Bears-Packers one-liners

With a dramatic, 50-yard touchdown pass to WR Greg Jennings on third down and one late in the game that delivered a 21-15 win for Green Bay, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers looked like Brett Favre at his best.

With four interceptions and multiple other ugly passes that could have been picked off, Bears QB Jay Cutler looked like Brett Favre at his worst.

It was a stellar debut for the Packers’ new 3-4 defense.

For tackle Allen Barbre, not so much.

Ditto for whoever threw that ridiculous illegal contact flag on CB Al Harris.

After twice proving why he plays defense by dropping two potential interceptions, Packers CB Tramon Williams picked off a pass and returned it 67 yards, to the Chicago one.

After making the biggest blunder by a long snapper since Trey Junkin, Patrick Mannelly talked about his decision to audible to a fake punt.

But the goat ultimately was CB Nathan Vasher, who was burned on the game-winning score.

Cutler finished with a passer rating of 43.2, the second worst performance of his career.

The Bears gave a new look on defense:  “They did a lot of combination coverages where they are playing [a
defense in which] two guys have quarters to one side, where each guy
has one quarter of the field, and then on the back side they were
playing like a Cover 2 look,” Packers QB Aaron Rodgers said.  “Which we haven’t seen on film and really,
in my five years, I haven’t seen them play that coverage.  I think a lot
of that was to try and stop our quick slant game, which they did.”

53 responses to “Bears-Packers one-liners

  1. Wow – the Packers again show no ability to adjust at half time and it nearly cost them the game.
    I’ll take the win, but I was really expecting the Packers to thrash the Bears. After all, the Bears really have little offensive firepower, but again, Lovie shows the ability to slow another potent Packers’ offense.
    Oh, and maybe not a bad idea to give Tausch a call – sheesh?!?!

  2. Yeah, that 150 passing yards Rodgers put up against a bad defense that was without its best player for most of the game was impressive, especially in a game they were mostly trailing in.

  3. We’ve got the best QB in Packer HISTORY and he’s gonna KICK YOUR ASS!
    Jared Allen is gonna take an Aaron and wipe his Rodgers center field at Lamblow.

  4. The only goat in the game was Cutler. End of story. What an incredible disaster that performance was. He’s good enough to do much better than that–hopefully he settles down and starts doing it. And next week, for the sake of the Bears faithful!
    Majik Man has a good point. I saw most of the game, and I still can’t figure out why it was so difficult for the Packers. They ‘seemed’ to be playing much better, yet didn’t get anywhere.
    It’s still very early, but to me it looks like in that division, week 1 goes to the Vikings. Their only issue at the moment seems to be smoothing out the chemistry with a QB who skipped training camp. Solid everywhere else, with the best backup-QB situation in the league.
    The Packers and Bears better get it together, and fast.

  5. Boob Nelson, you’re deluded. You’ve apparently been imbibing, by the barrel, the green-and-gold Kool-Aid that some in the media have been serving. The game exposed the fact that both the Peckers and DaBares have big question marks on both sides of the ball. Vaunted Peckers offence? What did AR manage against a crappy/injured Bares defence — 180 yards? Vaunted Peckers defence? Oh yes, I forgot — they have a scary 3-4 defence. But, it’s scary only for the Peckers’ prospects in 2009. If Cutler hadn’t gift-wrapped the victory with 4 INTs, the Peckers would have lost big.

  6. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    September 14, 2009 9:23 PM
    Go Pack go. The 12 Pack is the best QB in the division.
    Cutler did not play poorly.
    The Packer defense played gret.
    A Viking fan says stuff like this and we are delusional. Freaking hypocrites.
    Gerbilinyourass, I’ll give you a pass, cos I’m guessing you are like 14 years old. Only someone with that maturity level would post something like that.
    Bob on the other hand, is a moron of the highest caliber. The D played great? Really?
    You call giving up 352 yards great? The new 3-4, ranked 22nd in the league? Great? Not hardly.
    Anyone who watched that game knows Cutler had a horrible night. Pressure might have had a little to do with it, but some of those throws were just horrible, throwing into triple and even quad coverage.
    Go ahead and think waht you want, moron, the rest of the nfl fans know that we saw Cutler lay a major egg in primetime. Only a Packer fan like you saw anything else.

