Crabtree is getting nervous

Before Sunday’s games, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the tea leaves point to 49ers Michael Crabtree re-entering the draft in 2010.  FOX’s Jay Glazer pointed to mixed signals regarding Crabtree’s status.

We’re now hearing that, after the 49ers went into Arizona and knocked off the defending NFC champs without Crabtree, the tenth overall pick in the draft is getting nervous.

We’re told that 49ers players who spoke with Crabtree after the game detected anxiety on his part, and there’s now a sense that he might be getting ready to take the offer that the 49ers have left on the table throughout training camp and the preseason.

Glazer suggested yesterday that the 49ers might begin to modify their offer, now that Crabtree is missing regular-season games.  Though it remains to be seen whether the team takes this bold (but wise) step, we think that Crabtree will either break or harden his position to the point of a full-season holdout within the next week or so.

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  1. I also hope the 9’ers modify their offer based on the fact that he has missed a regular season game. Someone needs to show this turd who is boss. And based on how Singletary has handled the team since he took over that is a stance the 9’ers must take. If they don’t then it might undermine Singletary’s authority.

  2. He is soooo stupid and getting really piss poor advice from his agent. If he reenters the draft he will be rolling the dice big time.

  3. Oh please let him re-enter the draft, a year away from Football has to make him worth more right ?

  4. Have you ever witnessed such stupidity in all your life. This kid needs to sign, sign now, and begin kissing the asses of all 49 fans immediately.
    People daily are losing there jobs and we have to read about this brat. He was picked were he was picked and will be paid for that slot plain and SIMPLE! I for one hopes he holds out the season, enters next years draft, and falls to the second or third round.

  5. Please go back in!! This way next year when your not a top 20 pick I get to hear you cry you want to be paid like the 10th round pick this year! FOOL!!! If you do make a few million more next year, don’t forget to count the money you lost this year. You should have done some math in college…

  6. Reduce the offer to reflect one game missed, and modify again for each additional game missed. Inform Mr. Crabtree that the offer will not be increased, only decreased now.
    Inform through the media that any future clients of Eugene Parker will not be drafted by the 49ers until a new rookie pay scale is implemented.

  7. This kid screwed up, no training camp, no opening game, no play this season. I hate it for the 49 ers. I hope this primadona is blacklisted from the NFL. Who in the he!! does he think he is?

  8. The best move Crabtree has left would be to fire his agent and take the offer the Niners are giving him.

  9. Whats to be nervous about? Sign the damn contract and never worry about money for the rest of your life.

  10. I was looking forward to seeing how this guy was going to play in the NFL then he went all T.O. on us….the league doesn’t need any more DIVAS & I hope we don’t hear any more about him till he eather signs with the 49ers or next years draft…FOOTBALL IS HERE & there are way mor interesting storylines then this clown…..keep your eye on the ball Florio!!!!!

  11. These teams have way more leverage than they think. Crabtree has everything to lose by not getting paid this season and then getting drafted even lower next year. The 49ers should low-ball him at this point. His alternatives are pretty weak. Although I could see the Lions taking him fifth overall next season, like they did with Mike Williams.

  12. He would be smart to take what the San Francisco 49ers are offering. He’ll get (much) less if he re-enters the Draft in 2010.

  13. Crabtree needs to accept their offer, sign today, and try to get himself in game shape. 2009 is already underway, and he won’t be even in game-shape for at least another month or so.
    That being said, the 49ers needs to redo the offer to reflect the fact that he won’t be ready until at least Game 3 or 4. But Crabtree needs to take it, because if he re-enters the draft, all GMs will circle his name to make sure that they avoid him like the plague. I mean, who wants that kind of headache from someone who hasn’t played one down of professional football?

  14. I sincerely hope they deduct a weeks wage for each week that Crabtree misses. It would be great for him to see his $$$ dwindle each week.

  15. “We think that Crabtree will either break or harden his position to the point of a full-season holdout within the next week or so.”
    Those are the two most logical conclusions given the history of this situation.

