Week One will be blackout free

On Friday, the Raiders received a 24-hour extension of the 72-hour deadline for selling all non-premium tickets to their Monday night home game against the Chargers.

On Saturday, they announced that the tickets had been sold.

And so every Week One game will be televised in the home teams’ local markets.

The hot spots were Oakland, Arizona, Cincinnati, and Tampa.  The first three received extensions in order to get the tickets sold.

Next week, potential blackouts loom in Detroit, Jacksonville, and San Diego.

14 responses to “Week One will be blackout free

  1. Had to comment on the Raiders again, just had to let everyone know they needed an extension. Oh well at least you didn’t elaborate on it with some negative nonsense about how the Fans have given up on them.

  2. My head explodes, my ears ring, I can’t remember just where I’ve been.
    Sorry, maybe you can give me break since I’m so geeked tonight, here in my living room looking at the three tv’s set up. I’m like waiting for Santa Claus.

  3. That is bad news. Arizona after they made the Superbowl? San Diego ever? Might be time to lower ticket prices.

  4. Lions fans need to prepare for 7 or 8 blackouts this year–especially if the team comes out and lays an egg against New Orleans today.

  5. i see a new feature for pft… “lights out”… to discuss who gets blackouts…
    frequent mention of the usual suspects…

  6. The blackout rule is a joke. First, there is a 72 hour cut off period but when tickets are not sold, extension are given. Why even have the rule if the deadline does not have to be met?
    Regardless of the rule, blacking out a home team’s market does nothing to help promote the team and develop a stronger fan base. The NFL makes the majority of their money from TV anyway, so how can the ratings be helped when the home team can not be shown on local tv? The incremental income from 2,000 tickets pales in comparison to what the tv ad revenue would be in all likelihood for the NFL.

  7. Must have had a lot of Charger fans pony up the money to watch the impending massacre of Oakland Monday night by their team.
    The only advantage (and thus the only chance the Raiders have of winning this game) Oakland has is that Norv Turner is still the Chargers head coach.
    Even so, I don’t think even that large handicap is enough to allow the Raiders to win the game…

  8. @footballtalk247
    That stadium would be 5th in the league without the tarps.
    And with the tarps, they still finished 19th last year in average home attendance, ppl do show up regardless of who they support.

  9. It was reported that tickets will be given to San Quentin inmates who will be furlowed for the game.

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