Bobby Wade heads to Kansas City

Cut last week by the Vikings after taking a pay cut so he wouldn’t get cut and then claiming that the pay cut wasn’t taken to avoid being cut, receiver Bobby Wade has cut a deal with the Chiefs.

Per Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, agent Jerome Stanley says that Wade has agreed to terms with Kansas City.

Wade also drew interest from the Titans.  The Bears were believed to be potentially interested, but nothing ever materialized.

For the Titans, the departure of Wade from the market could mean that Matt Jones will be getting a call.

8 responses to “Bobby Wade heads to Kansas City

  1. Bobby Wade will make a minimal impact in Kansas City. With an injured QB and an overall terrible offence, this is not the greatest situation for Wade. If Bobby would have gone to a good offence like Tennesee, the he would have a legitimate chance of making an impact.

  2. Why does a scrub like Wade keep getting contracts when the only-slightly-less-scrubbish-but MUCH-more-talented Koren Robinson is headed to the UFL?! I don’t understand.

  3. This is how Pioli/Haley will improve this team. Take good teams’ worst players and bring them in. Bobby Wade is clearly an upgrade over Quinton Lawrence and probably over Terrance Copper.
    It is a nice sign for KC — just like O’Callaghan was last week.

  4. Can he play defense??????
    Total Yards from Sunday:
    Kansas City – 188
    Baltimore – 501
    Wow, I know the Ravens covered the spread, but this game wasn’t even “14 points close.”

  5. Everything I’m hearing out of Tennessee is that they aren’t looking to sign anyone right now.
    Unless there is an injury, Jones will probably have to sign someplace else or just wait…

  6. no clue why they would want B.Wade when they could have signed M.Jones. the guy made 1 mistake that didnt hurt anyone or anything except himself & it was a poor decision on the Jags organization to give up on him for it. M.Jones was on pace to have 1,000 yards recieving before he got suspended with one of the worst offenses in the NFL. M.Jones was a freak by NFL standards comming out of college & he’s got the potential to be a threat in an offense that can move the ball. line him as TE or WR…
    someone will sign him bcuz he’s just got to much potential & talent not to play in the NFL & given the situation he should land on team that can contend…
    the Bears, Titans & Vikings could really use some help at WR. it wont be long….

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