing football whereas Crabtree underwent surgery and missed an entire season. There will be quite a few receivers in better shape for the NFL if he doesn’t sign with the Niners. So if he sits out now and reenters the draft he’ll have to do the combine or no one will touch him. This is the best situation for Crabtree to earn the most Money at this stage in his Career. Many football players have attempted to travel down this road and all have lost out on money.

  9. Is Crabtree the next Mike Williams and Maurice Clarett rolled into one? Attitude and a one-year absence isn’t going to get him what he wants. All I can figure is, when Mike Singletary made him cry the pampered prima donna must have decided right there and then that he didn’t want a mean coach like Singletary.
    Meanwhile, would someone explain to me how this is all the Raiders’ fault? I’ve heard it said, but can’t quite connect the dots. Davis passed on Crabtree for DHB, and now it is Davis’ fault because he didn’t pick the little prima donna? I just don’t get it!

  10. Crabtree you are the true definition of a MORAN. I hope you do re enter the draft and you slip to the 3rd or 4th round or even later in the draft because teams dont like to waste a pick on a holdout.

  11. If I understand correctly, Michael “Crab-Me” scored a 15 on the Wonderlic. According to Wikipedia, that score is roughly equivalent to someone working in a Warehouse (no disrespect intended). With these kind of genius business decisions – here’s hoping that Mr. Crabtree is working at a Costco sometime soon. He can box up my groceries for me. At the same time, as a long time Niner fan, it pains me to ask the question – who’s the bigger idiot…? Crabtree or McClaughan for drafting a guy with these kinds of red flags…

  12. The Raiders blew it again, they could have had this sad sack of crap but they passes him over and took a kid with a great attitude instead.
    The media was right again.

  13. The league will be better off without this clown.
    He’s already shown what he’s all about.
    Enjoy your future at Burger King, Einstein.

  14. If the dynamic duo of Crabtree and Eugene Parker believe that re-entering the draft will lead to better dollars they are in for a rude awakening. There will be far better prospects available this upcoming spring. Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn and Damian Williams, just for starters.
    Crabtree can’t possibly believe that his draft position improves, even if he gets around to running that 40. He hasn’t even signed a contract yet but has already gotten his career started on the wrong foot with this protracted holdout. Another diva wideout.
    The upside is that this will probably derail his agent’s reputation significantly. Pro football is a business, not a hostage negotiation, and Parker needs to realize this, especially in light of the economy. Nobody wants to hear the ranting of millionaire athletes who are paid to play a GAME.
    Too bad Al Davis had to go and bend the rules of the universe by selecting Willie Gault (DHB) ahead of a two time Biletnikof winner. You’d think that winning an award named after a hall of fame Raider receiver would score some points with Al Davis. Unfortunately, Al Davis’ reality exists in the Matrix. He needs to unplug. Something as messed up as the Crabtree holdout, you just know there must be a couple of degrees of separation back to Al and the Raiders.

  15. Pretty clear that this guy is still injured… He’s banking on ONE contract in the NFL.
    Sad that the same teams keep making these types of character mistakes with players.
    Surprised the Bengals didn’t pick him.
    Oh yeah, there was a Fat Ba$terd out there …

  16. Did I hear he already had endorsements ?
    What company would want to be affiliated with him ?
    …WTF is a “MORAN” ???

  17. The funny part is, does he think the NFL is just gonna go thru the motions without him this year?…As if they are gonna just ignore all the college kids playing this year?….And draft him in the top 10 next year? And hope they draft him in a position he finds suitable?….I don’t get his agent, out of sight…..out of mind…….

  18. I just dont get why the teams that supposedy are saying they will pay Crabtree not just trade for his rights now.

  19. He can’t be traded. The deadline for it passed last month.
    Also, he can’t be signed then traded, because SF would have to absorb his entire signing bonus.
    The question is, could he be signed to a minimum non-guaranteed contract then traded to someone else, who’ll (supposedly) pay him the $40mil?

  20. If the 49ers were smart, they’d start taking money off the table for every day Crabtree stays out. He’d cave by week 3….
    Who’s advising this guy? If he thinks a team is going to draft him high or higher next year, he’s nuts. There will be the 2010 class as well as underclassman coming out in case there’s a rookie scale in 2011. If you’re one of the 31 teams that could draft him (49ers ineligible) do you draft a known headache or someone else? That’s a no brainer.

  21. Hahaha! Eugene Parker is sooo brilliant! Reenter the draft to get picked higher?! Ohahaha!
    Doesn’t he know that the Niners hold his draft rights and therefore Crabtree can’t workout in the combine or perform private workouts for the other teams? None of the 31 teams that are eligible to draft him will ever see him workout or see if he is in football shape. He will be out of football for OVER a year.
    Let’s not forget that all this ‘contract baggage’ will draw teams away from him and will allow him to drop further in the draft.
    Good luck being picked higher than a 3rd rounder.
    The Niners brass should trade him to the highest bidder the first chance they have (which will be March 1, 2010). Hopefully a first or second rounder in 2011, because three first rounders in 2010 will bring the Niners to cap hell as fast as you can say BUST.

  22. This would be career suicide! Good thinking Crabtree. You are overrated to begin with. You should take what you can get as a first round pick. next year someone will take you with a 6 or 7 round just for laughs.

  23. Not only do we not want him… do we really need him right now, spoiling the team chemistry that Singletary has worked so hard to build? I would just withdraw the offer from the table and tell him to sit it out and we’ll just go with the guys we have. That would do more good in the locker room than anything Crabtree could do on the field at this point. Call it “glue”….

  24. > He can’t be traded. The deadline for it passed last month.
    The trade deadline for unsigned draft picks passed Aug 14th.
    > Also, he can’t be signed then traded, because SF would have to absorb his entire signing bonus.
    No. He can’t be signed then traded, because the trade deadline for unsigned draft picks passed Aug 14th. Sign & trade is not allowed.
    > Even if he does re-enter the draft next year, the 49’s still own his rights, Correct?
    They hold his rights ’till draft day.
    > So if he sits out now and reenters the draft he’ll have to do the combine or no one will touch him.
    He can only work out at the combine or for any team prior to the draft if the 49ers allow him to.
    > Could he go play elsewhere professionally (UFL, CFL) before re-entering the draft?
    If he signs a contract with, plays for, or is employed by a professional football team outside the NFL then the 49ers retains exclusive negotiating rights for three years. If he plays anywhere he’s not part of the next draft.
    > The Niners brass should trade him to the highest bidder the first chance they have (which will be March 1, 2010).
    Any team he’s traded to will loose his rights on draft day when he reenters the draft. So only teams willing to pay 40+ millions can be interested in a trade. If a team were willing to pay that much, why didn’t a trade happen prior to Aug 14th?
    The situation makes Al Davis look like a genius.

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