  7. Packers beat a tough divisional opponent. End of Story, a win is a win.
    The Vikings beat a bad Browns team, so before you crown the paper champs wait to see how the season plays out.

  8. If that was a good performance by either team then Bears and packers fans should be extremely worried.
    The game looked like a 2008 Lions practice scrimmage. This game was about the most futile attempt at football I have seen in years.

  9. What a way to unleash the new 3-4! Best QB in the division. Really not even close. One divisional foe defeated. On the way to Miami!

  10. This is what Packers coaches mean when they talk about defensive backs playing with vision.
    FS Nick Collins, CB Tramon Williams and CB Al Harris each got an interception by reading the Bears’ formations and QB Jay Cutler — something they had fewer opportunities to do in Bob Sanders’ old press-oriented scheme.
    Collins was playing an outside, over-the-top technique in the first quarter when he intercepted a seam pass for TE Desmond Clark, who had SS Atari Bigby trailing him off the line.
    In the second quarter, Williams knew he had Bigby over the top on WR Johnny Knox. So, even though Williams was supposed to stay outside in the Cover-2, he broke underneath as Knox took his route upfield and took advantage when Cutler put the ball on a line.
    With 1:06 to go and the game in the balance, the Packers again were in Cover-2, with Harris playing an outside technique to funnel Knox inside. The Bears had opened their final drive of the first half in the identical formation — shotgun, slot left, with Knox at split end — and Knox slanted underneath Harris’ soft coverage for a 14-yard gain. So, Harris rightly figured it was the same play, compressed his cushion before the snap and broke before Cutler let go of the pass, which came out late in part because of a low snap.
    The Packers aren’t playing all zone — Williams was manned up on WR Earl Bennett when he nearly picked Cutler two plays before Collins did — but this game showed the sort of opportunities Dom Capers’ scheme can create.
    Cannot put the blame on Cutler as Ragnar does. Green Bay created those turnovers. They weren’t gifts like some of Favre’s

  11. FootballPhil said: “The Vikings beat a bad Browns team, so before you crown the paper champs wait to see how the season plays out.”
    It’s not the Vikings who the know-nothings in the media have crowned as paper champs — it’s the Peckers and DaBares.

  12. mnmaverick says: September 14, 2009 10:54 PM
    We’ve got the best QB in Packer HISTORY and he’s gonna KICK YOUR ASS!
    Key word being “HISTORY”

  13. Hydra: You should really give credit to whatever packer website you lifted that story from. I’ve read what you’ve typed before, you have no knowledge.
    It reeks of homerism and propoganda and is meant for your sort of ilk. You know, the type that is going to drink TT’s kool aid.
    That “improved” defense is horrid.
    The only legit int was Jolly’s, all the others were gift wrapped by Cutler.
    I watched the game, I know what I saw. Christ, even with 4 picks Cutler was carving that D up.
    Hydra, you should stick with your insipid posts. It’s not right that you plagarize a Packer beat writer like that. You can see the bias oozing off the words on the screen. The bias trying to cover up that this ” Dom-iante” defense gave up huge yardage.
    As for the jokers that think we should be off Karen’s back, He did it once, he needs to do it consistently, that’s just common sense.
    If you want to split hairs, if the Pack D caused those turnovers, then, Bears had a blown coverage on the TD.
    That can’t be right tho, can it? Then Karen doesn’t get the credit. And, we all know it’s all Packer skill.
    Years and years of listening to this drivel, I’m amazed i haven’t snapped.

  14. “Years and years of listening to this drivel, I’m amazed i haven’t snapped”
    You just wrote a Ted Kaczynski-esque manifesto.
    I think you already have

  15. Yes he has snapped. Wow! All I saw on the last play was Vasher getting beat by Jennings. There was no blown coverage. 3rd and 1 Chicago was guessing run and got burned. Ragnar all you have ever said is Rodgers can’t close out games (as if its a one man job) and when they do win on a final drive he needs to do it more?? I don’t want my offense to be in a position to do it more. I want the damn game sealed. If the Hydra’s team has to pull out last minute wins every week then The Hydra’s team ain’t goin’ anywhere! Trust me on this one. Green Bay will not be in a close game until after the bye.

