Saints almost dropped 50 on Detroit

But for a late touchdown run from Reggie Bush that was nullified by a holding penalty, the Saints would have finished Sunday’s game against the Lions with more than 50 points.

As it stands, the Saints scored 45, more than enough to overcome the 27 that Detroit put on the board.

The late touchdown came just after the two-minute warning.  Thereafter, the Saints curiously didn’t take a knee three times, opting instead for three more running plays to end the game.

Despite a final drive that consisted of nine runs and no passes, Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw for 358 yards and a career-high six touchdowns.

Meanwhile, running back Mike Bell churned up 143 yards rushing on 28 carries.  Reggie Bush, on the other hand, carried the ball only seven times, for only 14 yards.  Though Bush added 55 yards receiving on five receptions, it’s now obvious that the Saints don’t envision Bush as a go-to back, especially since the guy they picked up off the street received more than twice the touches.

For the Lions, quarterback Matthew Stafford completed 16 of 37 passes for 205 yards and three interceptions.  (The passer rating surely will be south of the Kordoza Line.)  Running back Kevin Smith gained only 20 yards on 15 carries, giving him an average lower than Bush’s 2.0 yards per carry.

In all, the Saints gained 515 yards and the Lions only 231.  Frankly, it’s amazing that New Orleans won by only 18 points.

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  1. The Saints D played stout run defense, and the Lions had great field position all day. Also, the Lions returned a fumble for a TD. If the Saints D continues to improve, this team will be hard to beat.

  2. The Lions only put 20 points on the Saints D because the Saints special teams play was awful. Most of those points scored when the Lions were already in FG territory.

  3. Would have been 60 but very poor officiating helped the lions in my opinion.
    The Lions better stop throwing challenge flags and pointing fingers and start playing football.

  4. The scoring wasn’t due to the Saints D, it was the Saints’ ST unit and Mike Bell, who fumbled one rush that Louis Delmas ran back for a TD.
    The D actually held the Lions to a reasonable number of yards and kept them from getting TDs on drives deep in Saints territory. If not for that BS series of calls that gave the Lions around 7-8 tries from within the 5, Stafford would still be waiting to score his first NFL TD.
    If the ST unit could keep from fumbling punts and letting a guy run the ball back 80 yards on the kickoff, they D would hold teams to a lot less points.

  5. Lions scored more than they did all last season. Have to give them that.
    Also, they only had one secondary pick last season and already matched that.
    First defensive touchdown in over a season.
    They’re a long ways away, but they’ve clearly gotten a little better.
    They need linemen bad

  6. Funny that teke184 talks about a “BS series of calls” in favor of Detroit. Those calls only happened because the ref mistakenly had Calvin Johnson stepping out of bounds at the 3 when the replay clearly showed he wasn’t even close.
    The refs then proceeded to give a series of make-up calls allowing Detroit to score.

  7. This year’s Saints team reminds me alot of the ’98 Vikes.
    They have all the tools on offense, and the defense just needs to make a stop or 2 to win.

  8. G-man…not sure what you are talking about with CJ. The LCD I was watching wasn’t clear at all. Call was out of bounds by a ref standing two feet away and the call couldn’t be reversed. On the other hand, Detroit got multiple opportunities with a phantom Sharper penalty and a phantom roughing the passer call…called when the defender (and everyone else) believed a fumble had occurred and was running downfield.

  9. Detroit got hit with roughing the passer while trying to block a pass… so don’t whine about bs penalties
    At one point int he game, the refs didn’t even know what the hell was going on and Schwartz had to rip there asses in two to get them in line. Those refs were a joke.
    CJ was in bounds by at least two inches. You must have one of those cheap LCD televisions with 720p, because it was crystal clear on my screen and the only thing making it even remotely hard to see was the black on Calvins cleats.
    Saints were clearly the better team. Refs helped them out on top of it, which wasn’t really necessary. Saints run defense was excellent. Brees was a stud. End of story.

  10. When I say “BS series of calls”, I mean everything from the Sharper “make-up” call to claiming that Kevin Smith stopped advancing in order to negate the fumble recovered by Sedrick Ellis to calling a personal foul on Will Smith for pushing by a Lions defender on the way towards the bench after the “fumble”.
    One of those would be a makeup call. A big series of those was just a load of crap.

  11. I think CJ had the TD, so the make-up calls were just that. The make-up call on Sharper and Smith were bad calls, no question. To faulkn22, the roughing call was correct, he hit Brees’ head, its an auto-call. I agree that the rule is a little ridiculous, but its the rule and was correctly called. I dont think either team got an advantage today, some bad calls leading up to the Stafford TD, but they evened out. Saints D looked okay today…Sharper, Porter, and Greer are a HUGE step up from last year (I know Porter was starting last year, but missed most of the year). Jenkins gave up that one big play, but the rest of the day, they looked really good.

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