  16. I hope this crybaby doesn’t see a dime. This is just the forshadowing for a career of bitching and moaning. He clearly is an ego that a team does not need, and his abilities on the field will be overshadowed by his shitty me first attitude
    he’s going to end up like that no name baseball player who held out on the draft and eneded up flipping burgers.. (whats his name?)

  17. they should ignore him and every other team should ignore him come draft time next year. he can sit and rot. complete waste of talent.

  18. niners should definitely lower their offer. Even if he signed today, this season is as good as wasted for him.

  19. File this under Who Cares?
    Let the guy sit, then he can re enter the draft and get drafted in the second or third round because he is such a diva. That would cost him tens of millions of dollars and he can sit with his agent and ask, “Where did I go wrong?”

  20. The ought to start pro-rating their offer after every game , why should he be paid based on a full 16 game season if he only shows for 15 or 14…etc.
    Better yet let this jackass reenter the draft next year. There’s no way he will go that high, after all there were 16 WRs in college who opened their season with over 200 recieving yards so he doesn’t have much competition.
    What an ASS, and hopefully other college players thinking about entering the draft won’t be stupid enough to sign with him….well maybe Tyrell Pryor will.

  21. For Crabtree’s sake, I think he needs to take whatever offer is on the table. If the 49ers went into the defending NFC champ’s house and knock them off…..anything is possible.
    What Crabtree needs to understand is that the more time he sits out and misses NFL games, then the unlikeliness that he would be drafted in the top 5 in next year’s draft. Who is going to spend money on someone who has not played an NFL snap? I CAN TELL YOU RIGHT NOW……NO ONE !!!!

  22. give him the rookie minimum lol …. cannot work out in any combine next year as far I know – good luck diva

  23. screw that guy. can’t they just cut him?
    cut your losses and move on.
    the only time I’m ever reminded of that turd is when I about him on this site.

  24. Screw Crabgreed. Let his idiotic self re-enter the draft next year. He’ll do absolutely nothing for us this year, anyway. He’s going to cry like the baby he is anytime Sing gets on him at practice or in a game.

  25. Give him nothing! You have your roster and just move on. If you bring him in now it will just be a drain on the coaches and team because he will constantly be behind with the terminology.

  26. “We’re now hearing that…” “We’re told that…”
    Listening to those voices in your head again?

  27. Since the niners beat the Cards the power shifts even more to the team’s side. If anything they should back-off a little in the guaranteed money and offer him less.

  28. Thank you M.Crabtree for donating your career in the NFL for the purpose of getting Goodell to take this issue seriously and cap the rookies! Thanks again, it must have cost you a fortune.

  29. JoeBagels. Crabtree was not a 10th round draft pick, he was the 10th overall draft pick. I don’t think he’d be asking for 10th round money since, there really isn’t a demand for 10th round players in the NFL.
    That being said, please, restructure the offer, Crabtree is a douche.

  30. If I were the niners I would cut the offer in half and say take this or have fun being a 2nd round pick next year and getting next to nothing guaranteed. This guy is a joke I hope he has a similar career path as Mike Williams

  31. I do not blame him for wanting to get the best deal that he can. If this meant holding out a bit and trying to apply pressure to the 9er’s then so be it.
    I do not see a ton of loyalty from the teams to their players. Look at what MN did to Bobby Wade. First he agrees to cut his salary in half, and still gets cut. NFL teams do not in any way honor their contracts. So who can blame a guy for wanting to get the best deal possible and get the most guaranteed money he can.
    That being said, Crabtree and / or his agent are complete idiots. Clearly this situation is not going to get any better for them, and could very easily get worse. They tried to play hardball and force SF in to paying more. I just do not think it is going to happen, and Crabtree should be running to the table to sign this deal while it is still on the board.
    As mentioned above I would not blame the 9er’s for reducing the contract, and if he decided to reenter the draft he is going to lose millions. If I had to guess I bet he gets that signature down sooner then later. there is no way he reenters the draft next year.