  16. Hydra, don’t make absurd predictions, you sound like a Viking fan. unless we get an RT, and consistent LBs, we probably will do exactly what the Vikings did last year: one and done.

  17. …except we’ll actually be able to sell tickets to our one playoff game. But otherwise, we need to make some improvements, or it will be the same for us as it was for last year’s Vikings, nothing more.

  18. You are 1 ignorant son of a bitch you know that?
    Hypocritical too.
    From what you saw of that game, you actually think they will be undefeated at the bye?
    As I’ve said, a Vikes fan says that and it’s paper champs this, delusional that.
    Did you even watch the game? I wouldn’t be so sure that Cincy doesn’t beat you. You are sure full of shit this morning Hydra.
    Also, If Barbie ( I’m gonna call him that, because he played like it) is in there against Minnesota, you do realize that All Pro Kevin Williams is on that side don’t you? You think that was a turnstile on Monday?
    Jesus, Hydra, You’re team could hardly move the ball on a team with 2 starting LBs out!
    76 yards rushing? 150 yards passing?
    226 total yards, good for 28th in the leauge, that’s pitiful.
    352 total yards on defense?
    And you are bragging about this, predicting 4-0 at the bye and Miami? You are either 12 years old or about the most idiotic packer fan yet.
    You don’t get those 4 picks, you aren’t even in the game!!! Your golden child sure as hell wasn’t doing anything.
    Scrambling to avoid pressure, Cutler unleashed a lazy pass over the middle with no apparent Bears receiver in the area. Packers nickel cornerback Tramon Williams — who whiffed on a pair of potential interceptions earlier in the half — returned the ball 67 yards to give the Packers first-and-goal on the 1.
    That wasn’t “insight” that was an idiot throwing an int. GIFT WRAPPED. That 1 int alone gave the pack the game. That 1 play doesn’t happen, karen is not even in position to throw the td at the end.
    However, the decision to bring a safety down in the box on a crucial third-and-one with less than two minutes left exposed Nathan Vasher in coverage, and allowed Rodgers to connect with WR Greg Jennings on the winning touchdown.
    It is the other Safety’s job to make sure that a wr doesn’t get behind him on that play. That is blwn coverage. Yes Karen made the throw, give him credit, but doing it 1 time does not now all of a sudden mean he can do it consistently.
    You’re an idiot, keep looking past these teams, You thinking the vikes are going to be a pushover is amusing.
    I shouldn’t expect any less out of you packer lovers, bragging coming off a 6-10 season, and now bragging coming off a sloppy, gift wrapped win. this is par for the course with you.
    Judgement day is coming, and it’s coming soon.

  19. Beer Cheese. Miami is the only goal for this team. They said it not me. They havent said that before. This group at least.

  20. TheHydra says:
    Beer Cheese. Miami is the only goal for this team. They said it not me. They havent said that before. This group at least.
    That’s all good, for the players at least, but you don’t need to be making predictions of grandeur like a damn Viking fan. Take it one game at a time. We won this week, hell yeah. Now, we’ll see what happens next.
    Leave the paper championships to the purple professionals. It’s all they have to be proud of, let them keep it. Packers fans are known for being more grounded and realistic. Don’t give us all a bad name please.

