Bears formally place Urlacher on IR

Barring some type of a miraculous recovery, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher wasn’t going to play again this year.

And now, even if Ernest Angley lays hands on Urlacher’s wrist, Urlacher won’t be playing for the entire season.

The Bears have placed Urlacher on injured reserve.

The also have announced the addition of linebacker Tim Shaw.  If you’ve never heard of Tim Shaw, then your assumption that they’re not done signing linebackers is accurate.

For Urlacher, it’s only the second time in his career during which he’ll play in fewer than 16 games.  Five years ago, injuries limited Urlacher to nine games.

8 responses to “Bears formally place Urlacher on IR

  1. Earnest Angley! Holy Sheep Shit! I used to wake up Sunday mornings half drunk and get some good laughs with my room mate watching this guy before the stooges came on.
    Maybe Obama’s new health plan can heal him.

  2. Look on the brightside, all the loser bear fans now have a built in excuse all year long.
    The game against the pack was actually quite funny to watch. their crybaby QB vs the terrible GB defense, funny how the either cutler is incredibly overrated, or GB defense is actually good against the pass. my guess is the cuntler is over rated. thank god you sold your future for this guy chicago, way to go.
    btw, GB also looked terrible, unfortunetly only 1 team could lose, they both earned it.

  3. Can’t they just put a big ass cast on it?…Jack Youngblood played 3 games with a broken leg…….Larry Wilson played with two broken hands, and intercepted a pass…..Walt Garrison once played with 3 broken ribs…..As much as McNair let his unit rule his life, he sure as hell played thru alot of pain…..And Untias played thru more injuries than anyone……Urlacher had instant Karma…Calling someone a pussy, when he himself is a big pussy….Enjoy painting your boys toenails……Pussy

  4. Sad news. Urlacher is a great football player.
    As a Vikings fan, I want my team to play against the best that other teams have, and with Urlacher now on IR, that won’t happen this year against the Bears.
    I hope Urlacher comes back strong next year.

  5. Cutler Stats (4th year – started 38 games)
    0 playoff wins
    0 playoff appearances
    55 TDs
    41 Interceptions
    Last night wasn’t some sort of one-off event – this is Jay Cutler.
    He will have some great games, but you’ll never win more than 9 games with this guy. Too many bad throws.

  6. Urlacher should suck it up. He only has a few more years left on those legs, put a huge cast on that arm and play.
    Maybe now he’ll think twice about calling someone a pussy.

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