  32. This is what an unconstrained ego coupled with a serious streak of stubbornness does to you. You gotta wonder what type of point he’s trying to make. That he’s the biggest baby in the league? That he’s willing to lose millions of dollars because he’s an idiot? Maybe when he’s all grown up he’ll look back at this and think “man I was messed up, why didn’t anyone say something?”. But of course they did and he’s too stupid to realize it. If I were a GM or coach I’d have big reservations about bringing this level of headcase on the roster. Just unbelievable.

  33. Just what this league needs, another Me-O.
    Let him sit.
    Hey Crabtree, Burger King’s hiring, 2nd shift.

  34. Glad AZ got out of that game w/o Crabtree. Even though I am a cards fan, I am also a football fan. I want to see this guy sign and play. As of today that is.
    I figured that game would open his eyes. Niners are good. Better than Seattle, and if AZ does not win the division, Niners will.
    I am originally from Stockton, so the Raiders and Niners still hold a place in my football heart.

  35. Dear God I hope the 49’s really stick it to that idiot. What a damn fool!
    Vick’s “friends” must have gone over to Crabtree’s party.

  36. They do not need him so let him sit and stew
    Cut his offer in half and then in half again if he does not show up this week offer him no bonus or any thing for signing
    That ship has sailed Screw you Craptree

  37. Crabtree will come to terms this week and report to the team. The 49ers are not giving him any more money; why should they pay him more than the prescribe amount for the 10th overall draft pick?

  38. The funny thing would be if he re-enters the draft and nobody drafts him in the first round and then SF gets him in the 2nd round.

  39. the niners should let him go back into the draft…..and then pick his dumb ass up in the 5th round next year just to be assholes and get him for like 1.3 hahahaha

  40. The funniest thing would be for the 49ers to pick him next year and offer him a take it or leave it contract that matches whatever Mr. Irrelevant gets.

  41. what a d!(K didnt want to be picked 7th wiped his head like he was swetting it, gets picked 10 then whines because he isnt offered 7th money, how much does he think he’ll get next season? about 1/3 of what he was offered this season

  42. At this point…….Who cares?…..Season has started, maybe he’s in diva-shock it started without him…..

  43. Let him reenter the draft…..he’ll either not be drafted because no one wants a bad boy or he’ll end up in Detroit or Oakland. SF doesn’t have that bad of a team…..come on Crabtree…get off your high horse and help your team or are you afraid you’re not as good as you think.

  44. Such BS, you were picked 10th, so you get paid like the 10th pick. Just bc you projected yourself as an earlier pick does not obligate the 49ers to pay you what you thought you should have made, thats life buddy, not everything is fair, and what makes it worse is give any of us that oppurtunity and wed take that money no questions asked

  45. > The funny thing would be if he re-enters the draft and nobody drafts him in the first round and then SF gets him in the 2nd round.
    > the niners should let him go back into the draft…..and then pick his dumb ass up in the 5th round next year
    >The funniest thing would be for the 49ers to pick him next year
    If he reenters the draft only 31 teams are allowed pick him. The 49ers cannot draft him again. Rules forbid it.

  46. I wonder if the 49ers had not taken him at 10th overall and he had dropped to lest say the end of the first round would he still think he was worth 7th overall money? It was because of him being a diva that cost him to drop down to the 10th spot.
    1. We get a trade with Dallas for their number 1 draft pick and number 3 draft pick from the 2010 draft. Jerry Jones takes the deal and during training camp he tears up his foot, ending his pro football career and taking all of his guaranteed millions from Jerry Jones and never plays a down in the NFL, and the 49ers get a pro bowl rookie..
    2. Every team in the league sees this diva for what he is, a money grabbing idiot who doesn’t care about anything but himself. He then goes into the draft and does not even get picked. He then becomes a undrafted free agent.

  47. You guys are all crazy! crabtree could help our offense! we dont need him to win, but he could definately help. i for one would love to see him wearing number 15 on sundays.

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