  21. Hydra–I’m a Packer fan but I don;t think we watched the same game—pay attention to Beer Cheese Soup.
    I’ll take a win any way we can get it but that game should have been a blow out. Aaron missed two sure TD’s by overthrowing, RT played like Barbie (I’ll give you that one Ragnar) & if he is still there in game 4, Williams will eat him & Rodgers alive. Hell, even Donald Driver was dropping balls & the running game never really took off until two of the Bears LB’s were on the sidelines. We need lot’s of improvement–lots & lots.
    I do think the new defense is exciting and I like the ability to bring pressure from anywhere. Barring any injuries I think it will be one of the top 5. Also, Hydra if you notice in your descripton of the game there was a noticeable lack of the names Poppinga & Hawk. Linebackers were basically nonexistent. Bishop needs much more playing time along with Chillars. I’ll not put us in Miami yet.
    ]I was really surprised by the Browns 1st half performance. Definitely exposed an ability to run on the Vikes Defense. Unfortuantely in the 2nd half they got some long drives after which the Browns went 3 & out. Just wore the defense down & from that point on AP took over.
    Week 4 will be a true test for both teams.
    Finally, mnmaverick see Ragnars post re Gerberlinyourass
    “Gerbilinyourass, I’ll give you a pass, cos I’m guessing you are like 14 years old. Only someone with that maturity level would post something like that”.
    Just in case you can;t find it..

  22. Bears Defense is old, we know this. The real problem is the interception machine you guys call quarterback….did you see those throws last night? ouch!…To everyone who said Brett Favre would be throwing pic’s….no, not happening. sorry….he’s only required to complete 14 passes and our team can still put up 37 points…I just recall all the trash talking from the bear fans in the preseason….How are you bears fans feeling today? Ooo..Ouch I’m sorry I’ll stop…I am actually starting to feel bad for you and your sh*tty team….

  23. Yeah ragner I watched the game. i saw Driver get overthrown for what would have been a 70 yard td pass. I saw Jenning get underthrown for what would have been another long one. Driver dropped a 30 yard pass. I mean come on. you throwing numbers out there after week one? 3 for 4 after opening day and a guy is hitting .750! Had they connected with those passes they would have had over 400 yards of offense. But those arent the numbers that matter. Its whose men make more plays then the other teams men. Who has more points then the other team. You throwing out league ranking after one week is a travesty for you. On to next week.

  24. As for you Ragnar-
    You have said, and I quote: “a win is a win”. Did that only apply to the Vikings when you said it? We won. It doesn’t matter how, we won, and it’s over. Pick apart the game, make excuses like you accuse US of doing all you want, it won’t change the fact that WE WON, and you need to get over it already.
    Christ, it wasn’t even your sorry team that we beat. I fail to see the problem here. Get over it, on to next week.

  25. Wow!
    Miami is the goal for every team.
    Just because they say it, doesn’t “Make it so”
    Capt. Picard.
    Great they are confident. So is every other NFl player, talent and confidence in that talent is what got them where they are…the NFL.
    For you to continue to cling to Harris saying that proves to me that you are 12 years old.
    Or one feeble minded fan….most likely both.
    By the way, the last time a packer spoke these words, didn’t they go 4-12 that year?

  26. Hydra:
    If if if
    If you would have turned 3 gift wrapped ints into more points, maybe it wouldn’t have been a game.
    But then again “we only beat the Browns”.
    Beer, I don’t have a problem that they won, it’s just the ” complete team” concept hydra is driving at.

  27. No Mr. Uninformed when favre said that it was 2003. Division Champs. Didnt quite make it as Mr Favre served one up in OT in Philly. I think you can tell the difference between realistically making Miami a goal and stating it under the assumption that it is the ultimate goal. Yes, the super bowl is the ultimate goal for every team. Woodson (not Harris) stated this year. Not many teams that I have heard have publicly stated THIS year. Please provide an example.

  28. I watched the game and I saw:
    Packers get 4 interceptions and fail to capitalize. Poor offense is poor offense no matter how you color it…
    Bears playing scared the first half. Cutler needs to get his head in the game.
    3 of the Bears defensive starters now on injured reserve. Brooks is on hold. This doesn’t look good.
    A special teams “call” that defies all logic giving the Packers great field position.
    Let’s face it, both teams have some work to do.

  29. Vikings and Packers both won. Both 1 – 0. Better than being 0 -1. While making mistakes is cause for concern, they do play 15 more staring Sunday.
    Both teams have things they want to and need to improve on.
    It’s one week people…let’s relax and enjoy the season (thanks ex-Coach Tice).
    I sincerely hope the Vikings players believe they are going to Miami. I’m guessing Packer fans wish the same from their team.
    Looking forward to week 4…

  30. Hydra, seriously.
    You’re making me agree with Ragnar here, and it’s very painful to do so.
    Of course every team wants to win the Super Bowl. some are deluded enough to think they can, but when it comes down to it, only 1 out of 32 is ever right. I’ll be the first to say, that won’t be the Pack. Not this year, not with all the holes we have.
    We won this week. Take it at that, one game at a time. Hopefully we get it together enough to make a run at the division title, but that’s months away, so for now, one game at a time.
    Ragnar-AGAIN, a win is a win is a win, and as Rulz said, we’ll take it any way we can get it. 1-0, same as you. That’s all that matters. When that changes, when you’re ahead of us, feel free to talk.

  31. Not according to Hydra . Al Harris said they are going to Miami, so it must be true. By the way Great, didn’t you know the Packers dominated? See how they forced all thos picks with that “great” defense?
    It never ends with some of these packer fools.
    Blaming the Philly loss on Favre, Hydra?
    But we’re not supposed to blame Karen?
    Another double standard, hypocritical Packer fan.
    4th and 26 doesn’t ring a bell?…lol
    Not many teams publicly state that because they are smart enough not to.
    You can see how seriously every one besides you took it, as it hasn’t made national headlines.
    That’s probably because it came out of the mouth of an over the hill CB on a 6-10 team.

  32. I do like that Barbie line though Ragnar. I may have to use that, especially if he puts up a similar performance against the terrible Cincy D next week.

  33. 6-10 was last year Ragnar. Want to hate on us for always bringing up the past, don’t do it yourself.
    4th and 26 was all on Ahmad Carroll, the second-worst Packer defensive bust ever. Favre throwing picks in overtime didn’t help, but it’s what he does, we should have planned for it. That was also in the past. I remember all the crap you guys talked about him after that game, and again the following year when we lost to the Vikings at home with his four picks.. Now he’s your God. Calling Packer fans hypocrites, are we?!!
    Why should we blame Rodgers for his performance in a game we WON? Not only that, he was stellar given the circumstances.. I didn’t see anything he did wrong, including the safety, that wasn’t a direct result of either absolutely piss-poor O-Line play, or receivers not doing their job. As I said elsewhere, give the man MORE credit for getting it done with no one blocking worth a damn.. Imagine what he could do if someone on the line did!
    As THE Hydra said, it was Woodson predicting big things, not Harris (who is still better than your entire secondary save Winfield, over the hill or not, by the way). Woodson said what he did because he’s a veteran on a very young team, and he wants to motivate them to play well. Good for him. That’s what leaders do. He can’t help it if some people think he actually meant what he said.
    Bottom line: congrats, you finally found the one Packer fan who claims paper championships. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re one of two Viking fans on here that DOESN’T do it. That was your second-most hypocritical post I’ve seen, save only the one where you straight admitted to being a hypocrite. Keep up the good work.

  34. Half a dozen posts by BarRag in about seven hours regarding a team other than his own. That is… something. Obsession? Way too much free time? Some sort of compulsive disorder? Anyway, it might be time to go take a check in the mirror. I have a feeling there are several saliva bubbles on the corner of your mouth that need to be wiped away in case you go out or someone happens to come by.

  35. @beer cheese soup
    You actually make some damn sense in a few of things you say. mainly that it is week one and its time for the rest of the morons to stfu looking at you hydra. you also raise some good points about the pack’s weak points. barbie is going to need a ton of help over there against a guy like rodgers and I’d almost hope to see a real speed guy over there like robison or possibly allen when the vikes get their first shot at the pack. stick edwards on the right side and let allen tear this guy apart. more help = less offensive weapons = less offense. You have it figured out, now please translate it into whatever grunts and and whistles are neccesary for the rest of the packer fans to understand it.
    the way the packers played on sunday night does not concern me as a vikings fan at all. If i was a packer fan i would probably shut the hell up about going to the super bowl, and be a bit more concerned about even getting into the playoffs as a wildcard. hell, there is a good chance you don’t even take 2nd in this division.

  36. Ragnar: If you want to bring up the past there are only two things you need to look at 3-1 and 0-4, pretty sure you can figure that out…
    As far as the game went. Saying that Cutler gift wrapped the picks is ridiculous. The defensive players were in position to make the plays and they made the plays, pretty sure that’s what defense is all about. As far as the 300+ yards of passing for Cutler, how many points did that produce? Well not enough to win. Once again, defense doing what it is supposed to. Where was the stellar second year running back for the Bears? Getting smacked in the face every time he touched the ball…defense. Pull out all the stats you want. The Green Bay defense smacked Chicago around, they were more physical and more disciplined than the Chicago offense, which is exactly the way Dom’s defense is supposed to work.
    On to the offense. If the right tackle situation isn’t resolved then you can say good bye to any high hopes for the Pack this year. The problems in the passing game can be attributed to Barbie (can’t deny the nickname) getting whipped on every snap. Receivers dropping balls didn’t help either, seemed like Driver dropped more on Sunday night than he has in two years. Ryan Grant was more physical, didn’t have huge numbers but got the job done when he needed to. And when it absolutely mattered most, Greg Jennings beat his man and A Rod delivered a win. End of story.

  37. DCViking says:
    September 15, 2009 3:37 PM
    Vikings and Packers both won. Both 1 – 0. Better than being 0 -1. While making mistakes is cause for concern, they do play 15 more staring Sunday.
    Both teams have things they want to and need to improve on.
    It’s one week people…let’s relax and enjoy the season (thanks ex-Coach Tice).
    I sincerely hope the Vikings players believe they are going to Miami. I’m guessing Packer fans wish the same from their team.
    Looking forward to week 4…
    Most rational comment made on here. Now compare this to the lonely, psychopathic comments of Ragnar and we can see the effects of living a life vicariously through a sports team.
    You sound like a very sad person and I take pity on you Ragnar.

  38. Ok, ok. 1 idiot at a time.
    Beer. All summer long, I’ve been hearing from packer fans how Favre lost the Champ. game to the Giants. Going into further detail, it was said that he did that his whole career, cost the Pack games. Now YOU are saying 4th and 26 was Carroll’s fault. Correct?
    Yet when I say that Karen can’t finish a game, all of a sudden it’s a “team” game, and you can’t blame her for it all.
    Which is it beer? Whatever suits YOUR argument at the time?
    And I’m the hypocrite?! LOL
    Zangy: I almost didn’t read your post. Anything that starts out talking about 13-42 years ago, is almost certain to be a load of crap.
    Anyway defense was in position? I’ll give you Jolly’s pick, but other than that, you sir are high.
    2 of those picks, there wasn’t even a Bear near the ball, so how are they ” in position”?
    Points? Seriously? Are you that freaking dumb?
    Turnovers kill drives numbnuts, the bears had 4 of them, that they were still in the game even with those picks, speaks volumes.
    Smacked them around, I’m pretty sure the yardage says otherwise.
    Neither team ran the ball very well, that was a wash, and the Bears did it without 2 starting LBS.
    You go ahead and think that Defense ” smacked them around”. Just be sure to wipe off that kool-aid mustache when you are done.
    Baysay: That was actually pretty funny.
    Not obsessed at all. i just am so sick of Packer pukes calling this a dominating performance, which it was not.
    Also, I have a history of bantering back and forth with several posters on this site. Thanks for your 2 cents tho. I will wipe my mouth when I leave my office.
    Phil: Living vicariously thru my sports team? Really?
    Not so much. I just have to call an idiot an idiot, when I see it.
    Packer fans just want docile Vikings fans.
    Packer fans can say anything they like to Vikings fans and it’s ” good natured ribbing”. ANY Vikes fans says anything remotely degratory, and we are absolute jerks.
    I don’t need your pity. I’m actually quite a happy guy.
    See ya in the funny papers.( wisconsin sports pages)

  39. Ragnar, when you return a interception to the one it doesnt allow for your team to rack up many yards. (just one) If they connect on two more long balls that were wide open (so schematically they beat the bear defense) they have 400 yards all the while playing on a short field. Move on to next (now this) week please.

  40. I’ll give you the 1 yard deal.
    But, the “ifs” have to stop with you.
    They did not not happen, so they are irrelevant to the conversation.
    I am on to next week. According to you tho sir, you are already at the bye week, undefeated no less.
    “IF” that is the case. You have nothing more to say on these boards until October 13th.
    Actually, since somebody on the Packers said they are going to Miami, you have nothing to say until the Super bowl.
    You must be related to someone in the Packer orginization to regurgitate the crap you do on here.

  41. No one said they were going. Thet said that was their expectations. It wasnt some Namath type guarantee. But here is one. Yes the Green Bay Packers will be 4-0 at their bye.

  42. RagnartheViking says:
    Beer. All summer long, I’ve been hearing from packer fans how Favre lost the Champ. game to the Giants. Going into further detail, it was said that he did that his whole career, cost the Pack games. Now YOU are saying 4th and 26 was Carroll’s fault. Correct?
    Yet when I say that Karen can’t finish a game, all of a sudden it’s a “team” game, and you can’t blame her for it all.
    I believe you have me confused with about three other guys here. I never said any of that.
    Read: Champ game-Favre’s fault, also partially Crosby’s for not making a field goal all damn game.
    4th and 26-Carroll’s fault all the way.
    Last year-Rodgers had his share of mistakes (that Karen thing is just about as old/unfunny as Biqueen btw) but most of it was on the defense.
    Look at the first game this year. The defense steps up, nothing spectacular but consistent, and Rodgers delivers. That should just about prove it.
    RagnartheViking ALSO says:
    And I’m the hypocrite?!

  43. LOL!
    I love the simplicity of answering Ragnars hater comments with a simple “yes” to him questioning you about his hypocrisy!

  44. Did you like Erin better?
    Beer, it’s people like this jagoff hydra that piss me off. You are actually pretty knowledgable on most things. Are we going to agree a lot? No, we’re fans of rival teams.
    I just beleive that AR should be held just as accountable for not finishing games as Favre was for throwing int’s.
    Not you, but a majority of fans rip Favre to shreds for “losing games” for them. Yet when it comes to Erin, it is a team game.
    Honestly, not meaning to lump you in with everyone else, it’s just hard to keep track of all the conversations you’ve ever had with someone on here.
    Hydra, Keep looking past the Bengals and Rams, I hope your team does too.
    The Packers aren’t thhis juggernaut you make them out to be, there is a lot of work to do for them.
    Trash talk aside Beer, I didn’t come away that impressed by that defense. Yes they did get 4 tos, but it’s debateable how much was on Cutler.
    You get 4 to’s you need to win by more than 6.
    I will say this, If it did 1 thing, the Pack winning got rid of Dewey and for that I’m gald the Pack won.
    Hydra: Go away until after the bye week.
    It’s funny that you have to let Beer fight your battles for you, because you are so witless you can’t do it on your own.

  45. Ragnar-
    I wasn’t impressed with the defense either. As I said, consistent, not spectacular. Fortunately for us, it was enough.
    Of course half those picks were on Cutler, and there were three more when the ball slipped through the DB’s hands too. All praise for the Pack aside, he really stunk it up. Loved that pick by Jolly though. Watching a 300lb lineman catch a pass and then run with it had to be humiliating for the Bears.
    I don’t know how many Pack games you watched last year, or how many you watch in general that don’t involve your team, but I watch all of them, and the defense this year vs last is night and day.
    Anyone who puts all of last year’s losses squarely on Rodgers is a moron. Again, the defense was crap all last year, we lost. The defense was mediocre (last week), we win, even without any semblance of blocking. That should tell you the problem is not him.

  46. Ragnar – “That’s probably because it came out of the mouth of an over the hill CB on a 6-10 team.”
    Bringing up last season in comparison to this season is just as irrelevant as bringing up (far) past Superbowls, just ask Cardinals fans about that. Beer Cheese already said it but it’s worth repeating. Hypocrite.

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